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UV Fatbed Printer
MT-UV 1611GX
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Product Introduction And Specification


            1. High-quality print technology — achieve superb prints on a variety of media with vibrant color. 

            2. Highly accurate printing —original Ricoh printhead features variable droplet technology for accurate print quality. Multi-vacuum zones also increased print accuracy.             

            3. Incredible speeds — deliver high-volume outstanding-quality prints at true production speed.

            4. Media thickness 80mm~150mm— printer automatically detects and adjusts to accommodate media up to 150mm thick for virtually endless printing possibilities.     

            5. Rigid substrates printing — print directly onto a variety of rigid substrates, glass, wood, acrylic, MDF, metal, advertising signage, and more.   

            6. White Ink and varnish —  Independent vanish printhead freely controls the printing effect. Glossy printing allows for eye-catching effects to unparalleled designs.         

overview 配图

The MT-UV 1611GX UV flatbed printer breaks new ground in the industry, offering exceptional print quality across a wide range of materials including glass, acrylic, wood, perspex, aluminum, and metal. Able to print on media as large as 1600mm x 1100mm (5ft×4ft), the MT-UV 1611 UV printer is the perfect solution for large format printing for signage, home decor, advertising, fine art, electronic appliances pannel, and hundreds of other applications.

The machine itself is 4250mm long, 1320mm high and 2115mm wide, relatively compact for the massive print area it houses. With sophisticated software control, this flatbed UV printer is easy to use, producing consistently high-quality output with little maintenance.

Easily able to print on any media 80mm~150mm in height, this is a flexible UV printing solution that offers exceptional clarity, with high resolution and vibrant color that offer long life and excellent, fade-free performance.



At the heart of this cutting-edge flatbed printer and key to its superb performance, are the UV curing inks that deliver exceptional print quality on such a broad range of media. With strong color adhesion and high levels of color saturation, prints always look crisp and refined, with great color separation and depth.


This 5ft*4ft UV printing machine (1600mm x 1100mm) uses 8 ink colors to deliver the highest quality printing possible, with fine color control for smooth gradations and extensive color gamut. Suitable for so many different materials, it uses industry-leading Ricoh Gen 5 / Ricoh Gen 6 for ease of service, outstanding performance, and reliability.

features-UV curing图    


MT-UV 1611GX works together with excellent-adhesive UV ink, which is formulated specially for use on a wide variety of media, this is the secret to exceptional printing on any surface and achieves strong outdoor durability as well. MT custom UV curing ink formula and self-developed UV curing lamp are professional in curing and debugging, which makes the curing function impeccable. The inks use ultraviolet light for curing, drying the ink, adhesives, and so on to give the smooth, perfect finish that is the hallmark of quality print processes. The UV light is produced by the printer, requiring just an instant of light exposure to cure, and is integrated into the printing process itself.


There are many benefits to this, including a dramatic reduction in ink use. Because traditional ink uses the evaporation of the liquid to dry the ink, it requires more volume than UV inks. As a result, this printer will use less ink per print than a traditional ink system, saving significant costs over time.


Just as importantly, the ink is cured faster than traditional options too, as soon as the print is finished, it is ready for handling and use. No need to wait for anything to dry. That can speed up workflow, improve efficiency, and make turnaround times much faster, once again lowering costs and increasing productivity, something companies prefer. That fast drying also ensures that there is no movement in the ink, it cures with the same look and feel like the wet ink, giving a more lustrous finish that retains the color and contrast that other inks can lose through the drying process.


Inks are easily swapped with minimum wastage, not only reducing costs but also offering a more environmentally friendly operation, with less waste per print. It's an environmentally friendly formula with low odor and VOC free at the same time. On every media, whether glass, wood, acrylic, MDF, and more, this 1611 UV printer delivers exceptional results with clear, vibrant prints that are created to last.

小标题-high accurate

Variable ink drop technology at the Ricoh printhead offers precise ink droplet size to ensure maximum detail is displayed in the print, while white ink mixing prevents ink precipitation that can block the print head.  Four multi-vacuum print zones easily hold media in place for increased productivity, accuracy, and efficiency as well. With the addition of automated cleaning, these systems work for you at all times to ensure peak performance and deliver outstanding prints regardless of media.


小标题-easy to use

No matter how capable a printer is, it is only useful if you can get the best results from it quickly and easily and do so with repeatable quality. While some printers may require in-depth knowledge of detailed operating procedures, with the 1611 UV flatbed printer, the focus is on ease of use and great results every time, even when the print is needed fast.

Just a single laptop and our dedicated software are all you need, with automated systems keeping heads clean and ink ready to go, just add your design, specific the size, and the system will take care of everything else for you. It even helps with inks, instantly adapting to any original UV cure ink you may prefer, letting you focus on your business, while the printer takes care of your prints.

