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Product Introduction And Specification


MT Industrial LED UV Flatbed Printer MT-TS2513E equipped with double DX5 printheads (double Ricoh Gen5 is Optional) and maximum printing resolution can be reach 1440dpi. There are no plate making and MOQ were requested while printing. Otherwise, this LED UV Flatbed Printer provides high printing speed and low cost, especially it also can make mass production with ultra high precision output through 5 colors (CMYKW) printing.

LED UV Flatbed Printer MT-TS2513E is easy operation without printing post process. This UV printer provides 5 colors(C M Y K W) printing within the same time with excellent printing quality. It can be adopt multi printhead type to improved high production capacity, This LED UV Flatbed Printer can be achieve more than 20m²/h. The LED UV radiation lamp is suitable for many kinds of materials. It also can speed up printing efficiency. Compare to the other printing performance, Digital LED UV Flatbed Printer can achieve lower cost, but gain the highest benefit!


17 Advantages to choosing MT LED UV Flatbed Printer!!!

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1. All Steel Frame Structure Machine Body

The LED UV Flatbed Printer MT-TS2513E applied all steel frame structure; better-structure frame made it highly stable and high precision, ensures equipment use more stable for a long time.

2. Ricoh Gen5 UV PrintHead Life is NO.1

For LED UV Flatbed Printer MT-TS2513E, the Ricoh Gen5 printhead is optional now! RICOH GEN5 printhead made by all steel, as a UV printhead with 8-10 years average using life, which is 4 times longer than other UV printheads.

3. Highly Precise Technology for Printing Platform

The LED UV Flatbed Printer MT-TS2513E equipped with full aluminum alloy platform, which made with imported processing equipment, provide high accuracy platform and outstanding durability.

4. High Performance Y-axis Steel Belts

This LED UV Flatbed Printer MT-TS2513E is using long-life wide Steel belts instead of ball lead screws guide to avoid noise, but it can precisely control Y-axis movement. Most of UV Printer just use normal quality ball lead screw guide, which makes excessive noise after a period and also short lifetime.

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5. Anti-Collision System

The LED UV Flatbed Printer MT-TS2513E equipped with unique anti-collision system for printhead, sensitive accurate Auto-stop function protects printhead safety. Also avoid any chance to damage UV printhead and carriage by any disoperation.

6.Imported Spare Parts

The LED UV Flatbed Printer MT-TS2513E adopts imported Servo Motors, guarantee mechanical precision and long duration working. It also provides high resolution, accurate printing position, high stabilization and longer lifetime. Otherwise, Germany-Imported IGUS Drag Chain equip on X-axis that is ideal protection for data cables and ink tubes under high speed printing motion.

7. Printhead height Auto-control and Media Thickness auto-detect System

The LED UV Flatbed Printer MT-TS2513E equipped with printhead height auto-control and media thickness auto-detect system that can be automatically adjusted according to the thickness of the rigid materials. It adopts Z-axis raster positioning and automatic altimeter. The automatic printhead height adjustment can be increase productivity, because, this system makes printing simpler, working more easily that deliver a smooth printing with various rigid materials. The workable printing material thickness is up to 80mm (130mm is also optional).

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8. Sectional Vacuum Suction system

The LED UV Flatbed Printer MT-TS2513E equipped with vacuum suction controlling function; it can be adjust the suction area and air quantity for sucking different printing materials. It makes different material printing easier and more efficient.

9High Precision THK Mute Linear Guide Rail

The LED UV Flatbed Printer MT-TS2513E adopts imported THK linear guide rail, long service life (more than 10 years without maintenance) and high stability! It is immensely decrease printing noise which only up to 40Db.

10Advanced Auto-Lifting Ink Stack and moisturizing System

The LED UV flatbed Printer MT-TS2513E equipped with automatic fixed lifting stack, which leaves all printhead nozzles into capping station and LED UV cleaning solution protects and prevents nozzle clog by dry ink. This function makes LED UV Flatbed printer more efficient and waste less ink, but provides better protection for UV printhead.

11. Flash spray cleaning function

Flash spray cleaning can be during the LED UV flatbed Printer MT-TS2513E working, save time, save energy, save ink and extend the life of UV printhead.

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12. The LED UV lamp Power control System

The Power of LED double lamps can be adjusted, which provides excellent picture drying and energy saving by The LED UV flatbed Printer MT-TS2513E. Therefore, there is non-deformation and non-cracking after printing, but rapid drying and long lifetime! 

