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Product Introduction And Specification


UV Curing Inks for Epson i3200 Printhead

Strong scuff resistance, Excellent color saturation, High solid density, Strong gloss effect, Fast curing for speed printing, Low odor and non-skin irritating, Good Led UV ink for UV printing!

UV ink Can Print On Virtually Whatever You Want When Using UV Inks. UV Inkjet Printing Systems Have Become Popular In The Past Decades Because Of The Constant Development Of New Printing Methods As Well As Techniques That Adapt To Different Materials.


UV Inks Can Be Inkjet Printed Onto A Wide Variety Of Porous And Non-Porous Substrates, Even Metal And Glass And Are Cured Almost Instantly By A Photochemical Process In Which High-Intensity Ultraviolet Light Is Used To Cure Or Dry Inks (UV Curing).

UV Inks Are Exposed To Ultra-Violet Lights As They Are Printed, Immediately Turning From A Liquid To A Solid With Very Little Evaporation Of Solvents And Almost No Absorption Of The Ink Into The Material Stock.


(1) Truly environment-friendly.

(2) Vibrant, bright colors and wide color gamut.

(3) Two-years outdoor durability without any coating.

(4) For all printers equipped with Ricoh Gen5, Ricoh GH2220 Printheads.

(5) High evaluation throughout the world.

(6) Provide original LED UV Curing ink and ICC profile.

(7) 18 moths outdoor durability without any coating.

(8) Broader subatrate adadptation.

(9) Fast Curing, Superior scratch resistance.

(10) High resolution prints.


The Development Of Led Curing Technology For UV Inks Has Revolutionized The Field Of Digital Printing, Opening New Opportunities For Printing Different Materials And Substrates. Led Curing Avoids The Extreme Heat Of Curing With Mercury Lamps. Plus Led Lamps Last Longer And Do Not Have All The Mercury Of The Super-Hot Style Curing Systems.


Wide Range Of Printing Substrates

With The UV-Led Technology, The Temperature Is Significantly Decreased; Avoiding Overheating The Substrate, Making Possible Printing Onto Many Materials That Would Be Vulnerable To Hot Temperatures.


Curing Ink fast Because Of Special Photoinitiator And Formulation, Optimal Adhesion Without The Need For Pre-Coating. Varnish and Coating are available!

Used For Indoor And Outdoor Applications For Store And Point Of Sale Branding, Posters, Interior Design, Etc.

UV-Led Lamp Last Up To 10,000-15,000 Hours. Low Energy Consumption.

UV-Led Lamp Consumes Approximately 950,000 Kwh.

Compatible with: UV Printers of MT Industry

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Epson i3200 UV Inks