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Product Introduction And Specification


Digital textile Reactive Inks for digital inkjet printing on cotton, natural fibers and other cellulosic materials!

MT is a renowned name in providing complete printing solution. We provide textile reactive ink solution for printing cotton, viscose, linen, rayon and silk with outstanding quality. Using the best performing materials in combination with our extensive expertise in digital printing, it has maximized the running performance of the ink whilst offering color brilliance combined with an extended gamut and excellent fastness performance.

Digital textile reactive dye inks are used for decorating cotton and cellulose fabrics such as viscose, rayon, linen plus silk and wool. Reactive dye printing produces intense color combined with excellent application fastness for fashion, home textiles and signage industry.

MT textile reactive inks offer the ultimate performance in color combined with outstanding production reliability, fastness and compliance to textile standards.

MT focus is on innovation and offering value to our customers, giving them a competitive advantage in their business by enabling them to deliver outstanding quality prints to their buyers.

MT offers digital Textile Reactive inks for direct printing on cotton & viscose fibres. MT Reactive inks offer brilliant colors, high wash & fade resistance. These reactive inks are specially formulated for long shelf life. Exceptional quality of MT reactive inks originates from high purity dyes, stable chemistry & perfect reactivity.

MT textile reactive inks are available for wide range of industrial grade printheads such as Epson DX5, Epson5113, Xaar1201 and Ricoh Gen5. These inks are tailor-made to suit high performance with these industrial printheads.

Optimized for performance and quality. MT digital reactive ink are one of the major classes of dyes for printing on cotton and other cellulosic materials. Provides high crock, washfastness and perspiration tolerance. Offers high lightfastness with excellent color. Wide ranges of materials are available for print applications, including apparel, home furnishings, home textile and more.

Digital textile reactive INK (Eco-inks, Environmentally-friendly inks). MT textile reactive inks are REACH regulation compliant (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) in order to be a true eco-friendly solution. MT produces revolutionary and innovative water based textile inks, featuring vivid colors, wide color gamut, high fastness and durability.


Key Features of Reactive Ink:

•      Specially formulated for industrial piezo-electric printheads.

•      Offers high light-fastness, high colour density, wide colour gamut, Yield Brilliancy and outstanding colour saturation.

•      Good Stability, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

•      Provides high crock, wash-fastness and perspiration tolerance.

•      Excellent printing performance, no clogging to printhead, longer printing life of printheads.

•      Soft with high colour fastness.

•      Creative freedom in design and color for personalized printing

•      Ability to provide highly vibrant and detailed designs printing with outstanding color quality.

•      On demand printing to allow flexibility in production.

•      Lower Down Time & Minimized Ink Fastness-Satisfactory Levels of Wash Fastness & Prespiration Tolerance.



Digital Textile Reactive Printing Technological Process

•      Coating

•      Digital Textile Reactive Printing

•      Steaming

•      Washing

•      Drying



Applications Fabric

Cotton, linen, artificial cotton, Modal, bamboo fiber, silk, wool, cashmere, etc.


Application For

Fashion, cloth, cut-parts, scarf, ties, bed linen, interior decorations, Home Furnishings, Apparel Fabrics, Garment Industry, Signage & Banner Segment etc.

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Digital Textile Reactive Inks