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Hybrid UV Printer
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Product Introduction And Specification


A new generation, quality upgrading Large Format Hybrid UV Printer MT-UV2000HR (Roll To Roll and Flatbed) is coming which is a dexterous, highly active, energy saving, premium industrial grade Hybrid UV Printer!

High Intension Integrated Steel Frame Structure Machine Body

2018 premium high precision industrial grade Hybrid UV Printer adopts Widened aluminum alloy Machine platform, which ensures the Hybrid Printer keeping firmly while printing. Industrial designed rigid Aluminum Alloy Main Girder ensures firm and steady printout. Otherwise, Aluminum Printhead Carriage Frame, limited the part precision error to 0.1mm, ensuring perfect printing output.


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1. Ricoh Gen5 Top Class Original Printhead

The MT- UV2000HR Hybrid UV Printer adopts Ricoh Gen5 Top Class high speed Original Printhead. It contains 1280 nozzles of each printhead that is more than three times speed of Epson DX5 printhead! Standard dual Ricoh Gen5 printehads and maximum 4 Ricoh Gen5 printheads by 4 colors/ 5 colors printing maximize the best performance of the productivity and precise printing quality! 

2. Advanced Band Belt Conveyor Device

Hybrid LED UV Printer MT-UV2000HR provides high resolution and high speed to satisfy different customers with different industrial working. It can print on both flexible material and rigid material through its advanced Band Belt Conveyor Device. Therefore, it realizes the rapid production of a batch or varieties and more personalized UV printing task.

3. 1000mm Width Platform Suction Control System

There is Platform Control System equipped with Hybrid LED UV Printer MT-UV2000HR. The 1300W Turbo Blower system can adjust and control the suction power for this 1000mm width platform as three section areas that ensures various flexible materials without wave and remain in the best condition to pass the platform surface. Also it makes various size rigid materials “edge to edge” printing smoothly on the platform.

  • Hybrid UV Printer MT-UV2000HE (Roll to Roll & Flatbed)

4. Advanced Printhead Adjustable Function

The Hybrid UV Printer MT-UV2000HR can adjust the height of carriage manually during UV Printer Working. It could fit all kinds of flexible material thickness and most of the rigid material thickness for Hybrid UV printing. The maximum printing thickness is 80mm.

5. Automatic Printing Height Detect System

The Hybrid LED UV Printer MT-UV2000HR is using automatic media sensor for Z-axis to detect printhead height automatically. Once the media sensor touches printing material, the carriage will stop dropping immediately, then adjust and keep suitable distance between printing material and UV printhead nozzle automatically. Therefore, this function will improve printing quality.

6. Automatic Point Location System

The Hybrid UV Printer MT-UV2000HR equipped with Intelligent Vertical Point location System. This system can find the location of flexible material and rigid material on the platform before printing automatically, which will help operator save printing time.

  • Hybrid UV Printer MT-UV2000HE (Roll to Roll & Flatbed)

7. THK Dual Linear Guide Rail

The MT-UV2000HR Hybrid UV Printer adopts THK 20mm width Linear Guide Rail with two slide blocks that can efficiently increase rigidity and torsion resistance, higher precision and mute silence during printing process. The THK Micro Guide Rail and Screw Rod are introduced to carriage lifting system to deliver easier adjusting and higher precision printing.

8. The Ink Detection Alarm System

The MT-UV2000HR Hybrid UV Printer equipped with Ink Detection Alarm System. When any color ink will run out of ink barrel, this system can point out which color you should add extra ink immediately. It will also alarm when the waste ink barrel is full.

9. New Variable Size Droplet Technology

The New Variable Droplet Control Technology achieves precisely control each dot for beautifully sharp image and stunning seamless gradation that makes the printing more delicate and accurate. Because of the droplet size are from 2.5pl to 21pl and the maximum 1200dpi resolution help you to deliver outstanding image quality. So that, there are more detailed and smoother gradient printouts can be achieved by this technology. It means the printing quality is greatly enhanced and accelerates the printing speed too. Therefore, more and more efficient print jobs can be accomplished and satisfy even the most discerning customers, thus MT-UV2000HR Hybrid UV Printer enhance the productivity!

  • Hybrid UV Printer MT-UV2000HE (Roll to Roll & Flatbed)

10. Double Media Tension Roller Setting

The Hybrid UV Printer MT-UV2000HR equipped with adjustable Media Tension System. The media tighten rollers are setting both front and back of the printing machine which makes roll material smooth feeding and neat take up while the whole printing process!

11. Automatic Anti-collision System

Hybrid UV Printer MT-UV2000HR integrated Anti-collision Sensor in each side of printhead carriage to prevent the printhead from unexpected damage. Those sensors automatically detect the printing plate or any force on the way going. It prevents any possible strike to the UV printheads. 

