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Product Introduction And Specification

UV9060_01Product Description

MT UV flatbed printer MT- UV 9060, breakthrough productivity model for promotional products and specialty items business. Designed with versatility and high-quality productivity in mind, MT- UV 9060 is a compact A1 UV printer that consistently produces excellent print quality on both flat and cylinder objects. As our small format flatbed UV printer, MT- UV 9060 offers various features to maximize efficiency and minimize costs for small-scale businesses.

With this UV printer, you'll get a specialty solution for your direct-to-object or direct-to-surface printing, which can be used on a wide range of items, including water bottles, wine bottles, tumblers, phone covers, USB drives, jigsaw puzzle, rubik's cube, baby blocks, pens, golf balls, lunch boxes, etc. Also performs well on standard rigid materials like wood, glass, acrylic, MDF, aluminum, Foamex, Correx, and Dibond among many other substrates.

Our UV printer 9060 also works as a kind of UV DTF printer. UV DTF is a great option for anyone seeking for quick and consistent prints without sacrificing quality or sustainability. Let's talk about innovative printing process — UV DTF printing here! UV DTF printer uses UV ink and UV exposure to initially print a design onto a PET film (called A Film). Then, you need to use a laminator to print the design of A Film to a second PET film (B Film). After that, you simply need to use your fingers to press the laminated PET film on the object for a second, then tear off the film as you would with a sticker. No heat-pressing is required. This way, UV DTF printing allows you to print designs on almost all surfaces, and achieve excellent image quality with extreme accuracyx and consistency. It's more durable and affordable than traditional printing methods.

UV9060_02Target Markets

● Advertising Industry

The MT-UV 9060 is an exceptionally great choice for use in the small format signage business. It excels in prints direct to substrate and reduce processes by printing direct to metal, glass, wood, acrylic, plastic and more to deliver high quality signs and plaques.

● Electronics Companies

From smartphone and AirPods cases to power banks, small speakers, laptops, and even smaller household items, MT-UV 9060 is an effective and efficient choice for printers.

● Design and Personalization Company

Perfect for printing on items for the implementation of designs or the creation of mockups and the personalization of items to fit with a company's corporate identity. 

● Packaging Industry

The MT-UV 9060 is a perfect tool for printing for the packaging industry. Though the machine's small size limits its use to smaller packages like jewelry and gift boxes. The printer is also superb for making production packages for the cosmetics and skin care industries.

● Bags and Luggage Industry

UV printing technology often creates the most stunning designs on bags and luggage. The UV 9060‘s size makes it perfect for handling printing operations on items as small as wallets and purses to larger bags like backpacks, handbags, trolley cases, and even boxes.

Product Applications

The MT-UV 9060 has many applications and is effective for various promotional product printing practices. MT-UV 9060 offers both direct to object and direct to film printing capability. 

Printable Substrates

MT-UV 9060 is adequate for printing on various substrates, including wood, plastic, ceramic, glass, and metal, creating high-quality, long-lasting designs on all these and more. The printer excels at printing on the surface of wooden items and can be used on flat and cylindrical surfaces. Printing on flat surfaces is done on the device's flatbed, while printing on cylindrical surfaces is done in the cylindrical items printing compartment on top of the printer.

With the MT-UV 9060, you can print on phone cases, keychains, bottles, tumblers, AirPods,  CDs, puzzle pieces, headphones, glass, acrylic, wood, MDF, metal materials, cosmetic products, gift boxes, and so much more.

UV Printer 9060 Details_03

Size of Objects to be Printed On

The MT-UV 9060 is the small format A1 UV printer produced by MT and features a flatbed size of 900 mm by 600 mm and a printing height of 180 mm. For this reason,  it‘s only designed for printing on smaller items.

Objects to be printed on the MT-UV 9060 range from small keychains, lighters, metal tags, and puzzle pieces to larger materials like basketballs, speakers, and other materials that can fit comfortably into the printer. It is important to remember the printer's printing height when considering the size of the item to be printed on and to ensure that it does not exceed the printer's printing height of 180 mm. Make sure the material to be printed on is not a tight fit for the printer to prevent any reduction of print quality.

The machine can only handle items with diameters between 4.5 cm and 11cm for cylinder item printing.


