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MT Industry

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  • MeiTu Digital Industry Co., Ltd. Add. Building 8A,
    Caohejing Hi-Tech Park of Pujiang, No.188 Xinjun Ring Rd.,
    Minhang District, Shanghai, China

Product Center

Eco Solvent Printer
Eco Solvent Printer DX5 Series
· DX5 Eco Solvent Printer MT-1805Plus
· DX5 Eco Solvent Printer MT-3205Plus
Eco Solvent Printer Xaar1201 Series
· Eco Solvent Printer MT-XR1201Plus
· Eco Solvent Printer MT-XR1201L Plus
Eco Solvent Printer Ricoh Gen5 Series
· Ricoh Gen5 Eco Solvent Printer MT-1804G
· Ricoh Gen5 Eco Solvent Printer MT-3204G
Eco Solvent Printer Application Series
· Eco Solvent Stretch Ceiling Printers | Soft Film Ceiling Printers
· Eco Solvent Digital Wallpaper Printers | Digital Mural Printers
· Car Wrapping Printers | Vehicle Wraps Printers | Car Decal Printers
· Billboard Printers | Poster Printers | Light Box Printers
· Tarpaulin Printers | PVC Printers | Eco Solvent Printers
· Sticker Printers | Decal Printers | Reflective Vinyl Printers
Eco Solvent Printer Cutter Series
Eco Solvent Wall Paper Printer Series (Roll to Roll)
Eco Solvent Soft Film Printer Series (Ceiling Printer)
Large Format Solvent Printer
Konica Solvent Printer Series
· Super Heavy Duty Konica KM512i Solvent Printer MT-KN3208CI
· Super Heavy Duty Konica KM512i Solvent Printer MT-KN3204CI
Polaris Solvent Printer Series
Seiko Solvent Printer Series
Xaar Solvent Printer Series
Digital Textile Printer
Digital Textile Ink Printing Solution Series
· Digital Textile Pigment Printers
· Digital Textile Sublimation Printers
· Digital Textile Disperse Printers
· Digital Textile Reactive Printers
· Digital Textile Acid Printers
Digital Textile Sublimation Printer Series
· Digital Textile Sublimation Printer MT-TX5113Plus
· Digital Textile Sublimation Printer MT-TX5113L Plus
· Digital Textile Sublimation Printer MT-TX1805Plus
· Digital Textile Sublimation Printer MT-TX3205Plus
· Digital Textile Sublimation Printer MT-TX1201Plus
· Digital Textile Sublimation Printer MT-TX1201L Plus
Digital Textile Belt Drive Printer Series
· Digital Textile Belt Drive Printer MT-Belt1805Pro
· Digital Textile Belt Drive Printer MT-Belt1805Plus
· Digital Textile Belt Drive Printer MT-Belt1201Plus
· Digital Textile Belt Drive Printer MT-Belt5113Plus
Digital Textile Sublimation Paper Printer Series
· Digital Textile Sublimation Paper Printer MT-5113Plus
Digital Textile Printer Application Series
· Digital Cotton Fabric Printers | Digital Textile Cotton Printers
· Digital Linen Printers | Digital Linen Textile Belt Printers
· Natural Fiber Silk Belt Printers | Digital Silk Printers
· Digital Pashmina Shawl Printers | Cashmere Printers | Digital Wool Printers
· Digital Spandex Fabric Printers | Lycra Digital Belt Textile Printers
· Digital Textile Polyester Printers | Digital Textile Satin Printers
Digital Textile DTG Printer Series
· Digital Textile Direct To Garment (DTG) Printer MT-TA3H
Sublimation Heater & Fume Extractor Series
· Sublimation Heater & Fume Extractor MT-Heater 1800A
· Heat Transfer Machine, Heat Press Machine, Calender
· Sublimation Heater & Fume Extractor MT-Heater 1800B
· Sublimation Heater & Fume Extractor MT-Heater 3200
· T-Shirt Heat Press Transfer | Sublimation Paper Transfer Machine
UV Printer
UV Printer Various Industrial Application Series
· Glass Printer | Glass UV Flatbed Printer
· Acrylic Printer | Acrylic Sheet UV Flatbed Printer
· Ceramic Printer | Ceramic Tile UV Flatbed Printer
· Crystal Printer | Mirror UV Flatbed Printer
· Wallpaper Printer | Wallpaper UV Roll To Roll Printer
· Stretch Ceiling Printer | Tension Ceiling UV Roll To Roll Printer
UV Flatbed Printer | LED UV Flatbed Printer Series
· Ricoh UV Flatbed Printer MT-UV2030GX
· Ricoh UV Flatbed Printer MT-UV3220GX
· Ricoh UV Flatbed Printer MT-UV1611
· Ricoh UV Flatbed Printer MT-UV2513GX
· Epson UV Flatbed Printer MT-UV6090
· Ricoh UV Flatbed Printer MT-2513G
