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Product Introduction And Specificatione

LED UV Curing Ink for Ricoh Gen5 & Epson Printhead

Strong scuff resistance, Excellent color saturation, High solid density, Strong gloss effect, Fast curing for speed printing, Low odor and non-skin irritating, Good uv offset printing ink for UV printing!

(1) Truly environment-friendly.
(2) Vibrant, bright colors and wide color gamut.
(3) Two-years outdoor durability without any coating.
(4) For all printers equipped with Ricoh Gen5, Epson Printheads.
(5) High evaluation throughout the world.
(6) Provide original LED UV Curing ink and ICC profile.
(7) 18 moths outdoor durability without any coating.
(8) Broader subatrate adadptation.
(9) Fast Curing, Superior scratch resistance.
(10) High resolution prints.

Compatible with: UV Printers of MT Industry

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LED Lamp UV Curing Ink

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