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Digital Neon Printer 
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Digital Neon Printer 
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Digital Textile Printer Application
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Product Introduction And Specification


MT Wide format Digital Neon Printers are developed by MT Digital Industrial Co., Ltd.

Digital Fluorescence Printers equip with accurate tensile force system provides stable and hi-effective fabrics feeding process, which is suitable for a wide range of fabrics and overcome the difficulties of materials slant and pleat occurring while printing. 

Digital Garment Printers printing width from 1800mm to 3200mm are available. They can print and produce various colorful polyester textile fabrics.

After the 80’s, neon prints are now backing in vogue. Bright, fluorescent, colorful, vibrant designs printed on T-shirts and large reams of textiles are seen everywhere these days. However, for those involved in the printing process, the type of neon printer and fabric being used is an important factor in the quality of the end product. While 100% cotton fabrics lend themselves better to neon prints because of the color shades that can be used, poly-blend neon demand is also high.

The type of ink used for the fabric on which neon is to be printed, greatly influences the quality of outcome. Many-a-times in the printing industry, it is perceived that fluorescent dyes do not migrate and as a result, the ink used is similar to the one for 100% cotton. This unfortunately causes the dye to migrate. The other danger is overcompensating for the fluorescence, resulting in an excessively thick ink film, compromising the cure quality and thus the result. So it is important to use proper bleed-resistant printing and curing techniques on Neon Printer. The colors used for neon printer are CMYK, fluorescent yellow and fluorescent red, blue and orange!


  • Home Textiles Digital Textile Printer

1. Printheads Type equip with Digital Neon Printers are Industry grade Ricoh Gen5, Epson DX5, Epson 5113 and Xaar1201 textile inkjet printhead, resolution up to1440dpi with more than two years life span, suit for big lots, continue and unstoppable industrial production, high durability and high definition for Digital Fluorescence printing.

2. Digital Garment Printers can provide High durability and high definition. The Printing speed, quality and stability of Digital Neon Printers are comparable with Japanese printer brands like, Epson printer, Roland printer, Mimaki Printer and Mutoh Printer. Ricoh Gen5, Epson DX5, Epson 5113 and Xaar1201 high precision printheads ranked as twin-row or four rows on Digital Fluorescence Printers.

3. Digital Garment Printers provide fully guarantee for printing precision and stability by applying high quality aluminum crossbeams, THK guide rail, servomotor and stable rack.

4. Various Fabrics can be printed by Digital Neon Printers. Digital Fluorescence Printers use textile disperse inks and textile sublimation inks  which are good matching for spandex, Lycry, nylon, Polyester, chemical fiber etc.

  • Home Textiles Digital Textile Printer

5. Transmission structure equip with Digital Garment Printers. The Digital Neon Printers equip with accurate tensile force device for media feed in and taken-up to ensure the feeding error rate less than 0.3%. The Digital Fluorescence Printers No need maintenance that can be lower using cost. And the feeding material system is 100% suitable for non-elastic fabric; Digital Garment Printers also can transit cloth material stably to ensure Digital Neon printing speed.

6. Constant temperature heating heater supports the best textile Sublimation printing. Digital Fluorescence Printers equip with ceramic heater tube that heat up super quickly. The precise heater sealing can ensure the constant temperature to sublimation the ink on printed fabric. 

7. Digital Garment Printers adopt full imported printheads protection system including negative pressure system, moisturize capping device, suction facility and printhead scrape device, that keeps printhead unclog, clean and non-air bubble status for a long time, and improves stability of Digital Neon Printers. 

  • Home Textiles Digital Textile Printer

8. Digital Fluorescence Printers adopt fabric Printing Thickness adjustable function, Maximum fabric’s thickness up to 15mm, printheads height can be adjusted on Digital Garment Printers. 

9. Low cost for Digital Neon Printing. Digital Fluorescence printing is simple and leaves out sublimation paper transfer process, only one operator can operate Digital Garment Printers with highly efficiency bearing the highest printing performance. Digital Neon Printers also adopt the most advanced thermal energy technology, which can reduce the energy consumption (electricity, water) and minimum environmental impact.

10. Digital Fluorescence Printers provide high productivity. It is Brand-New Digital Garment Printing Concept which Unnecessarily handmade plate making but printing on fabric directly. It’s suitable rapid speed production Digital Neon printing, Digital Fluorescence printing, Digital Garment printing, banners printing and various fabric printing.

11. Digital Neon Printers is Less Investment and Higher Savings. Digital Fluorescence Printing Sample costs dramatically reduced, because No more engraving plate departments! There is also No more cost and stock for printing materials, digital textile inks.

  • Home Textiles Digital Textile Printer

12. Manpower is Flexibility using when you choose Digital Garment Printers! Digital Neon Printers are stable but high efficiency which will be save your labor cost and time cost, Digital Fluorescence Printers also have broad market prospect and unlimited business opportunities on Digital Garment printing industry.

13. Digital Neon Printers are Easy training for distributors and end users! Moreover, MT Industry always rapid response to customer technical inquiry.

14. 4 colors or 8 colors ink combination is optional for Digital Fluorescence Printers, They can configurate colors according to the requirement of the painting design. Digital Garment Printers are really support double 4 colors and CMYK plus 4 special Neon colors(fluorescence colors) printing, be able to get wider color gamut.

15. Open type ink supply system equip with Digital Neon Printers, end users can control home textile printing cost flexibly by choosing different textile ink brands.

16. Digital Fluorescence Printers equip with Smoke evacuation filtering system! It can filter flue sublimation smoke effectively as an environment protection device to keep clean environment.


Digital Garment Printers are applied in textile printing Industry to replace traditional Digital Neon printing techniques, which is the solution of both large batch & small batch, low cost, fast printing requirements. The productive printing speed and width options achieve the possibility of meeting the fabrics printing requirements with digital printing method. Adequately Meeting customers' requirements of Digital Neon Printing, Digital Fluorescence Printing, Digital Garment textile printing, sample printing, individual finery printing, sportwear printing, swimwear printing, family fabrics printing and more applications.

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