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Product Introduction And Specification

Seiko SK4/SK1 Solvent Ink

Best suitable for seiko head printer

1. Quick drying time for improved production speed
2. With good color brightness and saturation, wider color gamut for reds, blues and greens
3. No special ventilation or environmental equipment
4. With good liquidity and little viscosity change under different temperature
5. Impossible to clogged nozzle or erode the printhead. Improved scratch resistance for increased durability and easy handling
6. Able to print intermittently with good stability and long-term store
7. Made of imported pigment and solvent materials with anti-UV grade at 7-8th
8. Printed into material and media to used outdoors with 18-month life-span and less than 1% fade. And it’s waterproof, wearability
9. With strong compatibility and it’s suitable to print into many kinds of printing media
10.Support all kinds of RIP version software
11. With mild odor and it’s environment-friendly
12. if you are interested so please feel free and send inquiry to us for more details.

Main Benefits:

(1) Truly environment-friendly.
(2) Vibrant, bright colors and wide color gamut.
(3) Two-years outdoor durability without any coating.
(4) For all printers equipped with Seiko SPT510 Printhead.
(5) High evaluation throughout the world.
(6) Replace original ink completely,no need to chang ICC profile.
(7) 18 moths outdoor durability without any coating.
(8) For all printer equipped with Seiko SPT510 Printhead.
(9) Broader subatrate adadptation.
(10) Fast drying,Superior scratch resistance.
(11) High resolution prints.

Compatible with: MEITUTM.

Ink Tape : Solvent Ink

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Seiko Printhead Solvent Ink

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