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Product Introduction And Specification


Digital Textile Acid Dyes Ink

Acid dyes for digital inkjet printing on silk, lycra, nylon, polyamide and wool.

Digital Textile Acid inks are widely used throughout the digital textile printing industry for the decoration of synthetic fibers such as nylon (primarily polyamide) as well as natural materials like silk. Digital Textile Acid dyes offer outstanding color and fastness properties allowing for extensive adoption in fashion and swim/sportswear applications where high quality is essential.


MT deliver the excellent quality, purity and stability of ink, ensuring color consistency batch after batch of ink and of printed textile without taking risks with your printer. When applied digitally further benefits of design freedom and detail, reduced water and reduced energy consumption are realized.


Designed for use in high volume production printing systems, MT delivers exceptional print reliability, assuring that producers of high value applications such as swimwear, sportswear and luxury silks benefit from unrivalled color strength and extended color gamut without compromising productivity.



Key Features Of Digital Textile Acid Dyes Ink

·       High color yield & brilliancy.

·       Excellent wash and light fastness properties.

·       Best ink for printing of polyamide, silk & other fashionable fabrics.

·       Good stability, no clogging to print head.

·       High color saturation and color-fixing rate.

·       Excellent image definition post processing. 


Digital Textile Acid Printing Technological Process

•        Coating

•        Digital Textile Acid Printing

•        Steaming

•        Washing

•        Drying



Applicable Fabric

Protein fiber like nylon, wool, silk, acrylic fiber etc.


Application For

Scarves, Swimwear, underwear etc.

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Digital Textile Acid Inks