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Digital Industrial Textile Printer HF02
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Product Introduction And Specification


MT | MTuTech High Speed & Bulk Production industrial textile printer to meet your high-end printing needs! There are different configurations for you to choose from according to your requirements. 32 Kyocera printheads with 8 color, or 32/64 FUJI Dimatix printheads with 8 color. The amazing highest speed even reach up to 1076m² / h .
Intergrated fabric feeding with automayic constant tension alignment, to support unpowered big roll of ordinary A-frame.Long belt with stable and reliable fabric feeding in & out.With fast and accurate results , this model is meticulously designed and offers business owners unlimited possibilities for digital industrial printing. Your new profit pattern will be established and new business opportunities will be discovered.



1. This digital industrial textile printer equipped with 32 Kyocera printheads ,or 32/64 FUJI Dimatix printheads, standard double head printing to meet the demand for high resolution and faster speed.

2. This industrial textile printer  through different quality testing, which is stable and competent enough for mass production requirements.

3. This digital industrial textile printer is equipped with intelligent infrared heater and fan drying system.

4. The heating furnace system is optional; You can upgrade this digital industrial textile printer to digital textile sublimation printer once you ask.

5. This digital industrial textile printer adopts aluminum alloy beam, which is stronger and smoother than other metal materials, ensuring high-precision printing quality.

6. As a high quality digital industrial textile printer, it adopts 20mm width THK linear guide rails with double slider and sound shutdown function, more durable and reliable for high precision printing.

7. This digital industrial textile printer has a strong and sturdy machine body (dual supports and compound feet without shaking during printing) which ensures stable printing and long working time.

8. We provide automatic input and output system for this digital industrial textile printer, especially it adopts all-aluminum dual power intake system to transport and collect all the weight of the media more stably and easily. The professional soft film pick-up and feed system is also optional.

9. This digital industrial textile printer is equipped with a smart paper sensor that always tests the media before it runs out.

10. Anti-collision system was also equipped on this digital industrial textile printer. When the sensor installed on both sides of the carriage, which automatically detects any forces in the carriage path, the carriage will initiate an immediate stop to protect the print heads from unexpected damage.


11. The automatic capping system is easy to operate and maintain for our digital industrial textile printer.

12. Bulk ink supply system is a standard option for this digital industrial textile printer, which is placed on the top of the printer, easy to control the ink level and easy to refill.

13. This digital industrial textile printer adopts USB 3.0 interface control system which improves large data transfer and anti-signal interference. Otherwise, it is also compatible with windows7 / 64bit system.

14. This digital industrial textile printer adopts metal optical cable, connecting from motherboard to carriage plate to ensure fast and stable data transit.

15. This digital industrial textile printer is equipped with two original Leadshine motor controls, which provide more stable quality and better efficiency during printing.

16. This digital industrial textile printer adopts new variable size droplet technology, six or more variable droplet printing sizes provide the highest printing resolution up to 2400dpi.

17. This digital industrial textile printer benefits from VSDT technology, the smallest droplet can reach 2.5pl, which features perfect printing quality.

Product Specifications

Mode TypeIndustrial Digital industrial textile printer HF02
Print head32 Kyocera printheads ,or 32/64 FUJI Dimatix printheads
Number Of Nozzles3200 Nozzles 
Color4 colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, black
Resolution2400dpi (Max.)
Height of Printhead2-5mm
Size Of Ink Droplet3.8-12pl
Max. Printing width2600mm 
Max. Media width2600mm 
Real time monitoringNone
Print speed1 pass1076 Sq.m Per Hour
2 pass621 Sq.m Per Hour
4 pass335 Sq.m Per Hour
Media feederYes
Media Take-upYes
MaterialMaximum weight300kg
type of applicationEspecially suitable for silk,cotton,linen,nylon printing etc.
InkTypeSublimation ink
Ink tank account12 * 350ml Bulk Ink Continuous Supply System
Automatic cleaning systemAutomatic flash cleaning and moisturizing spray function
PowerPower VoltageAC220-240V 50-60HZ 
Control softwarePrint Manager
RIP SoftwareMaintop/Photoprint/Wasatch/Print Factory 
Operation SystemWindows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10
Printing environmentTemperatura: 20-25 grados centígrados, humedad: 40-60%
Printer dimensionW5240 * D5360 * H1900mm
Packaging dimensionsW5240 * D5360 * H1900mm
Gross weight6000kgs
Net weight5950kgs

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Digital Industrial Textile Printer HF02

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