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MT Wide format digital home textile printers are developed by MT Digital Industrial Co., Ltd.

Digital Textile Flag Printers equip with accurate tensile force system provides stable and hi-effective fabrics feeding process, which is suitable for a wide range of fabrics and overcome the difficulties of materials slant and pleat occurring while printing. 

Digital Textile Printers printing width from 1800mm to 3200mm are available. They can print and produce various colorful curtains, cushions and other coated fabrics and textile fabrics.

Digital Flag Printers

Digitally Printed Flags are printed with a large digital Textile Flag Printers, and it’s ideal for projects involving a small print run. Digital Textile Printer is a great choice when you need a custom flag printing or banner printing, and it’s a terrific choice for printing promotional pieces. Digital Textile Printer allows for photographic quality on indoor and outdoor displays. In addition, it doesn’t set minimums: It will print as few as one. Digital Flag Printers carry a large selection of sublimation papers and disperse fabrics, including direct print polyester and nylon.


A. Flags are used in several occasions, to commemorate events like Independence Day, republic day, sporting events and also used in election campaigns. Flags will add grace to the occasion you want to celebrate or commemorate. Our Sales, engineers and technicians are well versed in this field and can offer professional advice when you consult and purchase digital Textile Sublimation Flag Printers.

B. MT digital flag printers are be good at and experience in printing flags for the past several years. Depending on the requirement, we decide the type of printing to be used for the flag. A digital flag printer yields good results. The customers for different types of flags prefer usually bright colors. These flags are made with different fabrics like cotton, silk, polyester and sometimes plastic as well. MT latest digital flag printing equipment for printing digital textile flag purposes and it is our endeavor to keep abreast with the changes in the technology.

C. MT Digital textile flag printers have 4 and 8 color printing process by which we cater to the printing needs of our customers. MT will be ready to help you. MT will be happy to assist you through the whole process of printing flags; from choosing the right color, the right background and the most suitable material for your flags, to the style of printing.

D. Custom made flags printing are a great way to promote your brand, from a simple flag with a logo on it, to a complex double sided flag with your branding and marketing messages displayed, no job is too big or too small. Personalize your custom flag's size, material and finishing so you can make your custom flag be unique as your brand.

1. Printheads Type equip with Digital Flag Printers are Industry grade Ricoh Gen5, Epson DX5, Epson 5113 and Xaar1201 textile inkjet printhead, resolution up to1440dpi with more than two years life span, suit for big lots, continue and unstoppable industrial production, high durability and high definition for digital textile Flag fabric printing.

2. Digital Textile Flag Printers can provide High durability and high definition. The Printing speed, quality and stability of Digital Flag Printers are comparable with Japanese printer brands like, Epson printer, Roland printer, Mimaki Printer and Mutoh Printer. Ricoh Gen5, Epson DX5, Epson 5113 and Xaar1201 high precision printheads ranked as twin-row or four rows on Digital Flag Printers.

3. Digital Textile Flag Printers provide fully guarantee for printing precision and stability by applying high quality aluminum crossbeams, THK guide rail, servomotor and stable rack.

4. Various Fabrics can be printed by Digital Textile Flag Printers. Digital Flag Printers use textile disperse inks, textile sublimation inks which are good matching for, Linen, Lycry, nylon, Polyester, chemical fiber etc.

5. Transmission structure equip with Digital Flag Printers. Digital Flag Printers equip with accurate tensile force device for media feed in and taken-up to ensure the feeding error rate less than 0.3%. The Digital Textile Flag Printers No need maintenance that can be lower using cost. And the feeding material system is 100% suitable for non-elastic fabric; Digital Flag Printers also can transit cloth material stably to ensure digital flag printing speed.

6. Constant temperature heating heater supports the best textile Sublimation printing. Digital Textile Flag Printers equip with ceramic heater tube that heat up super quickly. The precise heater sealing can ensure the constant temperature to sublimation the ink on printed flag fabric. 

7. Digital Flag Printers adopt full imported printheads protection system including negative pressure system, moisturize capping device, suction facility and printhead scrape device, that keeps printhead unclog, clean and non-air bubble status for a long time, and improves stability of Digital Textile Flag Printers. 

8. Digital Textile Flag Printers adopt fabric Printing Thickness adjustable function, Maximum fabric’s thickness up to 15mm, printheads height can be adjusted on Digital Flag Printers. 

9. Low cost for Digital Flag Printing. Digital flag printing is simple and leaves out sublimation paper transfer process, only one operator can operate Digital Textile Flag Printers with highly efficiency bearing the highest printing performance. Digital Flag Printers also adopt the most advanced thermal energy technology, which can reduce the energy consumption (electricity, water) and minimum environmental impact.

