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Phone Case Printer
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Phone Case Printer
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Phone Case Printer
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Product Introduction And Specification


A customized phone case is an all-popular preference for mobile users of all ages. While the cover works at protecting the device inside, personalized case designs serve other valuable intangible purposes such as self-expression, embellishment or merely establishing a unique identity. These basic human requirements have triggered the phone case printing business to sparkle as a highly lucrative opportunity.


In the case of high-end devices like the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, the consumer finds great value in investing in a protective cover. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 phone users will own a phone case with personalized prints by phone case printer, generic designs and even crafted wood.


In 2017, there are more mobile phones than there are people on Earth, making phone cases the number one must-have accessory when it comes to smartphones. So it’s no surprise that custom printing on these cases through phone case printer has become a big business.


For online and brick-and-mortar companies, taking advantage of custom phone case printing can potentially be very lucrative. What person doesn’t enjoy being treated like an individual, or being made to feel special?


Phone case printer offer unique or personalized custom phone cases can help increase conversions because people love customized ‘stuff.’ It’s fun and creates an increased feeling of ownership.


If you’re part of a corporation, custom phone case printing is a great branding opportunity for small to large companies. People are more likely to do business with companies that they’re familiar with. Therefore, providing your employees with the company’s custom design or logo helps branding consistency, allowing them to represent the business in your desired fashion.


Providing new contacts with a high-quality custom phone case will only add to your brand becoming more recognizable. If you’re able to offer such gifts; new contacts or customers will know what to expect from you – high-quality. Putting them at ease when thinking about doing business with you.


People use their smartphones every day; in fact, people look at their phones on average 85 times a day! So what’s a fantastic way to make a lasting impression? Offer them a promotional gift they’ll look at every day. But it doesn’t have to only be about business and promotion. Maybe you just want something fun and personal.


If you don’t like having a standard phone case like everyone else, getting a custom print or design allows you to stand out from the crowd and show off your personality. People who identify themselves with their phone want something that truly represents their personality. Getting a personalized design on your phone case gives you that sense of identity.


And what about as a gift? Yes! Custom phone cases make great personalized gifts that are suitable for all ages and genders. Giving someone a personalized gift is always awesome. They can be very sentimental and are a great way to show affection. You’re able to print a photograph onto a phone case – inducing great memories for the receiver that they’ll treasure forever.


Honestly, there’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve absolutely nailed your gift; only to find out someone else have got them the exact same present! You can easily avoid this by creating a personalized printing phone case cover, and guess what? They’re going to be so grateful, because not only have you shown that you’ve put thought into their present, but it’s super useful.


1. Happy staff can mean higher quality work.

Digital UV phone case printer offers good durability printing. Your phone case designs will be resistant to wear and tear, scratches and sun exposure. However, the ink is not permanently infused with the cases unlike other printing methods.


2. The great advantage is that phone case printer can obtain high-quality and complex print designs, on almost any material.

The manufacturer won’t have to double pass or re-run your phone cases through the press, which helps to reduce labor costs. UV printing allows for high-gloss levels and vibrant colors because the UV inks sit on top of your phone cases (rather than being absorbed). The end result is a sharper and crisper image.


3. What Phone Cases Can be used with this UV Printing Method

You’re able to print on a wide range of phone case materials with digital UV phone case printer, as the UV-curing bonds the ink to almost any phone case surface. You can print on wood phone case, metal phone case, plastic phone case and apparently people have even used it to print on leather phone case! The UV inkjets will produce consistent images across all phone case materials, even if they’re dark or transparent.


4. Costs

UV-curable inks offer you the optimal adhesion without your manufacturer having to add a pre-coat. This means that your manufacturer can buy non-treated materials that save costs. The only exception to this rule is if you wanted to print on glass, but why would you make a glass phone case, it’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Faster drying times means faster production speeds. Your manufacturer will be able to pump out more phone cases with impressive speed and accuracy – lowering the cost of labor. Most UV phone case printing doesn’t require laminating, which again helps to reduce costs and production time. Digital UV flatbed phone case printers can print directly onto your phone cases which eliminates the time and cost of mounting.


5. Advantages

Fast curing speeds leads to faster production

High-quality digital UV prints complex patterns

Can print on almost any material

Many creative possibilities


Low minimum orders

Cheaper than most other conventional printing


Where do you even start when it comes to getting a personalized phone case printed?

How does it even work?

What type of phone case printing services is there?

Can you get phone cases printed in bulk, as well as small quantities?

Where do you find phone case printers and what do you even ask?

How do you decide what’s your best option?


If you have no clue where to start it could seem like daunting task. That’s why I’ve created this EPIC guide. You’ll get an extensive look into the world of phone case printer and printing, where you’ll discover everything you need to know.


1. Types of Phone Case Printing

The different methods used for printing onto phone cases: the type of phone cases you’re able to print on using each method, and whether the method is cost effective for you. Finally, we’ll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each printing method.


2. Researching Phone Case Printers

You’ll uncover everything you need to know when it comes to finding and choosing your phone case printer. You’ll learn the advantages of using a phone case printer. As well as, where you can look for them and what you’ll need to ask them once you’ve found potential phone case printers.


3. Choosing Your Printing Service

After reading this chapter you’ll understand about getting pre-production samples made and why this is so important. You’ll uncover tips for sending your artwork to your phone case printer; how you can avoid mistakes, and help protect your intellectual property.


Finally, You’ll get an in-depth analysis of ocean vs. air shipping, helping you decide what your best option would be. You’ll learn when you should start the full production process and what you’ll need to include on your phone case printer purchase order form.


Digital UV Printing on Phone Cases

Digital UV printing is a method that uses ultraviolet light to dry and cure the ink as it is printed by digital UV phone case printer onto your phone cases. Whilst the printer applies the UV curing ink, the specially designed UV lights follow close behind – instantly curing the ink.


The UV lights cure any printed ink immediately which is great, because the dots of wet UV ink don’t get a chance to spread once printed – resulting in your getting much finer details on your phone case design. The faster drying speeds also make for a faster production time.


The digital UV flatbed phones case printers will use keeps your phone cases stay on the printing platform whilst the printheads move over them to print your design. This allows for multiple layers of printing simultaneously, including white ink or spot varnishes on the highlighted areas.


This process is actually healthier for your manufacturer and the planet. Unlike solvent-based inks, UV inks don’t require isopropyl alcohol and emit very low (in some cases zero) volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. Because of this there’s no odor that needs venting, creating a pleasant environment for the manufacturer’s staff.

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