The shape of Objects to be Printed On

The MT-UV 9060 is adequate for printing on flat and cylindrical surfaces. It is effective for printing on items with flat surfaces like phone cases, purses, puzzle pieces, pens, USB drivers and so on, as well as tapered and cylinder items like bottles, tumblers, golf balls, candle, etc.

The texture of Objects to be Printed On

The MT-UV 9060 lets you print on surfaces of practically any type. From smooth, glossy surfaces like glass or plastics to rough surfaces like textured metal and golf balls, you get premium quality prints with this printer.

 Product Features

1.  Epson Print Heads

Equips 3pcs latest MEMS technology Epson printheads, ensure high-precision and amazing image quality output to meet your needs, makes the UV printer more advanced and more promising.

2. Optimized Continuous Ink Supply System

Continuous ink supply system (CISS) help to reduce frequent addition of ink. White ink circulation system and ink shortage warning system play a great role to create optimal ink flow and minimized maintenance.

3. UV LED Curing Technology

UV curing is a process that uses electronic ultraviolet (UV) light to cure the ink. Two air-cooled UV LED lamps cure the ink instantly and make it securely adhere to the substrate, with adequate depth of cure without being sticky or flakey, to offer the vibrant and lasting prints.

4. Adequate Print Area and Print Height

The max print area of 900mm*600mm*(35.4" X23.6'') and the max substrate height 180mm bring more possibilities for various promotional products business. 

5. Supports Different Molds

You'll attain a special shape printing solution with this model, optional mold helps you to explore more possibilities. Enhances your productivity for higher capacity and makes it easy to print on various promotional items or other standard materials.

 6. Efficient and User-friendly Control Panel

It enables you to access the most used functions:

· Carry out nozzle inspections and head cleanings.

· Automated and manual flatbed height adjustment.

· Bed movement backward and forward

7. Superior Fabricated Components

Kevlar belts and sturdy Leadshine Servo motors were used for this model to ensure durability and long-lasting.

8. Vacuum Bed

The vacuum bed is the most crucial configuration of the MT-UV 9060 to guarantee the perfect planarity and keep the print material flat. Thanks to that, you'll get a consistent and perfect print for your print project, even if you print the light, thin material like foam core and corrugated plastic, etc.

9. No Installation Required

While not strictly a feature of the MT-UV 9060 itself, we use professional mini UV Photoprint RIP software developed by SAI, which takes the printer’s capabilities up a notch.

The concept of simple design and user-friendly are fully reflected in this UV printer machine. It comes with fully-assembled, no installation is required before you use it, and the whole printing process is fully controlled by software. Even if you are fresh in UV printing industry, you can master and operate it at ease.

10. 360°Rotary Capabilities

The UV 9060 opened up a new field of UV printing,  no longer being limited to flat object printing. It can also provide satisfactory print results on irregular surfaces such as cylinders, whether in terms of printing speed or the printing quality.

11. Integrated Aluminum Frame

For the upgraded UV printer 9060, we features integrated aluminum frame for this model. It ensures high precision, help reduce weight of the whole machine, and also makes the UV printer 9060 more durable than other printers.



Product Functions

MT-UV 9060 comes with all you would expect from a professional UV printer and more.

The printer comes equipped with the following features:

● High Precision Printing with 3pcs Epson Printheads 

● Multi-Mode Printing

● Advanced Noise Reduction Technology

● Variable Ink Drop Technology

● Automatic White Ink Mixing

● Automatic Cleaning

● Intelligent Control Technology

● Multiple Material and Ink Compatibility


Advanced Noise Reduction Technology

Advanced noise reduction technology on the MT-UV 9060 allows for a more silent printing experience. This provides a noise-free work environment that improves workplace conduciveness and the overall atmosphere.


Variable Ink Drop Technology 

Variable ink drop technology allows the UV 9060 to vary the size of ink applied at any given point in the printing process. This variation in ink size allows a more controlled printing process to produce detailed designs and prints, creating accurate designs even in smaller images.

Epson's unique Variable Sized Droplet Technology(VSDT) delivers smooth gradation by freely control to eject the droplet volume. 

Variable Ink Drop Technology All MEMS manufacturing and thin film piezo elements can realize high precision and high density(600 dpi / 2 rows of nozzles). Contributes to compact, high speed, high quality, and high image quality.

