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Product Introduction And Specification


Print PVC ID Cards Using an Inkjet flatbed card Printer 

How can print on PVC cards using an Inkjet flatbed card Printer? Be sure to read though for full details on compatible card printers, and inkjet printable PVC cards.

What is a PVC card?

A PVC (polyvinyl chloride) card is a typical ID card. These cards are used for identification, credit or debit cards, membership cards, access cards, and more. There are many ways to make an ID card, but now, we're only going to talk about how to make a PVC ID card using an Inkjet flatbed card Printer.


1. How Can Print On A Card?

Inkjet card Printers and an Inkjet PVC Card Tray.

We're glad you asked. Of course you can't just put a PVC card on your inkjet flatbed card printer. In fact printing on a PVC card will require a special tray that works in MT card printers. MT card printer supports using an inkjet PVC card tray.


2. Inkjet PVC Cards Printing

Once you have an Inkjet PVC Card Tray you can print on Inkjet PVC Cards. Inkjet PVC cards have a special coating applied to them that allow them to absorb the UV ink from your inkjet card printer. If you were to try printing on a normal PVC card that does not have this coating applied you'd see that the ink would pool up and not be absorbed very well in to the card.


3. Are Inkjet PVC Cards Waterproof?

Yes they are! They dry immediately after printing and are waterproof.


4. Can I Use Any Software To Print on Inkjet PVC Card printer?

You can use any application you'd like to print, but you must set it up to print in the correct location. For this reason we have prepared Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Windows for our customer. 


5. Is there a tray available for my printer?

MT will prepare the tray compatibility with MT card printer that ensure card printer supports using this inkjet PVC card tray.


6. Accessories

After printed Inkjet ID Card, you can add a slot hole to it using an ID Card Slot Punch. You can protect your card using ID Holograms or a Clear Overlay. You may also want to put your ID card in to a badge holder, or use a badge clip or lanyard.


7. Main features of the UV card printer:

* Can print on different cards with different materials, for example the Plastic materials cards, the PVC materials cards, the ABS materials cards, nearly any materials is acceptable.

* Drying at once, no need wait for drying time;

* Print on cards directly, no needs any pretreatment/coating before printing;

* Can print several cards at one time, each card can print with different picture design at the same time;

* Very low ink cost: 1 liter ink can print about 25000 pcs cards, the ink cost will be about $0.0032/pcs;


1. A PVC (plastic) card printer for every need

MT PVC card printers come in all shapes and sizes to suit every budget and application. MT card printers are suit every need. Streamline the inner workings of office, boost sales at retail business or offer increased services and school security to students.


2. PVC Card Printers for retail stores

Depending on the size of the establishment, you may only need to print several cards at a time, or you may prefer a card printing machine that can produce hundreds of cards at once. If you aren't planning on printing photo ID cards with your printer, you may only need a monochrome or black and white card printer; however, a full-color printer will give you much more design freedom.


3. Use card printer printing Gift cards

Paper gift certificates are easily lost at the bottom of a purse, disintegrated by liquids, torn or misplaced. However, A PVC card is more likely to remain in a customer's wallet. A card printer may be beneficial if you anticipate a high demand for gift cards, although you may also keep a card printer to print gift cards that allow to inscribe special messages on the card tailored especially for the recipient and occasion-- this service your customers are sure to appreciate.


4. Customer rewards programs

It's common for coffee shops and cafes to give out cards that give the customer a free item, such as a cup of coffee, for every dollar amount or certain number of items purchased. But the paper versions are often torn or lost, which diminishes the value of the card for your customer and is less likely to encourage regular patronage. A plastic card, however, requires no punches, won't get crumpled or destroyed easily, and is more likely to keep your customers coming back.


5. PVC Card Printers and membership clubs

Fitness centers, tanning salons, exclusive clubs, movie or video game rental establishments and grocery stores are just a few businesses that either depend on-- or could benefit from-- membership programs. Here are a few things you can do with your membership card printer even the most basic card printer:


6. Offer specialized reward or incentive programs to your members.

Track frequency of visits, popular rentals and popular purchases. With the MT ID card printer, you can keep statistics on members' facility usage, purchasing trends and more to help you better serve your customer constituency.


7. Office PVC card printers

Whether you work for a small office of twenty people or a corporation of 2,000 employees, it's easy to run your place of business more efficiently and more securely with company ID cards. Use employee ID cards for Time cards. With a magnetic stripe or a smart chip, your employees can use their ID cards to clock in and out with a single swipe or scan.

Access cards. Want to keep your entry and exit points secure? An ID card system can ensure that only authorized individuals may enter certain sensitive areas-- a great feature for larger companies with several levels of security clearance.


8. School PVC card printers

From kindergartners to graduate students, an ID card can help scholars of all ages navigate academia with ease. Implement a student ID card system.


MT Personalized Cards production solution

On the basis of printing experiences, MT has been trying to offer the solution that offers not only a lower cost but also an easier production method.

With focus on the development of digital direct inkjet UV printing on PVC, MT created a new generation series of UV curing ink.


1. Home based and start-up businesses.

For small businesses, start-ups or growing businesses MT offers flexible solutions. This solution is easy to operate and offers a low running cost, therefore, a higher profit. Small operate size. It only requires one computer PC and MT PVC card printing kit.


2. Mid-sized businesses.

Fast productivity is to be maintained, as the mid-sized businesses already have their customer base. MT offer A3 and A4 sized productivity Card printer even large format UV card printing machine.

Card business is in a continuous growing and development so is never late to start to provide this services. Card printing can cover multiple applications like Membership cards, Identification cards, Pre-paid phone cards, Frequent buyer cards, Security cards, Season passes, Wallet calendars, Check cashing cards, Event cards, Hospital cards, Luggage tags, Gift cards, Hotel key cards. MT A4, A3 and larger size models can cover all this application regardless the shape or the material of the card.


In today's highly competitive business environment, the unique marketing materials enable people or companies to stand up from their competitors and place themselves in a higher hierarchy in the interest of current and potential customers. Personalized or customized products like PVC Cards can make people's business more appealing to customers conveying trust, professionalism and care for customers. 

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