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мы предлагаем вам эти
Введение и технические характеристики изделий

Продвинутая высококачественная технология DTF для печати индивидуальных приложений.Существует множество способов использования вашего DTF принтера и его возможностей. Это может привести к расширению ассортимента продукции и, как следствие, к увеличению прибыли! Вот несколько отличных идей для DTF принтера!


Одним из наиболее распространенных изделий, создаваемых с помощью DTF печати, являются футболки. Всегда в большом спросе, футболки могут быть изготовлены для различных целей - от школы до спорта и других организаций.

Спортивные майки

Техника DTF печати дает пользователям MTuTech возможность печатать на текстильных изделиях, состоящих из чистого синтетического состава, например, на спортивных майках. Эти предметы одежды могут быть украшены дизайнами DTF, создавая уникальную спортивную модную одежду.

Карман на худи или футболке.

Печать на футболке может быть простой, но если вы хотите напечатать на кармане футболки или переднем кармане худи, DTF печать может помочь вам распечатать в этих сложных областях вашей одежды.

A pocket on a Hoodie or shirt

Printing on a T-shirt may be easy, but when you want to print on a T-shirt pocket or front pocket of a hoodie, DTF printing can help you print in these difficult areas of your clothes.

Safety Vests

Did you think about this one? This is a great option to get some quick work done on those safety vests. An easy way to print a company logo on an essential construction item.


And while you have the hat press out, of course, let's mention hats. A wonderful add on to an order. We love the foam front on caps or doing a side panel on any hat. You can even do a small logo on the mesh parts of the hat if you're feeling adventurous.


Canvas bags are an awesome way to use direct to film. Prints look especially nice on the traditional canvas color. DTF can print on tote bags, fanny packs, purses, drawstring bags, and many other types of bags.


Another non-clothing item that is extremely popular for printing is koozies to keep canned and bottled beverages cold. which keeps canned and bottled drinks cold.


DTF printing doesn't have to be limited to wearable fabrics. Other items such as flags, throw pillows, banners and tablecloths can be printed on for events and exhibits.


Here's one you may not have considered. You can press transfers on to the infamous Chuck Taylor Allstars, aka, Converse Canvas shoes! Having said this, there are generic canvas shoes you can get as well, and press on the sides, and even the tongue.


Like hats, masks are an excellent add on to an order. At this point you already have the artwork, so shrink it down and slap it on a mask.


Many restaurants and food joints order from us, so now, we have an easy way to offer them aprons as well. Even just a small logo on an apron offers next level professionalism and branding.

Jean clothes

Jeans! Jacks, pants, whatever jean material you have, you should give direct to film a shot on it.

Printed tags

Many apparel companies are opting for printed tags on the inside of their clothing products, and DTF printing is one way to achieve this.


A sleeve print is an excellent print addition. When screen printing, you might not have the board(s) required for the sleeves, and this gives you a great option to be able to add this to your offerings. Many customers will want a flag or logo print on the sleeve these days, and this allows you to do that. This also gives you another use for your hat press.

Golf towels/Bandanas

Bandanas have always been tricky to print. This gives you a sure fire way to do them now. No more frustrations screening them or getting them to stick to your boards for print. Just press and done.


Onesies are a piece of cake to press on. These are great for customers who place a regular order but might want to show off their company on their baby. A great option for customers who have screen printing setup for adults, but need just a handful of small pieces they would not have been able to produce otherwise without all new setups.


Open up a world of possibilities for your business. You can also easily print vibrant full-color images on socks, Hoodie, jackets, backpacks, bikinis, and Sweaters. Without limits.

If you need to make printed clothes, the best printer is the MTuTech DTF printer. Together with other printing accessories such as DTF ink, DTF film and DTF hot melt powder, the printer provides professional appearance effects. Whether you want to enter the field of fashion design or have an enterprise that creates custom clothing, DTF printing has many different applications.

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