Hybrid UV Printer Series
· Hybrid UV Printer MT-UV2000HR (Roll To Roll & Flatbed)
· Hybrid UV Printer MT-UV2000HX (Roll To Roll & Flatbed)
· Hybrid UV Printer MT-UV2000HE (Roll To Roll & Flatbed)
Roll To Roll UV Printer Series
· Ricoh Gen5 Roll To Roll LED UV Printer MT-UV3204G
· Xaar1201 Roll To Roll LED UV Printer MT-UV1201
· Epson DX5 Roll To Roll LED UV Printer MT-UV1805Plus
· Ricoh Gen5 Roll To Roll LED UV Printer MT-UV1804G
· Xaar1201 Roll To Roll LED UV Printer MT-UV1201L
· Epson DX5 Roll To Roll LED UV Printer MT-UV3205Plus
A3 Mini UV Flatbed Printer Series
· A3 Mini UV Flatbed Printer MT-UA3H
Portable Exhibition Display Equipment
Portable X Banner Stand Series
· Portable X Banner Stands
Portable Roll Up Series
· Portable Roll UP
Portable Pop Up Series
· Portable POP UP
Engraving Machine | Cutting Plotter
Laser Engraving Machine Series
· Laser Engraving Machine MT-Laser1325
· Laser Engraving Machine MT-Laser1390
· Laser Engraving Machine MT-Laser6090
· Laser Engraving Machine MT-Laser6040
CNC Engraving Machine Series
· CNC Engraving Machine MT-CNC2030
· CNC Engraving Machine MT-CNC1325
Cutting Plotter Series
· Optical Eye Cutting Plotter HF-1261
· Optical Eye Cutting Plotter TC-1261
Printer Cutter Series
Printed Post Processing Equipment
Continuous High Frequency Welding Equipment & Welder Series
· Continuous High Frequency Welding Equipment MT-3000S
· Continuous High Frequency Welding Equipment MT-3000
· Flex Jointing Machine | Hot Air Welder
3D Letter System Series
· 3D Letter System Machine Package
· 3D Letter System MT-Folder
· 3D Letter System MT-Dentation Strip Punch
· 3D Letter System MT-Flanging Machine
· 3D Letter System MT-Metal Sheet Cutter
Banner Slitter & Cross Cutter Series
· Cross Cutter
· Banner Slitter MT-1600S
· Banner Slitter MT-1600L
Grommet Machine Series
· Automatic Grommet Machine
· Manual Grommet Machine
Printhead Cleaning Machine Series
· Printhead Cleaning Machine
Printheads | Spare Parts
EPSON Printheads Series
· EPSON Printheads
Ricoh Printheads Series
· Ricoh Printheads
Konica Printheads Series
· Konica Printheads
XAAR Printheads Series
· XAAR Printheads
Spectra Printheads Series
· Spectra Printheads
Seiko Printheads Series
· Seiko Printheads
UV Printhead Series
· UV Printheads
Water Based Printhead Series
Inkjet Printing Media
Solvent Outdoor Printing Media Series
· Flex Banner Solvent Printing Media
· Knife Coated Substrate Flex Banner
· Vinyl Solvent Outdoor Printing Media
· One Way Vision
· Mesh Solvent Printing Media
Water Based Indoor Printing Media Series
· Transparent PET Film
· Self-Adhesive PP Paper
· PP Paper
· Photo Paper
Reflective Outdoor Printing Media Series
· Reflective Printing Fabric
· Reflective One Way Vision Film
· Reflective PVC Sheet
· Reflective Printing Film
Cold & Hot Lamination Film Series
· Cold Lamination Film
· Hot Lamination Film
Color Vinyl for Cutting Plotter Series
· Color Vinyl For Cutting Plotter
Digital Textile Printing Fabric Series
· Dazzle Warp Knitting Fabric
· Porous Warp Knitting Fabric
· Warp Knitting Fabric
· Flag Fabric
· Satin | Sateen Fabric
Digital Inkjet Ink
Digital Textile Printing Ink Series
· Digital Textile Pigment Inks
· Digital Textile Sublimation Inks
· Digital Textile Disperse Inks
· Digital Textile Reactive Inks
· Digital Textile Acid Inks
UV Curing Ink Series
· Ricoh Gen5 UV Curing Inks
· Epson DX5 UV Curing Inks
Eco Solvent Ink Series
· DX5 Printhead Eco Solvent Inks
· Ricoh Printhead Eco Solvent Inks
Solvent Ink Series
· Konica Printhead Solvent Inks
· Spectra Polaris Printhead Solvent Inks
· Seiko Printhead Solvent Ink
Water Based Printer | Laminator
Piezo Water Based Printer Series
· Piezo Water Based Printer MT-RT1805DEW
Laminator Series
· Fully Automatic Flatbed Laminator MT-1325B4
· Double Side Hot Laminator MT-1700F2
· Hot Laminator MT-1700F1
· Hot Laminator MT-1700A1
· Cold Laminator MT-1700M5
Novajet Printer Series

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