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Furniture Printer
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Furniture Printer
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Furniture Printer
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Product Introduction And Specification


Digital printing itself is not an innovation anymore. It is in use in many different industries like printing & packaging since quite some time. The use of Digital Printing Technology in the flooring and furniture industry however is a true innovation. Since very recently this idea is getting more and more attractive to various laminate manufacturers.

The crucial difference compared to common indirect printing technology is the application of a digital printer, printing the desired image directly on to the (pre-finished) substrate. The UV curing ink is applied onto a UV-based receptive layer in a single pass or even multi pass process. Usually, the colorless performance coatings protecting the image that represented by UV-curable systems, which are almost 100% congruent with both technologies.

Digital UV Furniture printer can directly print furniture, cabinets, wardrobe, sofa and so on, to help build a unique house. Whether your furniture is made of metal, plastic, glass, wood or cloth. It also can work on the basis of the carving process.


Furniture Printer Can Print Furniture According To Your Own Way Now!

Recent Years, Retro Furniture Market Has A Large Requirement. Digital Furniture UV Flatbed Printer Has Lots Of Incomparable Advantages Comparing To Silk Screen Printer And Roller Printer. For Some High-End Market And Customers, Such As Imitation Retro Furniture, The Surface Of Retro Furniture Is Irregular Surface. Both Silk Screen Printing And Roller Printing Cannot Print On It Very Well. Only Digital Furniture Printing Technology Can Follow Any Of Your Own Design.

Furniture Printer Not Only Prints Natural Materials with Real Restores Texture Effects, But Also Prints On The Irregular Surface for Decoration. Furniture UV Flatbed Printer Can Reach Personal Requirement Within Short Printing Time, It Is More Suitable For The Development Trend Of Furniture Decoration, Personalization And Small Amount. The patterns of Retro Furniture Products have High Resolution Picture that printing By Furniture Printer.

Meanwhile, Furniture Printer Won’t Be Limited To The Size Of Traditional Printing Technology. Digital Furniture UV Flatbed Printer Use Digital Design, It Can Greatly printing The Original Design Under The Permission Range Of Computer Capacity And Transfer Speed. Because there is no Minimum printing Quantity, The Printing Quantity Is Ten Pieces Even Hundred Pieces Or Thousand Pieces For One Printing Job By Furniture Printer. Furniture Flatbed UV Printer Also Can Print Non-Repeated Design Within The Same Printing Range; The Printing Effect Is Closed To Natural Texture and Satisfies Requirements of Retro Furniture and Decoration Effect. The Advantages And Features Of Furniture UV Flatbed Printer Indicate This Printing Technology Will Make Breakthrough On Design And Production For Furniture Products.


Added Value

-Highest efficiency

-Best chemical resistance

-Excellent scratch and abrasion resistance

-Extremely matte to extremely high gloss surfaces

-Environmental friendliness due to low VOC or even VOC-free finishes



Application of the UV flatbed Furniture printer prints on the personalized market.

The application of UV flatbed Furniture printer become more and more popular in the market of digital inkjet Furniture printing, and the supplier become more and more as well, but the UV Furniture printer just start on the road of the Furniture personalized market, just like the morning sun and contain huge business opportunities and market demand!

1. Furniture printer application on the personalized Furniture printing market. You must know, there are many Furniture manufacture and market demand on your country, it will become more and more popular that people want to purchase the personalized Furniture when your print your favor patterns or text on your Furniture.

2. Furniture printer can Print directly, no need any typesetting, model, modified, the printer is easy to operate, which can help you reduce much investment cost.

3. Furniture printer application on the house decoration and furniture market. Customers can print any style patterns on ceramic, modern adornment art, floorboard and all furniture.

4. Professional high quality printing, the max printing resolution up to 1440 dpi, printing precision is very high. They need print with colorful and vivid results that UV Furniture printer can do that! It will also achieve excellent printing results in terms of clarity, deepness and brilliance.

5.  UV Furniture printer application on the personalized Furniture production market. Until now, most of young people like to show their own style, they would print some different logo on the Furniture product. For example, they want to print some different pictures/logo on the surface of Furniture, or glass and mirror parts of the Furniture, and so on.

6. UV flatbed Furniture printer application on the decoration building materials market. More and more people use the Furniture printer print on ceramic, wood furniture etc.

As those opportunity are very suitable for the person who want to open a Furniture printing manufactory, opportunity always keep for a short time and if you can catch it, it can help you bring big improvement!

Maybe you just want to get more market in your old field, you can try to some new way to art your products and get more customers, UV Furniture printer still will be your best business partner!

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