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Small Size UV Flatbed Printer You Should Know

29 January 2021

UV6090 S1-MIC

First, What are small size UV flatbed printers ?

Small size UV flatbed printers have a print bed no larger than 36x 36and they usually have high resolution print quality. These machines may be smaller than their large format printing machine, but they are just as technologically advanced perhaps even more so and are capable of supporting high productivity demands. Their attributes make them ideal for printing dimensional products (not just for flat substrates) in these different markets and applications:

Oil Painting


PVC expansion board



Even within the small size UV flatbed printers  segment, printers can vary in overall machine size and price. Some may be more robust and heavy duty, some may be lighter duty and some are geared for high production while others are for occasional use. This article will detail the small size UV flatbed printer : MtuTech UV6090pro.

MtuTech’s abundant R&D resources enable them to constantly enhance their products. MtuTech UV6090pro is even the only printers in the industry to offer the following features:

Highly Precise Aluminium alloy Frame Structure And Printing Platform

Carriage Anti-Collision System

Printing Height Automatic Measure Detect System

Sectional Vacuum Suction system

THK Mute Linear Guide Rail

Nozzle Recovery System

The LED UV lamp Power control System

Automatic Flashing Spray function

This function keeps all nozzles unobstructed continua 24 hours working and always maintains print head clean to reduce risk of clogging! This maintains the highest print quality without production interruption.

These features were designed to limit errors and streamline the flow of your production. Plus, they happen automatically, meaning an operator isn’t needed to constantly monitor the equipment.

The investment cost for any printer should be justified by its production capability and expected lifespan. You can expect up to about 10 years with a MtuTech UV6090pro.Its print head is  EpsonXP600,which have a long lifespan. You can achieve the lowest cost, but gain the highest benefit!

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