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ECO Solvent Printer 
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Product Introduction And Specification


MT-I3218 Eco Solvent Printer is 2021 Deluxe Version of high precision MEMS TFP Eco Solvent Printer which with 1.8m printing width, high-resolution printing for outdoor and indoor large format printing. The printing quality is competitive to the Japanese Eco Solvent Printer brands like, Epson Eco Solvent Printer, Roland Eco Solvent Printer, Mimaki Eco Solvent Printer and Mutoh Eco Solvent Printer. It is overturns the highest resolution of traditional solvent printers, which leads the resolution of large format printer to a new standard. Your new profit pattern will be established and new business opportunity will be discovered.


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1. This Eco Solvent Printer equipped with Four Epson I3200 printheads (two Epson I3200 or three Epson I3200 printheads are optional), Standard printing with double heads to meet the demand of high resolution and faster speed.

2. This Eco Solvent Printing Machine through different quality tests, which is stable and competent enough for mass production requirement.

3. This Eco Solvent Printer equipped with intelligent infrared heater and fan drying system.

4. The LED UV printing system is optional; you may upgrade this Eco Solvent Printer to a LED Roll-to-Roll UV Printer once demanded.

5. This Eco Solvent Printer adopts Aluminum-Alloy girder, which is the most strongest and smoothest than other metal materials, which ensure high precision printing quality.

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6. As a top quality Eco Solvent Printer, MT-I3218 adopts THK 20mm width linear guide rails with double-slider and sound off function, more durable and reliable for high precision printing.

7. This Eco Solvent Printer owns strong heavy-duty machine body (double stands and feet composite without any shake during printing) ensures stable printing and long time working.

8. We provide automatic feed in and take up system for this Eco Solvent Printer, especially adopts all-aluminum dual power take up system to carry and collect the whole weight of media more stably and easily. Professional soft film collecting and feeding system is optional too.

9. This Eco Solvent Printer equipped with intelligent media sensor that always tests media before media is going to running out.

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10. Anti-collision system was also equipped on this Eco Solvent Printer. When the sensor installed on the both sides of the carriage, which automatic detect any force on the carriage way going, the carriage will initiate an immediate stop to protect the printheads from unexpected damage.

11. Automatic capping system is easy operation and maintenance for our Eco Solvent Printer.

12. Bulk ink supply system is standard option for this Eco Solvent Printer, which is setting on the top of printer, easy to monitor ink level and easy ink refill.

13. This Eco Solvent Printer adopts USB 2.0 interface control system that get better large data transfer and anti-signal interference. Otherwise, it is also supporting windows7/64bit system.

14. This Eco Solvent Printer adopts metal optical cable, which connects from mainboard to carriage board to make sure fast and stable data transit.

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15.This Eco Solvent Printer equipped with two original Leadshine Motor Control, which provide more stablequality and better efficiency during printing.

16. This Eco Solvent Printer adopts new variable size droplet technology, eight or more variable droplet printing size provide the highest printing resolution up to 1280dpi.

17. This Eco Solvent Printer benefit from VSDT technology, the smallest droplet can reach to 2.5pl and the maximum can reach to 21pl, which presenting perfect printing quality.

18. As the top quality Eco Solvent Printer in China, MT-I3218 also adopts widened 65mm Multi-touch pinch roller system instead of 40mm pinch roller, which is 25mm wider than normal pinch roller. This 65mm pinch roller system can provides excellent control of media feeding; ensure high precision of large format eco solvent printing.

Product Specification

Mode TypeEco Solvent Printer MT-I3218
PrintheadFour Epson I3200 Printheads (Three or two Epson I3200 Printheads Is Optional)
Number of Nozzles3200 Nozzles X 4 Epson I3200 Printheads
Color4 Colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
Resolution1440dpi (Max.)
Height of Printhead2-5mm
Size of Ink Droplet2.5-21pl
Max. Printing Width1800mm 
Max. Media Width1800mm 
Real Time TrackingNone
Printing Speed( four printhead)4pass80 Sq.m Per Hour
6pass61 Sq.m Per Hour
8pass42 Sq.m Per Hour
Media FeederYes
Media Take-upYes
MaterialMax. Weight70kg
Application TypeFlex,Banner,Knife Coated Substrate,Double Side Banner,PVC,Advertising Cloth,Wall Paper,Car Wrapping,Poster,Adhesive Vinyl,One Way Vision,Mesh,Reflective Banner,Reflective Vinyl,Wall Paper,Soft Film,Tarpaulin,Eco Solvent Media
InkTypeEco Solvent Ink
Ink Tank Reservoir Capacity4 * 1.5 Liter Bulk Continuous Ink Supply System
Auto Cleanning systemAuto Cleanning System With Anti Clogged Flash Spray & Moisturizing Function
Picture Drying SystemFan Drying System, Infrared Heating
Media AdsorptionMulti-section Intelligent Suction System With Adjustable Strength
InterfaceHigh Speed USB Transmission USB2.0/3.0
PowerPower VoltageAC220-240V 50-60HZ, AC110-120V 50-60HZ (Optional)
Control SoftwarePrint Console
RIP SoftwarePrintFactory
Three Heating SectionsPre-heater, Printing Bed Heater, Rear Heater
Operation SystemWindows 7 & Windows 10
Printing EnvironmentTemperature 15-35 Degrees, Humidity 30-65 Rh
Picture TypeJPG PSD TIFF
Printer DimensionW3160* D850 * H1630mm
Packing DimensionW3330 * D760 * H1020mm
Net Weight410kg
Gross Weight460kg

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Eco Solvent Printer MT-I3218

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