The print bed features a turbofan system underneath that creates a vacuum, sucking the media down to make sure that it doesn’t move during the print process for clearer, sharper images. With no lag, zero errors, and smooth operation, it includes a built-in varnishing system to deliver the perfect finish every time. It does all this while maintaining incredible print speed, achieving as much as 80 sqm/hour in production mode, while still providing exceptional print quality.

It’s flexible too, easily adjusted to your media type, size, and thickness to give you perfect prints every time, but it’s not just the controls that make this 5ft*4ft UV printing machine so easy to work with. It is easy to load, easy to maintain, and requires little service. Self-cleaning heads, ink mixing to prevent blockages, and more are all dealt with automatically so that when it is time to print, you know that this UV flatbed printer is ready to go.

The print heads are made by industrial printhead industry leader Ricoh, so wherever you are, access to spares will never be an issue. Built to withstand a commercial environment, the 1611 UV printer is robust and designed to provide reliable performance in every situation.

小标题-wide applications

This model is ideal for many industries today, including obvious applications such as sign making and custom print stores, but many more too. With the UV flatbed printer MT-UV 1611GX and UV LED curing, you can expand your output and access high-profit applications on a wide range of rigid surfaces and industries, such as signage, home decor, tradeshow displays, acrylic, glass, ceramics, wood, MDF, aluminum, metal, canvas, and cabinet etc.


For instance,  the ability to print textured, detailed images onto wood surfaces opens up a wide range of new options for cabinet makers, both in kitchens, and more. Thanks to this being a wide format 5' x 4' UV Flatbed Printer (1600mm x 1100mm), it can accommodate even the largest cupboard door or another cabinet surface, offering broad customizability that paints simply cannot match.


Because UV inks are cured instantly during the printing process, this UV flatbed printer is ideal for the packaging industry. Sheets can be integrated into the production line straight from the printer without the worry of smudges or other quality issues. The fine detail and vibrant colors of UV inks are particularly suited to packaging too, delivering the eye-catching visuals that the designers were looking for.


Photography continues to be a booming industry, both with professional cameras and thanks to the continued improvements of phone cameras, now everyone can capture high-quality images wherever they go. While digital galleries allow enthusiastic photographers to show off their work, nothing matches the impact of a physical print. Being able to offer large-scale prints on glass, wood, metal, aluminum, plastic, and other materials offer a new way to display favorite images for all kinds of photographers, and this new UV flatbed printer is a perfect companion for a print shop.


Interior designers and property developers can unlock their creativity with the 1611 UV flatbed printer too, creating bespoke décor accessories on glass, metal, aluminum, wood, PVC, or ceramic tile to fit an overall theme. From original art to reproducing images on specific materials, this model is ideal for creating beautiful imagery that works as unique art in its own right.


These are just a few examples of industries that can benefit from this UV flatbed printer, but they are only a sample. With such a broad range of abilities, and the option to print on such a variety of media, the only limit to what can be achieved with this printer is our imaginations.

小标题-built to last

A large format UV flatbed printer is an important investment in your business, and with a minimum 10-year lifetime, this 1611 UV printer will repay that investment many times over.  With low maintenance requirements and the ease of availability for parts, you can expect this 1611 UV printing machine to continue to provide exceptional print performance and reliable operation for many years. We’ll share the machine details here to help you know it better.

1. Top original Ricoh Gen5 / Gen6 Print Head—This model uses the top high-speed original Ricoh Gen5 / Gen6 print head. Different configurations are optional to maximize productivity and accurate print quality!

2. Stable steel body and aluminum frameensure smooth operations for bright color & high-speed printing & multiple printing effects (color, white, varnish, and embossed printing).

3. Anti-print head failure technology —When the device is in standby mode, the carriage will regularly flash spray at the left side of the printer to ensure the smoothness of the print head. 

4. Simple and efficient execution The MT-UV 1611GX series contains many advanced features to simplify high-quality print jobs.

5. Adopts the silent rail system —Offer high precision, low noise, and delivers a long service life.

6. High-precision aluminum alloy vacuum platform — Use a turbofan system under the platform to suck air from the top to the bottom, so that the material is held firmly on the printing platform.

