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Product Introduction And Specification


Cold lamination PVC film 

1. Surface:matt or glossy 

2. Width: 0.914/1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52 meter 

3. Length:50 yards 

4. Paper backing


1. Glue axial pressure adjustment.

A. Turn on both sides of the body on the machine pressure regulating handle, will go up, the two shafts separation, will prepare for piping diagrams and cold framed membrane also put in two axis between, turning the handle, the pressure regulating axis parallel moving downward, when turning pressure regulating handle feel suddenly relaxed, says, the two shafts have been exposed, then please do not continue to pressure, need to handle gently lead tight pressure-regulating can. If continue pressure, will make the shaft unyielding, make the operation failure produced

B. Pressure adjustment, two axis between graphs and cold framed membrane from two axis between exit. Prepare for mounting membrane

2.Framed post cold framed membrane.


Problems Solution

A. the pictures have "fog" feeling 

1. After membrane insufficient pressure - adjustment cold mounted machine; the pressure

2. Cold framed film machine ends uneven - adjustment cold mounted machine spacing of adjusting screw to achieve equidistance; 

3. After printing paper - paper surface is uneven, general at 25 degrees or so, 2-3 hours will be placed disappear automatically, the higher the temperature is disappeared faster, 

4. After PP back glue - a. hand touch PP back glue picture without "rough" feeling, then according to the above method to deal with, B. "rough" sense requires more PP back glue, 5. Glue viscous at low temperatures to bad - a. increase use environmental temperature. 

B. replacement cold framed membrane 2, after the "white" picture

1. glue viscous deficiency

a. increase use environmental temperature, 

b. replacement cold framed membrane, 

2. Glue thin - general distance is not long, appear larger, before and after downtime probability general pull away a few meters can; 

3. PP back rubber surface hand touch "rough" sense - a. replace PP back glue, b. or use studio film after images; 

4. Dust in the air - a. purification operating environment, b. closed blowback or into wind source, 

5. Water droplets (such as saliva) accidentally splashed spray painted surface

a. when operating attention, especially when speaking not to screen, 

b. dry environment of air temperature, such as: hot air conditioning, ventilation fan or etc. 

C. painting "bubble" immediately after 1 glue without "aged" -- - in cold framed membrane, after four painting is very good, but after A set period of time (or the next day) have "bubble" 

1. No "glue" thorough reposado - open cold framed film packaging, placed in the air in the 2-5 days, let the glue in natural conditions fully "aged", 

2. The picture is not fully dry, especially in winter, because winter in the ink has antifreezing solution ingredients, not easy volatile completely. - to make fully dry, general picture placed longer than summer and winter at twice the above, then go painting (must pay attention to dustproof); 

3. Large single color such as: all black/full red etc

a. adjustable light color, 

b. replacement ink, 

c. fully dry frame (dry completely), 

d. heating screen, 

e. replacement viscous stronger cold framed membrane, the thin, the better. 

4. the environment of low temperature, to make cold framed membrane surface too hard - increase use environment temperature, 

5. Cold framed membrane too thick -- - in the cold framed by thin film, 

6. After winding up immediately after painting, glue and picture not fully fusion - after painting after 45 minutes flat placed above again curling. 

7. The glue aging - replaced cold framed.

Product Parameter

Item NameItem NoSpecifications
Cold Lamination PVC Film-GlossyMT-LAM-0136",42",50",60"x30M  0.914/1.07/1.27/1.52x30m

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