12. LED Lighting System

Large size LED Lighting System backlight the printed area during printing process, the printing effect and quality can be inspect immediately on Hybrid LED UV Printer MT-UV2000HR!

  • Hybrid UV Printer MT-UV2000HE (Roll to Roll & Flatbed)

    13. Negative Pressure System

    This Self-developed Negative Pressure System provides vacuum ink supply function that delivers high fluency ink flow, hassle-free continues printing without missing nozzle. It satisfy long time continue printing jobs!

    14. Ink Supply System

    Bulk Ink Supply System with 7.5w ink pimp, just ease you mind from worrying filling ink again and again. Otherwise, Low Ink Level Detector gives warning when ink level is in minimum level. Moreover, 2 Phases of Filtration are introduced to the Ink Supply system for better ink fluency and longer printheads service life. In addition, Automatic Ink Circulation System is installed for white ink to prevent printhead clog from ink sediment and ensures consistent long-term image quality!

    15. Motor and Media Motorized System

    The Hybrid UV Printer MT-UV2000HR equipped with 400W Original Fuji Servo Motor ensures accurate and stable X-axis motion movement. And it adopts 750W Original Fuji Servo Motor plus 1:80 High Precision Planetary Reducer for Y-axis. 57 Stepper Digital driver with Screw pole was adopted by Z-axis. In addition, Dual Motorized Media Take-up and Feeding System for broad media choice, easily handle heavy-duty media.

    16. Independent Power Supply System

    Under this Function, the negative pressure system can still work continuous with the Independent Powerful Battery when the Hybrid LED UV Printer power cut. Therefore, this function can save big volume UV ink. 

    Industries Application of MT LED UV Roll to Roll Printer

LED UV Roll to Roll Printer can be use for various industries, such as building decoration industry, glass industry, mark and sign industry, exhibition industry, leather, art-ware industry, furniture industry etc.

And for more applications, the UV printing materials could be: all flexible materials such as ceiling, soft film, PVC, canvas, cloth, carpet, reflective film, leather, Wall Decoration, Oil Painting And Fresco, Sliding Door, Wedding Photography and all kinds sheet materials etc.

Product Specification

Mode TypeHybrid UV Printer MT-UV2000HR (Roll To Roll & Flatbed)
PrintheadFour Ricoh Gen5 Drop-on-demand Micro-Piezo Printheads (Two Ricoh Gen5 Printheads Is Optional)
Number of Nozzles1280 Nozzles X 4 Ricoh Gen5 Printheads
Color4 Colors, Double 4 Colors, 5 Colors, 5 Colors + V
Resolution1280dpi (Max.)
Height Of PrintheadUp To 80mm
Size Of Ink Droplet2.5-21pl
Max. Printing Width2000mm
Max. Media Width2100mm (Max.)
Real Time TrackingNone
Printing Speed4pass60.0sq.m per hour
6pass52.0sq.m per hour
8pass44.0sq.m per hour
10pass32.0sq.m per hour
12pass20.0sq.m per hour
Media FeederYes
Media Take-upYes
MaterialMax. Weight100kg
Application TypeWallpaper,soft film,Wall Art,Sign Advertising,Paper,Poster,Promotion Products,Leather,PU,PMMA,PVC,PP,PE,PTFE,Ceiling,Home & Office Decoration,Oil Painting,Fresco,Wedding Photography,Mark And Signs,Exhibition,Flex, Banner,Knife Coated Substrate,Double Side Printing Banner,Advertising Cloth,Adhesive Vinyl,One Way Vision,Mesh,Reflective Banner,Reflective Vinyl,Etc......
InkTypeImport Soft UV Curing Ink / Rigid UV Curing Ink (3 Years Outdoor, 10 Years Indoor, Both Without VOC)
Ink Tank Reservoir Capacity5 * 2.5 Liter Bulk Bontinuous Ink Supply System
Negative Pressure System Vacuum Ink Supply Fluency Ink Flow Without Missing Nozzle
Ink Curing SystemTwo LED Curing Lamps With Water Cooling System
Media AdsorptionMulti-section Intelligent Suction System With Adjustable Strength
InterfaceHigh Speed USB Transmission USB2.0/3.0
PowerPower VoltageAC220-240V 50-60HZ, AC110-120V 50-60HZ (optional)
Control SoftwarePrint Console
RIP SoftwareMaintop (Photoprint, Wasstch Optional)
Operation SystemMS Windows XP, Windows 7
Printing EnvironmentTemperature 15-35 Degrees,  Humidity 30-65 Rh
Picture TypeJPG PSD TIFF
Printer DimensionW4200 * D1500 * H1350mm
Packing DimensionW4300 * D1700 * H1740mm
Net Weight750kg
Gross Weight900kg

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Hybrid UV Printer MT-UV2000HR (Roll To Roll & Flatbed)

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