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Digital Direct to Fabric Roll to Roll Textile Printer
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Product Introduction And Specification


MT Industry is a professional enterprise concentrating on researching and developing new Digital Textile Sublimation Printer for direct printing on cotton, wool, silk, polyester and nylon, which expands its successful with the Industry Textile Sublimation Printer. Therefore, the leading product range increases to Digital Belt Textile Printer, Digital Textile Sublimation Printer and Digital Heat Transfer Printer, which are widely used in outdoor and indoor digital textile printing industry, such as apparel printing, T-shirt printing, flag printing, home textile printing, banner cloth printing, crafts and gift printing etc.

One set MT Industry Digital Textile Sublimation Printer includes one brand new Digital Textile Sublimation Printer, one brand new Sublimation Heater and one Exhaust. The printing and sublimation process is direct printing on the textile fabric with sublimation ink, and then through sublimation system to appear and fix the color of pattern on the fabric, the printed colors become vivid and bright after this whole process. Therefore, it can replace heat transfer process and no need sublimation paper any more! The printed textile fabric is suitable for indoor and outdoor, which is without fading after washing. The customer will save more cost and time to improve sublimation efficiency because of direct printing and sublimation reduces working process.

Profile for high-performance inkjet textile sublimation printers, MT Industry now offers heat transfer printing for the textile printing industry, especially for digital textile sublimation direct printing solution. The major benefit of heat transfer printing is that no in-depth textile printing knowledge of the pre-treatment and the finishing process of the textile fabric is required and no further large investments are necessary during whole textile printing production.

As you could expect, the Digital Textile Sublimation Printer MT-TX4720LPlus provides industrial production capabilities with the highest printing quality and reliability. The printing system was designed for non-stop production that achieves maximum resolution of 1200dpi and with the maximum production speed of 132㎡/h. Otherwise, the Digital Textile Sublimation Printer MT-TX4720LPlus owns the maximum printing width of 3200mm and equipped with the latest Epson 4720 Print heads. 

Moreover, Digital Textile Sublimation Printer can be configured with 4 colors or 8 colors. MT Industry offers a specially formulated Dye Sublimation bulk Ink System, water-based, free of odors, skin-friendly and free of any volatile organic compounds (VOC), which ensure high printing resolution and environmental protection. It creates brilliant colors, sharp images and produces an impressive abrasion-resistant with waterproof result. Therefore, Digital Textile Sublimation Printer is suitable for all current transfer papers or various textile fabrics direct printing. 


  • Digital Textile Sublimation Printer

1. Epson 4720 Print heads

MT-TX4720LPlus Digital Textile Sublimation Printer adopts top class Epson 4720 Print heads precision printhead, resolution is 1200dpi with two years life span, which suits for big lots, continue and unstoppable textile fabric printing industry production. 

2. New Variable Size Droplet Technology (VSDT)

The New Variable Droplet Control Technology achieves precisely control each dot for beautifully sharp image and stunning seamless gradation that makes the printing more delicate and accurate. Because of the droplet size are from 2.5pl to 21pl and the maximum 1200dpi resolution help you to deliver outstanding image quality. So that, there are more detailed and smoother gradient printouts can be achieved by this technology. It means the printing quality is greatly enhanced and accelerates the printing speed too. Therefore, more and more efficient print jobs can be accomplished and satisfy even the most discerning customers, thus MT-TX4720LPlus Digital Textile Sublimation Printer enhance the productivity!

3. High Durability And High Definition.

MT-TX4720LPlus Digital Textile Sublimation Printer can compare the printing speed, printing quality and printing stability with imported Japanese Digital Textile Sublimation Printer brands like, Epson printer, Roland printer, Mimaki Printer and Mutoh Printer. Because of four Ricoh Gen5 high precision printheads ranked as four-row on Textile Sublimation Printer MT-TX4720LPlus.

  • Digital Textile Sublimation Printer

4. THK Linear Guide Rail

MT-TX4720LPlus Digital Textile Sublimation Printer provides fully guarantee for printing precision and stability by applying high quality THK guide rail, aluminum crossbeams, servomotor and stable rack. Especially, it adopts THK 20mm width Linear Guide Rail with two slide blocks that can efficiently increase rigidity and torsion resistance, higher precision and mute silence during printing process. The THK Micro Guide Rail and Screw Rod are introduced to carriage lifting system to deliver easier adjusting and higher precision printing.

5. Directly Print Various Textile Fabric

There are various textile ink can be used by MT-TX4720LPlus Digital Textile Sublimation Printer, such as reactive textile ink, dispersive textile ink, sublimation textile ink and pigment textile ink which are good matching for cotton, linen, silk, nylon, wool, polyester and chemical fiber etc.

6. Advance Transmission Structure

MT-TX4720LPlus Digital Textile Sublimation Printer equipped with accurate tensile force system for media feeding and taken-up to ensure the feeding error rate less than 0.3%, which provides stable and hi-effective fabric feeding process. Therefore, MT-TX4720LPlus Digital Textile Sublimation Printer is suitable for a wide range of fabrics printing and overcome the difficulties of materials slant and pleat occurring during printing. This feeding system is 100% suitable for non-elastic; it also can transit cloth material stably to ensure high speed printing.

