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Billboard Printer
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Product Introduction And Specification


1. Billboard Printer is also called tarpaulin printer or eco solvent printer!

We manufacture high quality signs digital inkjet printer in a variety of styles and designs as per customers' requirements. Very ideal for digital printing Display & Advertisement purposes, most of them are made to glow signs or bill board. These glow Signs and bill board can be used in Showrooms, Offices, Factories, Malls, Shops, Outdoors, Institutions, Road sights for advertisements, Stores, Hotels, Restaurants, Airports, Rail Stations, bus Stops etc.

These glow signs and billboard are used to attract attention in the dark. Made of high quality material, these glow signs and billboard printout can easily withstand any weather. Our ranges of digital bill board printer have higher printing effect and thus can be used to both indoors as well as outdoors. They can also be used as street signs in places where the lighting level is low.

2. Poster Printer is also called light box printer or eco solvent printer!

Improve brand recognition for your products using quality digital poster printing. Posters are marketing tools designed to be eye-catching and informative. When done right you can command the right attention by using graphics and texts. Use them to highlight important events, discounts and bestsellers.

Digital poster printers are one of the most common and effective printers used by advertisers or any group trying to communicate a message. They are also sometimes used to reproduce famous artwork for a more affordable price without MOQ.

Use our large format poster printer for printing promotional and decorative purposes. They can easily cover any blank wall spaces and make them more interesting. Poster printer use high and semi-gloss photo paper for a polished and quality look. These posters printing are available in standard or custom sizes.

Our poster printer service option also offers installation and training. These types of poster printers are excellent point of purchase displays for your business. They are often used in trade shows printing, conferences printing and shopping mall promotion printing. The printouts are fade-resistant and are great for both outdoor and indoor advertisements.

3. Light box printer is also called transparent film printer or poster printer!

Light box prints are so hot and bright right now. And you may need to know more. Light box printer print photos, artwork and designs onto transparent film and vinyl material, then assemble them into a light-weight aluminum structure. The banner poster is backlit to make it stand out because the light makes all images, text and graphics have a remarkably clear appearance. Otherwise, the digital inkjet printing in the light box are easy to change and customizable sizes are available.

What are Light box printers used for? Light box printer are used to printing indicated light box backlit material to help brighten graphics and add dimensionality to make your signage stand out and gain extra visual presence. Backlit materials are most commonly used in light boxes display photographic. Light box are pre-fabricated structures that accommodate the graphics and contain a light source that will illuminate the printed graphics.

The most common uses for Light box printing are in-store point-of-purchase signage in retail environments, tradeshow graphics, bus stop and transit stop signage, indoor and outdoor restaurant menu boards, informational and directional signage, outdoor signage, and any light box application.


  • Eco Solvet Wall Paper Printer

1. Billboard Printers equipped with Xaar1201or Epson DX5 printhead or Ricoh Gen5 printhead, Standard printing with double heads to meet the demand of high resolution and faster speed (Max. four printhead).

2. Poster Printers through different quality tests, which is stable and competent enough for mass production requirement.

3. Light Box Printers equipped with intelligent infrared heater and fan drying system.

4. The LED UV printing system is optional; you may upgrade Billboard Printers to a LED Roll-To-Roll UV Printer once demanded.

5. Poster Printers adopt Aluminum-Alloy girder, which is the most strongest and smoothest than other metal materials, which ensure high precision printing quality.

6. As a top quality Light Box Printers adopt THK 20mm width linear guide rails with double-slider and sound off function, more durable and reliable for high precision printing.

  • Eco Solvet Wall Paper Printer

7. Billboard Printers own strong heavy-duty machine body (double stands and feet composite without any shake during printing) ensures stable printing and long time working.

8. We provide automatic feed in and take up system for Poster Printers, especially adopt all-aluminum dual power take up system to carry and collect the whole weight of media more stably and easily. Professional soft film collecting and feeding system is optional too.

9. Light Box Printers equipped with intelligent media sensor that always tests media before media is going to running out.

10. Anti-collision system was also equipped on Billboard Printers. When the sensor installed on the both sides of the carriage, which automatic detect any force on the carriage way going, the carriage will initiate an immediate stop to protect the printheads from unexpected damage.

11. Automatic capping system is easy operation and maintenance for Poster Printers.

12. Bulk ink supply system is standard option for this Light Box Printers, which is setting on the top of printer, easy to monitor ink level and easy ink refill.

  • Eco Solvet Wall Paper Printer

13. Billboard Printers adopt USB 2.0 interface control system that get better large data transfer and anti-signal interference. Otherwise, it is also supporting windows7/64bit system.

14. Poster Printers adopt metal optical cable, which connects from mainboard to carriage board to make sure fast and stable data transit.

15. Light Box Printers equipped with two original Leadshine Motor Control, which provide more stable quality and better efficiency during printing.

16. Billboard Printers adopt new variable size droplet technology, six or more variable droplet printing size provide the highest printing resolution up to 2880dpi.

17. Poster Printers benefit from VSDT technology, the smallest droplet can reach to 1.5pl and the maximum can reach to 27pl, which presenting perfect printing quality.

  • Eco Solvet Wall Paper Printer

18. As the top quality Light Box Printers in China also adopt widened 65mm Multi-touch pinch roller system instead of 40mm pinch roller, which is 25mm wider than normal pinch roller. This 65mm pinch roller system can provides excellent control of media feeding; ensure high precision of large format eco solvent printing.

19. 3.2m Billboard Printers standard equipped with two types of feed in & take up system for choice. One is heavy-duty feeding & collecting system, used for printing one whole 3.2m roll of material, especially for printing outdoor flex banner with high precision; the other is light-duty feeding & collecting system, which can print two rolls of material at the same time. You can choose one roll of 1.52m and another roll 1.27m or double roll of 1.27m for same time printing. The two systems can be switched through push-pull easily, both with auto deviation-rectifying device, ensuring wide format printing high precision.

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