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Wallpaper Printer
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Wallpaper Printer
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Product Introduction And Specification


Wallpaper is a kind of material used to cover and decorate the interior walls of homes, offices, cafes, museums, and other buildings. It is one aspect of interior decoration; it is usually sold in rolls. The Digital UV Wallpaper printer is with good features and affordable price is available for wide and best printing designs.


Digital wallpaper printer is used to make wallpapers, walls covering, window covering, floor covering. It is available with innovative and better designs this wallpaper printer that produce image with quality at production speed, best UV ink and material is used in wallpaper printer for its effective designs! Output will looks more lively and real by printing multiple wallpapers types from this wallpaper printer.


Wallpaper printer is available at affordable price; once it is purchased it will be beneficial for long term. The wallpaper available design styles and finished printed looks so numerous and varied. This is easy enough to accept, once it is understood that wallpapers can be printed with UV Curing inks. It is made using high quality UV inks for best printing wallpaper.


Beautify your office or living environment with custom printing wallpaper. MT digital UV printing wallpaper printer allow you to print diverse patterns on various wallpapers with high resolution. Whether you want to print your own photos or other designs, MT wallpaper printer can reproduce all the details perfectly. With high speed printing capability, MT digital UV wallpaper Printer is suitable for short run production and batch printing production.


Realize Custom 3D Wallpaper Printing

MT 3D UV wallpaper printer delivers lifelike 3D printing directly on a variety of materials, which can deliver a strong visual impact. The 3D wallpaper printer is suitable for various wallpaper materials. With different designs, the 3D wallpaper Printer can be used customize wallpaper printing to achieve visual spatial expansion, or build a specific theme environment, such as wallpaper with animal picture printed in children room, or custom wallpaper with 3D beach picture printed in shower room, and more.


This 3D wallpaper printer represents a departure into new territory for the integrator who previously had built its business around developing bespoke technology with inkjet printer for a variety of manufacturing uses. This is just MT Company!


How is this inkjet wallpaper printer different, and why does MT develop this specifically UV wallpaper printer for the wallpaper market?


Traditionally, customers would look around all the standard tradition wallpaper printing machine suppliers and if they couldn’t get what they wanted, then they would come to MT and ask for help. Because, if they couldn’t see a high end standard digital wallpaper printer available in the market and we would most likely develop something new for them.


What is different this time is that with digital wallpaper printing we saw an opportunity and we developed Digital UV roll-to-roll wallpaper printer in advance that we think the market both needs and will really value. The total amount of wallpaper produced in the tradition method has been in decline for some years and we see a real opportunity for digital print to reverse this trend.


1. How does MT business changed over time?

Back at the time in 2014, we saw our future as likely to be focused on the eco solvent printer along with individual printer projects. However, because every printer project is different we soon discovered that you get very little leverage from one project to the next. And whilst this develops your expertise and ability to solve complex problems, you just don’t get a lot of repeat business. Additionally, the eco solvent printer is really fierce pricing competition as it takes up so much of our spirit and our time.

So we had a choice, to invest in more people to respond to this demand, or focus on less engineering-hungry stuff and select and develop new technologies that fulfill a particular need. This is why we developed this digital UV roll to roll wallpaper printer.


2. So this shift, how does MT managed this from a technical perspective?

A crucial element that has helped us to develop this digital wallpaper printer is the fact that software has become better and better at enabling overall production. The UV inkjet world has changed over the last few years in that customers can now take it as read that the performance of the UV inkjet system and the UV curing ink will be totally reliable. Most of printing project is working in printing system software now.

With traditional high-volume Wallpaper printing method, the image is a simple pattern that repeats printing every 600mm. But a very important segment of the wallpaper industry now is the “mural wall” market. Here the image being printed is a single large picture – the size of a wall, or even a room. The software has to take such a large image and cut it into a number of wallpaper “drops” that will then be printed in sequence by the digital UV inkjet wallpaper printer. If a problem occurs during the printing then the digital wallpaper printer can be able to reprint only the defective “drop”. It doesn't need to have to re-make the whole job. Another opportunity is software enables us to meet embossing printing. Or more accurately “embossing without the fuss”. Embossed wallpaper is very important in the high-end wallpaper market.


3. What other benefits does the Digital UV wallpaper printer give?

Like any other inkjet printing project, the economical have got to be right. When we started the UV inkjet wallpaper printing project we were worried that the final cost-per print would turn out to be too high for the high-volume mass-production market. We knew that our UV ink costs would be much higher than “conventional” inks (eg. rotary screen or flexo). But, it turned out that it wasn’t just labor costs that digital print can save, it’s also the costs of the printing screens and plates and the large amount of space needed for storage. We also saw that conventional wallpaper presses can generate a large amount of waste – the paper and ink used during the set-up of a new project. Because spot color inks for conventional print are mixed on-site then a small error there can result in a lot of waste. All of these costs combined are currently preventing the volume producers from being able to handle shorter runs. We did quite a bit of cost to compare digital inkjet against conventional print and we were very pleased to see that our print costs appear quite comparable.

Another benefit of digital inkjet is the ability to quickly correct the color. If you have ever done some DIY you will know that you have to buy wallpaper rolls that are all from the same batch. The same design of wallpaper from different batches won’t “match” on your wall. The differences may be due to a subtly different “mix” for the conventional spot-color inks, or it may be that the media has changed slightly, or it might just be environmental issues such as humidity or temperature. With a digital wallpaper printer, the color output can be quickly re-calibrated to take into account any effects of the media or the environment. Color variation between batches is going to be greatly reduced or eliminated.


Having been in the digital print industry since it started to become popular over years ago, we have found that digitally printed wallpaper is becoming more and more popular. Creative Solution's have years of experience applying prints to the wall and other surfaces.

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