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MT | MTuTech ECO solvent printers to expand your business

28 May 2021

Eco solvent printers have been the default choice for signage graphic printers for a long time. Its widespread popularity may be due to the low price of eco solvent printers. It is a key factor in the widespread adoption of eco solvent printers, and has become a short-term application and large-scale advertising campaigns. The right choice.

The eco solvent printer also provides excellent printing quality. Permeable media and adhesion to the printing substrate make solvent inks very suitable for applications such as automotive packaging because it can maintain the "stretchability" of the vinyl materials used in production. It the color is also particularly active in the entire spectral range, so it is very suitable for outdoor applications, such as banners and large large objects, passersby can even get the full impact of brand information from a distance.

圆背景图4At the same time, the printing of eco solvent printers has excellent resistance to rain and sunlight, and its adaptability to outdoor applications has been "double-enhanced", although it is still recommended to use laminate materials when longer durability is required. 

The eco solvent printer ink configuration can have special colors, such as orange, light black, light cyan, light magenta, and-depending on the printer used, white and metallic inks can also be used, and all applications require coating media.

If you want to know more about our professional team of experts to customize the eco solvent printer for you to realize the whole process of printing various materials, for more information, please visit:


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