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Golf Ball Printer
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Product Introduction And Specification


MT Digital UV golf ball Printers allows customizing Golf Balls with your customer's logos. By direct UV curing printing on Golf balls can achieve crisp and clear images, text and logos. Golf ball printers can print multiple balls in single pass with custom jigs. The prints are full color and highly durable.

Golf ball Printer is also called multifunctional UV printer, UV flatbed printer. Currently, Golf product market is super hot. Therefore, please allow us to introduce the advantages of our Golf Product UV Printer to you.


1. Direct to print golf ball

MT small UV LED printer is the ideal machine for customizing golf balls and golf tee with clients' logos. The Golf Ball printers allow to print delivers any photo, image, letters, logos and pictures onto Golf ball directly. It has good durability and abrasion.

2. Home based and start-up businesses

MT customized golf ball printer can help you capture the small orders, like company logos, souvenir for celebrating an event or occasion, family and friends customized balls, Etc. as well as batch printing up to thousands of balls.



Custom-printed Golf Balls are a comparatively new concept but one that's fast catching on. Printed or personalized golf balls are being creatively utilized for a number of occasions – from corporate gifting sets, event souvenirs, to private tournament branding, and innovative marketing campaigns. Customized logo golf balls are the new rage that unlike older technologies based on stickers or decals, utilize high definition UV curing ink printing for crisp, long lasting images.

1. Golf players prefer to mark their balls to keep track of them and create their personal brands. Personalized golf balls therefore make ideal gifts for all golf players. Colored motifs, symbols or fonts can be imprinted onto the surface of golf balls by the golf ball printer for this purpose or any other.

2. An effective way to brand golf balls for Golfing tournaments is by printing event logos onto the surface of each ball.  This raises the standard of the event while making a lasting impression on event participants and visitors.

3. Made-to-order golf ball printing or golf ball logo printing is undertaken by specialized Digital UV golf ball printers that can print dozens of golf balls at one time reducing cost, time and effort.  They are fitted with specialized golf ball fixtures that hold multiple balls steadily in place while printing.


Print shops can now offer this specialized print job to corporates, event organizers or individual golf players by installing a MT digital golf ball printer in their premises.  Due to the definite and unique function of golf ball printer a print shop can add to its niche-printing portfolio and expand its clientele and business applications.

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