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Product Introduction And Specification


All-in-one Powder Shaking Machine

1.Powder Shaking

1.1 Accurate alignment of printed patterns.

1.2 Sprinkle hot melt adhesive powder evenly.

1.3 Shake powder quickly.


2.1 Cold wind drying system.

2.2 The pattern dries quickly.

2.3 Protect materials and bright colors.

3.Automatic Wilding

3.1 Assemble synchronous winding device.

3.2 Automatic winding after drying.


1.suitable for all kinds of fabric, such as Nylon, chemical fiber, cotton, leather, swimsuit,diving suit,PVC, EVA, etc,Suitable for all colors: light color and dark color.

2.Easy to use Pattern layout - print out - powder drying -hot stamping finished product

3.One time molding, no engraving, no tearing, labor saving. 

4. Suitable for digital printing and other industries.


Product Specification

Mode TypePowder Shaking Machine 
Max. Media Width1200mm
Application TypeSuitable for all kinds of fabrics, leather, bags, shoes,hats, socks, masks, gloves, plush toys, knitted underwear, swimsuit, handicrafts and other industries.
Powder ControlShake powder control, Dusting control, Direction and quantity control
Heating and Drying SystemThe front guide plate is heated, lengthened and dried and solidified, and double-row cold air cooling function
Material Delivery WayMesh belt conveyor, rewind conveyor
Rewinding functionAutomatic induction winding
Electrical Parameters

Rated voltage 220V, rated current 40A,

Rated power 68KW, energy consumption 3-6.8KW

Printer DimensionW2305 * D1092 * H1101mm
Packing DimensionsW2100 * D1140 * H1164mm
Gross Weight300kgs
Net Weight210kgs

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All-in-one Powder Shaking Machine

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