Precision made of Epson unique MEMS nozzles and an ink flow path ensure the perfectly round ink droplets are placed accurately and consistently.



Multiple Material and Ink Compatibility

Compatible with various materials and inks, MT-UV 9060 is equipped to handle practically all flatbed printing and can be used to print on any material and surface.Using three Epson print heads, the MT-UV 9060 can print high-quality images substantially faster. 

The large ink tank accompanies the printing process, resulting in a self-agitating system that reduces setup time and makes the start-up process easier. Each 500 mL / 1L large ink tank is made to function as a closed ink system and as a bulk ink solution.


High Precision Printing with 3pcs Epson Printheads 

MT-UV 9060 features advanced Epson printheads on the market. It comes equipped with three of these printheads for maximum print quality. Known for producing premium quality prints with no flying inks and satellite dots, Epson printhead perfectly handles precision printing and heavy detailing.

Stable High-Speed Production

Built for professional printing, the MT-UV 9060 has all the features needed to handle the high-performance demand of professional production.

● High-Speed Production

The UV 9060's high-speed production technology gets more done in less time.

● Improved Printing Efficiency

Spend less on each design you print and make the most of your resources on each printing project.

● Ink Management Technology

Never have to worry about wasted ink again with the MT-UV 9060. Experience ink management technology that prevents spills and applies ink efficiently on every material.

● High-Precision

Create detailed designs with pinpoint accuracy with the MT-UV 9060 high-precision Epson printhead.

● Wide-Range Application

Enjoy a wide range of printing applications that lets you make professional prints on all forms of materials and textures. You can print all surfaces, including wood, plastic, glass, metal, ceramic, etc.

Advanced Image Effects

Get the best out of every print function with the UV 9060. Experience advanced design features like improved varnish and relief effects, realistic color presentation, and improved image details.

Flat and Cylindrical Surface Printing Compatibility

Designed to print on flat and cylindrical surfaces, the MT-UV 9060 flatbed UV printer can be used to print on all kinds of surfaces.When it comes to cylindrical surface printing, optional rotary accessory is required. It allows the 360 print on the water bottles, golfs, and candles etc.


Improve Your Tapered Surface Printing Experience

Printing on tapered and rounded surfaces with the MT-UV 9060 is great, but with our dedicated printing mold, the experience becomes even better! Providing greater flexibility to the tapered surface printing experience, our reliable mold improves the speed, efficiency, and precision of your tapered printing activities on the UV 9060. You can customize your mold to fit your business's specific needs and get a more personalized option.

Get the MT-UV 9060 UV printer today and enjoy premium-quality printing on all your small-scale printing operations.

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Model TypeUV Flatbed Printer MT-UV 9060
Printhead3pcs Epson Printheads ( Epson i3200 printhead +Epson i3200(8)-U1HD + Epson i1600 printhead )
Ink TypeUV Ink
ColorCMYK+ White+Varnish,up to 8 colors
Printing HeightUP to 180mm
Print Size900mm*600mm
Printing Speed15 m²/h
Printer Size1510mm * 1600mm * 740mm
UV Curing SystemFans Coolinng System
Printing PlatformVacuum Suction Platform
MaterialApplication TypeGlass, Acrylic, Ceramic Tile, Aluminum, Iphone Case, Plastic, Foam Board, Wallpaper, Wall Art, Sign Advertising, Metal, Paper, Wood, MDF, Furniture, Card, Marble, Golf Products, Gift & Promotion Products, Leather, PU, PMMA, PVC, PP, PE, PTFE, Plexiglass, Panels, Ceiling, Organic Board, Corrugated, Chevron Board, Fiberboard, Brick, Stone, Home & Office Decoration, Electric Appliances Panel, Pottery & Porcelain Tile, 3C Product, Oil Painting, Fresco, Sliding Door, Wedding Photography, Mark And Signs, Exhibition, Etc......
PowerPower VoltageAC220/110±10, 50HZ-60HZ
Control SystemWindiw 7, Windiw 8, Windiw 10
RIP SoftwareRIIN
Printing EnvironmentTemperature 20-25°C, Humidity 40%-60%
File FormatsTiff, Jpg, Eps, Pdf

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