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Product Introduction And Specification


Continuous High Frequency Plastic Welder MT3000S takes advantage of Electron tube self surge reaction to generate the high frequency electric field between upper and under electrodes, which makes welding material heat to weld them under the pressure of the weld head.

The movable high frequency welding machine overcomes shortages of the traditional fixed frequency welding machine, which avoid environmental pollution and adhesive splicing defects of stretch strength insufficient. Welding head can move with the mainframe together on the groove rail, so that the fusion-splicing surface up to several meters once welding.

The movable welder overcomes shortages of the traditional hot air welder, such as linear, the distribution of the splicing strength and so on. This plastic welder is good for long size and large area materials, and suitable for welding PVC materials, other PVC membrane materials.

Applications: Advertisement Flexible & Banner, Housetop Tarpaulin, swimming pool for PVC membrane, container covered clothe, water bag, Membrane toy and big size PVC membrane plastics used in architecture.


1. Continuous High Frequency Plastic Welder MT3000S adopts Patented technology - the combination of high frequency and roller wheel.

Welder MT3000S is using high-frequency technology and high pressure rollers wheel, the material is welded together as one item, joint width is from 2cm to 5 cm, effectively ensure stitching strength, tensile strength is also sufficient to meet the requirements.

2. Welder MT3000S can provide continuous welding.

Without moving materials and adjust the welding machine, materials weld together completed within one time, neat seams, no wrinkles, no Indentation mark, flat surface stitching perfectly.

3. Fast welding was support by Welder MT3000S.

Up to 3-5 meters welding speed, which can greatly improve production efficiency.

4. Welder MT3000S can conserve resources.

There is no handling transport and moving troubles for Welder MT3000S operating platform, which saves manpower. Otherwise, Welder MT3000S also saves electric power approximately 40-50% than comparable with fixed welding machines.

5. Length of the assembly can be changed by Welder MT3000S.

Each group groove rail has three meters, according to different lengths increase or decrease the number of groove rail group to accomplish the welding task, which is extremely convenient and flexible.

MT 3000S+ (protective type) high-frequency welding machine new features and functions

1. Welder MT3000S+ adopts the new structure of working platform.

Welder MT3000S+ improved guide rail section bar, adopts the new technique of guide rail and stand seat integration production process. So that Welder MT3000S+ improves the high stability of overall structure, thereby improved the stability of dimensional accuracy that is easy to install.

2. Welder MT3000S+ adopts the new appearance of working platform.

Welder MT3000S+ increased security protection mask, which can effectively prevent the fabric and other debris incorporation rail during the operation, which greatly enhancs the operation safety and aesthetics of the external shape of the welding machine.

3. Welder MT3000S+ adopts advanced welding operating system.

Air compressor, regulator, control element were assembled together, which is formed Trinity in the same machine unit, so that the device assembly and operation easier and efficient; meanwhile the conductive tape of welding position was replaced by recycle conductive tape. Moreover, plus a safety cover so that the structure of welding head is more beautiful, delicate and security.

Product Specification


Mode TypeContinuous High Frequency Welding Equipment MT-3000S
Rated Voltage220V   ±10%   50/60HZ
Welding Table3140×900x580(mM)
Rated Power3.0KW

27.12MHz ±0.5%

Working Pressure2-4Kg
Cutting Speed1-6m/min
Welding Width10—40mm
Welding Thickness0.5—2.5mm(The thickness of the folded up)
Running Noise≤75db

Air cooling

Air Requirement

6 bar

Packing Size(Main Machine)

1660×980×1010 (mm)





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Continuous High Frequency Welding Equipment MT-3000S