13. White Color and Spot Color Options

The LED UV Flatbed Printer MT-TS2513E can output spot color and white color as, cover and background printing. White color and spot color printing system also provide various patterns printing mode. The white color makes colors vivid and bright-colored. In addition, lacquer (varnish) coating is special material after printing that makes picture with stereoscopic texture.

14. High Performance LED UV Lamp

Our company MT Industry research and development LED UV Lamp independently, it uses unique technology and high quality accessories which greatly improves the service life and reduce energy consumption for all of our LED UV Flatbed Printers.

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15. Intelligent Wave Printing Technology

When customers using The LED UV Flatbed Printer MT-TS2513E, chooses the Wave Print from the printing software to avoid the printing stripes and pass lines, which makes digital LED UV Flatbed Printing more effectively than traditional UV Printing Function.

16. Variable Size Droplet Technology

The LED UV Flatbed Printer MT-TS2513E adopts Micro Piezo printhead that can select variable size droplet combination based on different printing materials, output the well-bedded and subtle LED UV printing pictures with high printing speed.

17. Professional RIP Software Options

The LED UV Flatbed Printer MT-TS2513E can be work with many RIP softwares. The RIP software can compatible with postscript language, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Freehand, and support TIF, JPEG, EPSPS, PDF, and DCS2.0 etc.

Industries Application of MT LED UV Flatbed Printer

LED UV Flatbed Printer can be use for various industries, such as building decoration industry, glass industry, mark and sign industry, exhibition industry, rigid paperboard packing industry, leather, art-ware industry, furniture industry etc.

And for more applications, the UV printing materials could be: glass, ceramic, ceiling, aluminum sheet, wood board, door sheet, metal panel, billboard, acrylic panel, Plexiglass, paper board, foam board, PVC expansion board, corrugated cardboard, flexible materials such as PVC, canvas, cloth, carpet, reflective film, leather, Aluminum Panels, Wall Panel, PVC Panels, Organic Board, Ceramics, Chevron Board, Metal Board, fiber board, Plastic, Brick, Stone, Home and Office Decoration, Electric Appliances Shell, Wall Decoration, Furniture, Tile, Gift, 3C Product, Oil Painting And Fresco, Sliding Door And Wood Door, Wedding Photography and all kinds sheet materials and coiled materials, etc.

Product Specifications


Mode TypeLED UV Flatbed Printer MT-TS2513E
Printheadepson dX5 Drop-on-demand Micro-Piezo Printheads
Number of Nozzles1440 nozzles/printhead
Printing TechnologyUnidirectional, Bidirectional
Resolution2880dpi, 1440dpi, 720dpi, 360dpi
ColorCMYK 4 colors, CMYKW 5colors
Printing HeightUP to 100mm
Printing Weight100kg
Printing Size2500mm * 1300mm
Drying SystemDouble LED UV Lamp
Lifting Functioncarriage lifting intelligently, height adjusting by electronic auto/manual intelligent inductive measure function
TableVacuum Suction Table
Number of Printhead1 piece2 piece
Printing Speed2 pass21m² / H42m² / H
4 pass14m² / H28m² / H
8 pass7.1m² / H14m² / H
16 pass3.5m² / H7m² / H
Materialapplication typeGlass, Acrylic, Ceramic Tile, Aluminum, Iphone Case, Plastic, Foam Board, Wallpaper, Wall Art, Sign Advertising, Metal, Paper, Wood, MDF, Furniture, Card, Marble, Golf Products, Gift & Promotion Products, Leather, PU, PMMA, PVC, PP, PE, PTFE, Plexiglass, Panels, Ceiling, Organic Board, Corrugated, Chevron Board, Fiberboard, Brick, Stone, Home & Office Decoration, Electric Appliances Panel, Pottery & Porcelain Tile, 3C Product, Oil Painting, Fresco, Sliding Door, Wedding Photography, Mark And Signs, Exhibition, Etc......
InkTypeImport Soft LED UV Curing Ink / Rigid LED UV Curing Ink (Without VOC)
Bulk ink supply System1000ml × 4 Colors, 1000ml × 5 Colors
output LifeIndoor 10years, Outdoor 3years
InterfaceHigh Speed USB Transmission
PowerPower Voltage4.5kw, Input voltage: 200 to 240VAC, signal-phase, 50/60Hz,15A max.
Control SystemWindows 2000 Workstation, Windows XP, Windiw 7, 32bit, RAM≥6G
RIP SoftwareUltraPrint, photoprint
Printing EnvironmentTemperature 20-30 degrees, Humidity 40-70%
Printer dimension
4080mm * 2080mm * 1470mm
Packing Dimension4360mm * 2160mm * 1500mm
net Weight1110kg
gross weight1350kg

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