10. Digital Textile Flag Printers provide high productivity. It is Brand-New digital flag Printing Concept which Unnecessarily handmade plate making but printing on fabric directly. It’s suitable rapid speed production digital flags printing, flag materials printing, flags banners printing and various fabric printing.

11. Digital Flag Printers is Less Investment and Higher Savings. Digital Textile Printing Sample costs dramatically reduced, because No more engraving plate departments! There is also No more cost and stock for printing materials, digital textile inks.

12. Manpower is Flexibility using when you choose Digital Textile Flag Printers! Digital Flag Printers are stable but high efficiency which will be save your labor cost and time cost, Digital Flag Printers also have broad market prospect and unlimited business opportunities on digital flag printing industry.

13. Digital Textile Flag Printers are Easy training for distributors and end users! Moreover, MT Industry always rapid response to customer technical inquiry.

14. 4 colors or 8 colors ink combination is optional for Digital Flag Printers, They can configurate colors according to the requirement of the painting design. Digital Textile Flag Printers are really support double 4 colors and CMYK plus 4 special Neon colors(fluorescence colors) printing, be able to get wider color gamut.

15. Open type ink supply system equip with Digital Flag Printers, end users can control digital flag printing cost flexibly by choosing different textile sublimation ink brands.

16. Digital Digital Textile Flag Printers equip with Smoke evacuation filtering system! It can filter flue sublimation smoke effectively as an environment protection device to keep clean environment.


With over 5 years' experience producing digital flag printers. MT digital textile flag printers are able meet your unique requirements and specifications. All of our dome digital flag printers are in the showroom at our head office in Shanghai China, providing you with a high quality digital flag printers, with a quick turn around.

Flag printing includes a full color graphic onto a quality knitted polyester fabric, suitable for outdoor use. There are different options for finishing your printed flags, with eyelets being the most popular. Printed flags are ideal for sales promotions and company advertising. Printed flags are a fantastic application for company advertising and events, as they are light to handle, easy to erect and most of all they look great.

MT digital flag printers always service for some of the largest motor groups and companies in the world, helping them with their advertising and brand awareness. Every client has a unique requirement, whether its the size, finishing or quantity. So in most cases end users prefer to speak to us regarding their printed flags before placing flag printer orders.


1. Knitted Polyester Flags

Digital textile flag printers produce a large proportion of the flags are made from a white knitted polyester, which is a very cost effective material to work with. It's light to handle, works well outdoors and it can also be washed on a gentle spin for cleaning purposes.

2. Knitted Polyester Flags

Digital textile flag printers produce a large proportion of the flags are made from a white knitted polyester, which is a very cost effective material to work with. It's light to handle, works well outdoors and it can also be washed on a gentle spin for cleaning purposes.

3. Powerflag Knitted Polyester Flags

We have recently introduced a thicker material used for Digital flag printer, called the Powerflag. Slightly more expensive than the traditional knitted polyester, this product will provide a longer lasting life span when used outdoors. Ideal for clients who need a quality product for regular outdoor use. These flags are quoted on application.

4. Double Sided - Printed Flags

MT Digital textile flag printers can produce flag prints with the same image to both sides. This does increase the production price quite considerably as it use a block out fabric that has three layers. These flags are also much heavier, so we only recommend using double sided printed flags, when you are using a rotating support arm to keep the flag flying at all times. Flags must be taken down in moderate winds due to the extra weight to avoid damage.

5. Mirror Image Flag Prints

The vast majority of the flags MT digital flag printers are printed with a mirror image to the reverse side. This keeps the cost of manufacture low and also keeping a full color visual to the reverse side.

6. Custom digital Flag printing

MT Digital flag printers offer a vast range of flag printing, from feather flags to corporate logo flags. Using the latest technology MT digital textile printer can manufacture flags to suit your unique requirements.

MT digital flag printers are printed using solvent print technologies so they are waterproof and light resistant, resulting in excellent color matching and deep, rich color contrasts. All of digitally printed flags are printed directly onto knitted polyester. Single sided flags read correctly on one side, with a mirror image. Double side flags can also be produced upon request. MT Digital flag printers can create bespoke flags, finished to suit clients requirements, whether it’s an event, forecourt or a show, flying a flag is the perfect way to promote your brand.

MT digital textile flag printers also can print a fabulous range of flags including Teardrop flags, Feather flags, Wind Dancer flags, Zoom feather flags, Zoom Quill flags, plus many more. We do recommend speaking to our advisors about your digital flag printers requirements, to ensure you get the best product for your requirements.

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