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Stretch Ceiling Printer
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Product Introduction And Specification


As Digital UV Stretch Ceiling Printer Evolves, The Cost Savings Of Going Directly From A Digital File To Print, The Ever Increasing Quality In Resolution And Increasing printing Speed, Is Making Digital UV Stretch Ceiling Printer A Necessary Method To Standard and Preferred Stretch Ceiling printing for companies in a Wide Variety Of Markets.

Many Of These Digital Printers for Stretch Ceiling printing Methods, Such As MT | Refretonic, Solvent Inkjet printer, UV Inkjet printer and Wide Format Inkjet printer Have The Ability To Run Plastic Film Products printing. MT Is Your One-Stop-manufactory For All Your Digital Film Printer Needs. We add Value To These Films By Apply Proprietary Coatings That Enhance The UV curing Ink.

Details and description of Stretch Ceiling film

Stretch Ceiling film is A High Density Polyester-Based Clear Film Coated On One Side With A Micro Porous, Ink Receptive Coating. The Capillary Action Micro Porous Coating absorbs the eco solvent Or UV curing Inks And Traps Them Instantly, Which Provide Fast Drying. The Coating Is Water Resistant To Prevent Smearing Under High Humidity Conditions.

The Most Important Factor Determining The Image Quality When Making Stretch Ceiling Printing Positives With Inkjet digital Stretch Ceiling Printer Is The Coating On The Film, And Stretch Ceiling film Coating Is Best In The Market And Works Extremely Well With The Of-The-Shelf eco solvent ink Or UV curing Inks. The Special Micro Porous Coating On The 4mil Clear Polyester Is Best Suited For Fine Lines And Half Tones Alike. Stretch Ceiling film Is Specifically Engineered For The Creation Of Super Quality Film Positives And Negatives. When High Density Is Necessary, Stretch Ceiling film is The Ultimate Choice.

Moreover, stretch ceiling film Is Best Suited To Produce 4 Color Separations Up To 65LPI (Maybe Higher) Or Spot Color, Direct From Your digital Inkjet stretch ceiling Printer To the Film.


1. Stretch ceiling printer Photo printing

Photo Print Stretch Ceilings And Wall Panels Can Be A Real Interior Design Attention Grabber by the stretch ceiling printer, An Essential Stylistic Centerpiece. This Is A Perfect Way To Add A “Missing” Decorative Element To Your Interior. Art Ceilings make A Good Example Of Harmonious Combination Of Traditional Ceiling Paintings And State-Of-The-Art technologies.

Technologically Speaking, An Art Stretch Ceiling Means A Ceiling With A Pre-Selected Image Applied Onto It Using The Interior Design Print Technology. The Ceiling Itself Can Be Matt, Satin, Glossy Or Translucent, White Or Of Any Color Depending On Your Personal Preferences And The Interior Design Style.

Current Technologies adopts UV stretch ceiling printer to Offer The Possibility Of Printing Images Not Only Onto Lighter Shade Films But Also Onto Any Color Films Avoiding Color Distortion Of The Image Itself.


2. Stretch ceiling and wall panel art digital print technologies

MT | Refretonic manufactured The Most Advanced digital UV roll to roll and hybrid printing Equipment. MT | Refretonic have several models of Large Format Plotters for Stretch ceiling printing; One Suitable For Widths Up To 3.2m (Eco Solvent Printing), The Other One For Widths Up To 3.2m (UV curing Printing) and also UV hybrid model can be selected as well! Each Of The Printing Methods Has Its Own Specific Features.

The 3.2m stretch ceiling printers can Be Used With Lighter Shade And White Finishes. Apparently, the Stretch ceiling printer produces Seamless Art Ceilings For Large Spaces. For Printing, MT | Refretonic Uses Only High Quality UV curing ink And Eco Solvent Ink Completely Approved For Interior Design Printing that can provide digital Ceiling patterns printing for any Individual customer Orders!


Stretch ceiling printing and wallpaper photo printing through the stretch ceiling printer

MT | Refretonic can Offer An Image printing sample to customers that printing stretch Ceilings And Wall Panels by stretch ceiling printers.

Our stretch ceiling printers are An All-Round Solution Specifically Developed To Solve All Problems Concerning Your Walls And Ceilings In An Aesthetically Invigorating Way. The Developments In Our Stretched Fabrics printer make It Suitable For All Types Of Walls And Ceilings printing, Whilst Combining Incomparable Visual Results With The Latest Digital printing Technical Standards. 

The Wallpaper And Stretch Ceiling Membrane Is Made Of Polyester With A Special PU-Coating To Ensure It Can Withstand Damp, Chloric And UV-Intensive Environments. Produced On The MT stretch ceiling printers that can Process Fabric 3.2m In Width Without Any Seams, And Beyond That Distance An Almost Invisible Seam. 

This Innovation In stretch ceiling and wallpaper Can Be Digital UV-Printed To Create An Entirely Custom Atmosphere To Suit Any Corporate And Residential Environment. 

Stretch ceiling printing Is For Use As A Covering For Walls And Ceilings In Private Properties As Well As In Public/Commercial Areas In The Course Of New Buildings And Renovations Of Old Buildings. In Contrast To Plasters, Wallpapers And Paintings The Stretched Ceiling and Wallpaper Has An Enhanced Two-Sided Coating For Solvent, Eco Solvent, And UV Ink Printability.


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