  • Digital Textile Sublimation Printer

7. Constant Temperature Sublimation Heater

MT-TX4720LPlus Digital Textile Sublimation Printer equipped with far infrared ceramic tube radiation electro thermal heater with intelligent PID temperature control system that heat up super quickly and precise sealing heater body can ensure the constant temperature during sublimation textile fabric. Meanwhile, the digital tension control system also equipped on this sublimation heater that ensure textile fabric feeding and taking up are synchronously. Also, the advanced thermal energy technology saves energy consumption (electricity, water) compares with traditional hating method.

8. Independent Exhaust System

MT-TX4720LPlus Digital Textile Sublimation Printer also equipped with independent Exhaust system that is emission tail gas without any smell for environmental protection and the tail gas is become to normal temperature from the hot air after filtration through the cooling system that ensure the exhaust system temperature always less than 25 degree. Otherwise, the exhaust system adopts drawer type device that convenient replace activated carbon to ensure emission tail gas harmless!

  • Digital Textile Sublimation Printer

9. Printhead Capping Station

MT-TX4720LPlus Digital Textile Sublimation Printer adopts independent intelligent printhead cleaning and moisturizing device with negative pressure system that provides safe and convenient printhead cleaning and maintenance function. The suction facility and printhead scrape device keep printhead unclog, clean and non-air bubble which improve stability status during digital sublimation printing. Moreover, the printing thickness is also can be adjusted depend on various textile fabric which is up to 15mm.

10. Lower Cost And Less Investment

Digital sublimation printing is a brand new textile printing concept which Unnecessarily plate making but printing on textile fabric directly. This new sublimation printing method leaves out sublimation transfer paper heat transfer process. Only one operator can operate several Digital Textile Sublimation Printers with highly efficiency and the highest printing performance. Digital sublimation printing is suitable rapid speed production for home textile, clothing material, flags, banners and various textile fabrics. There is broad market prospect and unlimited business opportunities on textile printing industry.

Industry Application Of MT Digital Textile Sublimation Printer

The printing width of Digital Textile Sublimation Printer is available from 1800mm to 3200mm. It can print and produce various colorful banners, canvas and other coated fabrics and textile fabrics. And the printout can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Digital Textile Sublimation Printer is applied in digital textile printing Industry to replace traditional printing techniques, which is the solution of both large batch & small batch, low cost, fast printing requirements. The production printing speed and printing width achieves the possibility of textile fabrics printing turning into digital printing method, which is adequately according with customer requirements of sample printing, home textile printing, sign advertisement printing, digital textile printing, building decoration textile printing, flag textile printing, clothing printing, soft-signage, flag banner printing, wall decorations printing, and so on!


Product Specification

Mode TypeDigital Direct to Fabric Roll to Roll Textile Printer MT-TX4720LPlus
PrintheadEpson 4720 Print heads
Color4 Colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
Resolution1200dpi X 720dpi
Height Of Print Head2-5mm
Size Of Ink Droplet7-21pl
Max. Printing Width3200mm
Max. Media Width3300mm (Max.)
Real Time TrackingNone
Printing Speed3pass132 Sq.m Per Hour
4pass96 Sq.m Per Hour
6pass72 Sq.m Per Hour
8pass48 Sq.m Per Hour
Media FeederYes
Media Take-upYes
MaterialMax. Weight200kg
Application TypeSublimation Paper,Heat Transfer Paper,Cotton Fabric,Flax Fabric,Silk Fabric,Polyester Fabric,Flag Fabric,Satin Fabric,Warp Knitting Fabric,Nonwoven Fabric,Chiffon Fabric,Spandex Fabric,elastic fabric,Polycotton Fabric,Canvas Cloth,Velvet Fabric,Sofa Fabric,Curtain Fabric,Wool Fabric,Cashmere Fabric,Rayon Fabric,Modal Fabric,Towel Fabric,Bath Towel Fabric,Screens,Shower Curtain Fabric,Tent Fabric,Pillow Fabric,Cushion Fabric,Upholstery,Advertising Banners,Flag Banner,Textile Wallpaper,Wall Cloth,Art Paintings,Table Cloth,Apparel Fabrics,Home Textile Printing,Bed Sheet Printing,Outdoor Leisure Products,Hunting Supplies Printing,Beach Products Printing,Clothing Printing,Cloth Bag Printing,Sari Printing,T-Shirt Printing,Garment Printing And Footwear Printing...Etc.
InkTypeSublimation Ink, Reactive Ink, Pigment Ink, Dispersive Ink, Dye Ink
Ink Tank Account4*2.5 Liter Continuous Bulk Ink Supply System
Auto Cleanning SystemYes
Heating SystemIntelligent Embedded Segment Heating System
PowerPower VoltageAC220-240V 50-60HZ, AC110-120V 50-60HZ
Control SoftwarePrint Console
RIP SoftwareMaintop/Photoprint/Wasatch
Three Heating SectionsPre-heater, Printing Bed Heater, Rear Heater
Operation SystemMS Windows XP & Windows 7
Printing EnvironmentTemperature: 20-25 Centi Degree, Humidity: 40-60%
Picture TypeJPG PSD TIFF
Printer DimensionW4580 * D970 * H1500mm + W4300 * D1100 * H1100mm + W500 * D600 * H900mm
Packing DimensionW4800 * D1100 * H1700mm + W4510 * D1460 * H1300mm + W620 * D560 * H1100mm
Gross Weight1800kg
Net Weight1490kg

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Digital Direct to Fabric Roll to Roll Textile Printer MT-TX4720LPlus

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