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360 Rotary UV Printer
Printing Solution for Tumbler and Water Bottle
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Product Introduction And Specification

UV Printing Solution for Tumbler Drinkware

Are you looking for a reliable UV printer to move forward your tumbler printing business? Here you are in the right place to find the solution.

Our new arrival MT-Cylinder Elf is a custom high-speed 360 rotary UV printer that can print a wide range of drinkware items like tumblers, vacuum flask, glassware, and cups. It's designed specifically for direct printing on cylindrical surfaces as well as irregular tapered /conical objects. What makes it different from traditional UV bottle printer is fast speed capability, 5D relief printing effect, high droplet printing, suited for printing tapered & conical drinkware, and offers full 360º seamless wrap printing for various bottle objects.


1) Print on Various Special Surface 

With the right jig of UV tumbler printer, you can print on both cylindrical, tapered and conical objects.

2) Offer Fast Printing Speed and Stable Production

The high printing speed is as fast as 30 seconds to print a tumbler, great fit for mass production. The final print speed also depends on 

what you need to print and how big is the imprint area. We have tried to use this UV printing machine to print golf (1 per run),  it only takes about 10s -15s to get the wonderful and high precise printing result.


3) Make Huge Profits by Customizing High-value Items

Handle bottles ranging in length from 80mm to 280mm, and the printing diameter from 45mm to 160mm, which can meet the needs of various types of products such as tumblers, travel mugs, beverage bottles, perfume bottles, vacuum water bottles etc.

4) High Precision and Bright Colors

Multiple advanced printhead configurations are optional based on your demands. Make it easier to access superb and exquisite printing quality , highly restore vivid image.


5) High Droplet Printing Creates More Custom Items

Supports 2mm-13mm high drop printing, and the laser automatically measures the product shape to achieve precise positioning and easily and perfectly print custom dimensional objects. Full color, gradients, texture, variable data like names / numbers, and seamless full wraps are easily achievable.

6) Easy to Operate and Understand

The multi-diameter cylindrical jig enables to meet the printing needs of a variety of products. The bottle adjusting jig is equipped with scale adjustment for more convenient operation.


Create stunning, full-color images and raised effect prints on cylindrical & tapered & conical items with cylindrical printing. Offers high-efficient and precise printing.

Print directly on round objects such as:


Travel Mugs

Beer & Wine Bottles

Golf Balls



And much more!

Applications of MTuTech 360 Rotary UV Printer MT-Cylinder Elf

Let’s focus on some numbers about your future profits now!

Below we put together a profitability chart based on two common substrates on the MT-Cylinder Elf.

               MTuTech  360 Rotary UV Printer MT-Cylinder Elf

Product Quantity
 (per hour)

Blank Cost

Ink Cost
Retail PriceProfit (per hour)

( 1 per run)

80 tumblers12$ per tumbler0.192$35$ per tumbler1824.64$

Golf Balls

( 1 per run)

8 dozen9$ per dozen0.009$20$ per dozen87.928$


1) Various Colors and Stable Output

Adopting ICC color control technology, it is not limited in image colors and can easily print full color, gradient and other effects. Accurate color control can be achieved during the production process.

2) Relief Effect Print Technology

The software can set various modes and it's simple and easy to understand. Increasing the amount of ink can make the relief effect more obvious, the partial gloss effect to highlight the layering, and the full-wrap gloss effect to be scratch-resistant and wear- resistant.

3) 360 Degree Seamless Splicing Effect

The software adds a seamless splicing algorithm, which allows you to easily achieve a seamless splicing effect after setting the size. lt is easy to operate and get the stunning effect .

4) Versatile Applications and Strong Adhesion

Supports a variety of printing materials, such as frosted / smooth paint, stainless steel metal, plastic, bamboo, ceramics, wood, etc. With running water UV lamp control technology, sevgmented temperature control. Hence, prints adhesion is fully guaranteed.

Product Details of 360 Rotary UV Printer MT-Cylinder Elf

What Makes MTuTech Better and Stand Out?

1.Consultative experts help you choose and prepare the right printer & accessories for your business needs.

2.Get started faster than ever with a come assembled machine.

3.Support technicians are ready to take your calls for any questions you need from training to operation to applications.


Model Type360 Rotary UV Printer MT-Cylinder Elf
PrintheadMultiple printhead configurations optional
ColorCMYK + W+ Varnish
Print Length80mm -280mm
Print Diameter45mm -160mm
High Droplet Printing 2mm-13mm
Max Print SpeedAs fast as 30 seconds to print a tumbler
Ink Type

UV Ink

ApplicationsCreate stunning, full-color images prints on cylindrical & tapered & conical items with 360 rotary UV printing.  Work on a wide range of tumbler, water bottle, vacuum flask, golf balls, candles, cola cans, wine bottle etc.
Printing EnvironmentTemperature: 20°C-28°C, Humidity: 35%-65%
Power VoltageAC220V+10, 50HZ~60H
Printing SoftwareRIIN
Graphic  FormatTIF, JPG, EPS,PDF,PNG, AI
Printer Dimension1320mm*915mm*1340mm
Packaging Dimension1840mm*1120mm*1610mm
Gross Weight380KG
Net Weight240KG
UV Curing Method
Water Cooling

Need Help?

Need help with training or do you have just general questions about UV printers? For more information about the fast, versatile UV Printers contact us +86 13636627448 or inquiry@mtutech.com toll-free.

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360 Rotary UV Printer MT-Cylinder Elf

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