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Product Introduction And Specification


The demand for personalized or customized products is ignited by the way people want to give a personal touch to their homes, offices or public areas. Personalized furniture, digital paintings, custom photo frames, wall stickers, personalized interior accessories, special lights and custom signage are just a few examples of what you can produce on a MT Digital UV Building Decoration printer.


Today’s strong trend towards more individualization is often reflected in the way people decorate their living spaces, increasing the demand for customized and personalized interior home decoration fixtures such as wallpaper, door designs, kitchen fittings. This gives fantastic growth opportunities for companies in the interior decoration markets. They can extend their business with high-margin interior decoration products using the MT Building Decoration UV flatbed printer.


Which inks for digital printing directly on glass is the big question still in two years ago and as we move into 2018. Since many of our customers are print shop owners, manages, and printer operators around the world, they come to ask MT for assistance in deciding which wide-format inkjet UV printers model should they buy so they can skip screen printing and print directly on glass.


Since many customers background is with architecture, we too are interested in printing on architectural glass. MT Building Decoration UV flatbed printer also is knowledgeable in printing on ceramic tiles.


1. As the development of UV digital printing technology and the promotion of requirement for building decoration, the customization has become more and more popular, which is design for the customer according to their preference in the house type, material, size, and then put into production, and installation, including the wallpaper, wall paintings, decoration paintings, hallway, suspend ceiling, ceramic backdrop, tree-wood flower, tree-wood imitation floor, melamine sliding door, colorful artist glass, and so on.


2. One of the core types of services for MT Building Decoration UV flatbed printer is putting images on pieces of furniture or interior, which provides the client. Hybrid or flatbed UV printing equipment can print directly on the door, glass partition, kitchen backsplash, or other furniture.


3. Digital UV Flatbed inkjet printers for architectural glass decoration and decor

The world of wide-format digital UV printing is a world of fast printing of usually customized images, usually for short runs. A trade show booth may need glass walls, or glass tabletop. Or a restaurant may wish to have their logo on their windows (directly on the glass, not on roll-fed material adhered to the glass with an adhesive layer). UV-cured wide-format inkjet printers have traditionally been used for print jobs such as these.


4. An architect may wish an entire building to have a custom appearance on the glass facade.

There are many competing inkjet ink chemistries for glass. Each has several advantages but each ink chemistry has one or two things it can't handle well. So it is essential to compare and contrast the different UV ink and wide-format digital UV printer options to printing on the glass facade.


What can UV inkjet printer do for home decoration?

1. Wallpaper printing for home decoration

UV digital large format printer delivers full-color printing onto wallpaper, the printed pattern is high color fastness, which takes you into a unique world. 


2. Furniture printing for home decoration

UV inkjet printer can directly print furniture, cabinets, wardrobe, sofa an so on. Whether your furniture is made of metal, plastic, glass, wood or cloth. It also can work on the basis of the carving process.


3. Custom stretch ceiling printing for home decoration

It can help to produce custom stretch ceiling, no matter you want to to see stars, the sun, or any character you like, it can achieve. It is no design requirements, you can be unrestrained and enjoy your unlimited creativity.


4. 3D floor printing for home decoration

Imagining you are strolling on the beach, there are beautiful shells on the beach, as well as the sound of the waves. Building decoration UV printer can help you turn your floor into a sandy bench, or the others you want. It can directly print on floor tiles or 3D floor sticker.   


5. Curtain printing for home decoration

Digital UV printing has set foot in the textile printing industry. With a digital textile printing machine, you can print curtain without plate, it is efficient and high quality. 


In addition to the above, building decoration UV printer can also be used to print door, fine art, artwork and photo, to further improve the home decoration from the details.


There can be used plenty kinds of media, for example heavy stones and ceramic items. Special printing technology can allow printing images on of ceramic tiles for bathroom, which is resistant to physical effect for many years. Granite marble slabs, used for floor coating, can also be used as printing material.


Digital UV inkjet building decoration printer has the capability of printing onto a variety of materials, and it is applied in various industries, more and more close to the areas of daily life. Nowadays, we can see that digital UV printing for home decoration is very popular, and it makes the home decoration more and more in line with our own wishes.

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