7. Print head collision avoidance system — Ensure that the print head avoids bumping during the printing process.

8. Automatic Maintenance Station—Closed ink stack delays the evaporation time of ink.



Model TypeFlatbed UV Printer MT-UV1611GX
PrintheadRicoh Gen5/Gen6 Printheads
Number of Nozzles2-8printheads
Printing MediaGlass, Acrylic, Wood, Tile, Metal Sheet, PVC board, Corrugated board, Plastic, etc.
Printing Resolution720 X 600dpi, 720 X 900dpi, 720 X 1200dpi
Capacity efficiency

Gen5 Printhead: 

Standard Output Mode: 24.3m²/h; 

Production Output  Mode: 16.2m²/h; 

High Precision Output Mode: 12.3m²/h

Gen6 Printhead: 

Standard Output Mode: 32.8m²/h; 

Production Output  Mode: 21.9m²/h; 

High Precision Output Mode: 16m²/h.

Printing Height

High Precision Output Mode: 12.3m²/h

Gen6 Printhead: 

Standard Output Mode: 32.8m²/h; 

Production Output  Mode: 21.9m²/h; 

High Precision Output Mode: 16m²/h.

Printing Height


Color ConfigurationK,C,M,Y,Lc,Lm,W,V Free combination
RIPRIPrint,UItraprint,Optional Photoprint,Onyx,Caldera
Platform size2500mm*1240mm±2mm
Data InterfaceGigabit cable
Equipment size 4250mm(L)*2065mm(W)*1400mm(H)(±10mm)
Power requirements220VAC(±5%) ,50HZ
Printing Environment

Independent, Clean, Low Dust, Low light, Well ventilated work space Independent, Clean, Low Dust, Low light, Well ventilated work space

Ambient Temperature18°C~30°C(64°F~86°F)
Relative Humidity30%-70% (no condensation)

大标题-why choose - UV1611


High return for UV printing business
The first question you may be highly concerned about is its ROI for your UV printing business. In general, the average production cost per square meter is about $2.5, however, you’ll revenue at least 15$ for this printing job. Then you can evaluate it for the whole project base on it. It is built to an extremely high standard and designed for years of use to ensure that your business investment is returned many times over. 


No worry about the machine quality

With multi-mode printing allowing each print run to be optimized for the specific application, including grayscale, ICC curves, multiple waveforms, and more, variable ink drop technology, and the ability to switch between a variety of UV cured inks, this is a UV flatbed printer that is always ready to deliver the very best print quality whatever the situation.

Automatic cleaning, intelligent control and technology solutions such as white ink mixing and separate varnish layer, coupled with reduced printing noise make it a user-friendly option too. Reduced training costs and easy management add to this, making this a UV printer that is easy to operate and achieve outstanding results.

The flexibility of the printer allows for a wide range of rigid media, from glass, acrylic, plastic, metals, wood, MDF, foam board, and more, giving it huge potential in an endless number of industries and applications. Needing just a single laptop to run the machine makes it extremely efficient too, and enables a relatively compact and effective workspace that delivers exceptional productivity.

High precision, high-efficiency printing is both cost-effective and environmentally sound, while the use of industry-standard components such as Ricoh Gen 5/ Ricoh Gen 6 print heads ensures parts and maintenance are simple too.


Professional manufacturer to provide perfect pre-sale and after-sale service system

MT-UV 1611GX UV flatbed printer is the core product of the MT brand, which has built a reputation for quality print machines over a 16-year history. With a record of providing quality, robust and reliable machines coupled with excellent customer service, covering everything from fast, efficient delivery to superb after-sale support for the lifetime of your purchase, you can have confidence in the MT-UV 1611GX as a printer and the whole ownership experience.


We can offer in-person and remote support options for customers abroad. This includes full remote installation assistance to make sure every customer gets up and running quickly and easily. This service has proven invaluable during the pandemic and is now refined to provide a seamless experience for new customers that makes initial setup a breeze.


Whatever the application this UV flatbed printer is designed to deliver high-quality and consistent prints over a wide range of substrates. It is built to prove years of use in a commercial environment, offering low running costs and superb output.


Flexible configuration available and complete printing solutions provided

The price of this model will vary with different configurations. We can provide UV flatbed printer MT-UV 1611GX with 2-16pcs Ricoh Gen5 /Gen6 Printheads. What kind of configuration you need depends on your true production demands. If your production volume is industrial level, then an industrial UV flatbed printer will be the most suitable printing solution for you. Otherwise, a commercial UV flatbed printer will be a good fit. The MT-UV 1611GX UV flatbed printer is both an excellent business investment that offers a valuable return and a superb printer that will enhance your business reputation and never disappoint your customers. Any demands, you can contact us freely for further details, our sales representative will provide the custom printing solution for you soonest.

大标题-let us help

Feel free to ask your sales representative for advice or samples. What we aim to do is to exceed your expectations not only with the excellent quality of our UV printer , but also by providing you with a custom-oriented printing solution. Feel free to give us a call or fill in the form below. We can show you how it works and more detailed information immediately.

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