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Acrylic Printer
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Acrylic Printer
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Product Introduction And Specification


Acrylic Printing gives a clean and modern look to any space. Printing to acrylic adds amazing accent to interiors, exteriors, public spaces or any application you can imagine. Crisp, colorful and captivating, acrylic printout attracts your customer attention. Our Acrylic flatbed printers have the ability to print directly to acrylic or plexi glass. No mounting necessary unless you prefer applied adhesive vinyl to the material.  Our flatbed printing technology is the most advanced yet, applying layers of CMYK and White UV Curing Ink to the substrate creating a saturated and sharp image.


Why Choose Acrylic Materials for Printing?

1. Acrylic is characterized with high transparency like crystal and its transparency is over 92%, which has a colorful printing showing effect by Acrylic Printer. And, acrylic sheet is characterized with the best outdoor durability, higher hardness and glossy on the surface, and better high-temperature resistant. In addition, acrylic has high processability, which cannot only adopt thermal forming (Including mold forming, blow molding, and vacuum forming) after Acrylic Printer printing, but it can also adopt machinery processing methods such as drilling, lathing, and cutting before Acrylic Printer Printing.

2. Mechanical cutting and engraving controlled by microcomputer not only greatly improve the processing precision, but it can also produce patterns and shapes that cannot be completed by traditional method. Especially, Acrylic UV Flatbed Printer can printing on the acrylic sheet according to its patterns and shapes which adopts laser engraving and laser cutting to make acrylic products with special fantastic printing effects.

3. The transparency of transparent acrylic sheet can be compared with glass, but the density of acrylic sheet is only just one-third than glass. Besides, acrylic sheet cannot be easily fragile than glass, even it is broken, which it cannot form sharp fragment like glass does. Acrylic is not as ‘fragile’ as glass that is why it instead of glass for many printing application. And the impact resistant is 200 times as strong as ordinary glass, which almost cannot be broken. And ability of load-bearing can be changed according to its thickness, which is more thicker and more stronger. But the cooling capacity of acrylic sheet is relatively poor. This kind of material can scratch by sharp objects. But it is easy to recover from the scratches, which just need polish its surface. Therefore, Acrylic printing is become to the regular printing in advertisements and marks making industry that is printed by Acrylic Printer.

4. Acrylic sheet is almost the same wear resistance with aluminum, which can irregularly endure the corrosion by various chemicals. So that, acrylic sheet is characterized with better ability of UV printing and coating. Acrylic sheet can be given ideal produce effect the surface decoration if it can adopt appropriate Acrylic sheet UV printing and spraying coating protection technology by Acrylic Printer.

5. Acrylic material can be specially remolded, absorbing a lot of ultraviolet light, and flame retardant. Therefore, acrylic can help overcome fire hazard on some special places. The impact resistant acrylic material with high impact resistant function, which is 6-10 times as strong as ordinary acrylic. Also supreme wear resistant acrylic sheet is specially processed on the surface can withstand extremely harsh tests. Acrylic Printer can use all of above acrylic materials as printing materials.

6. Everyone knows acrylic sheet as advertising materials as well. And Acrylic Printers are aiming at any kind of advertising materials, which can print on the surface of all advertising materials without any limits. For example, acrylic advertising signs for digital color UV printing. No matter it is simple image of color lump, full color image or gradient color. Moreover, Acrylic Printer is a multi-functional UV flatbed printer, it is widely used in many industries such as advertising industry UV printing, gift industry UV printing, packaging industry UV printing and personalized UV printing etc.

7. If you have an Acrylic Printer, you can undertake more business in all industries mentioned above. Because it prints without any limits, it can replace the silkscreen printing machine, pad printing machine and transfer printing machine. Otherwise, there is no need plate making and color combination, which can produce higher quality products than traditional printing. Also Acrylic Printer (UV flatbed printer) can be operated easily with higher stability and it can print directly by connect computer. Acrylic Printer totally can meet the demand of bulk printing production for acrylic materials, which significantly improve the market competitiveness of printed acrylic products.


1. How To Solve The Adhesion Problem?

The UV Ink Of Acrylic Printer Can Be Printed On Any Surface. But Adhesion Strength On Different Materials Are Different. For Example, Wooden Material, And Leather Material, Which Those Kinds Of Materials Are With Better Adhesion And Images Printing Cannot Easily Fade Away. But Like Glass, Crystal, Metal, Ceramic, Which Those Kinds Of Materials Are With Relatively Large Density, Adhesion Of Images Printed By UV ink Are Little weak. If You Want To Make Printing Image Adhesion Stronger by Acrylic Printer, You Can Increase Its Adhesion By Pre-Treatment. For Example, On The Surface of acrylic Materials Can Be Coated By Professional Coating Before Printing By Acrylic Printer, Which The Coating Definitely Increase The Effect Of Adhesion Strength. So Printing Image Adhesion Will Be Stronger After Printing By Acrylic Printer.


2. How To Solve Waterproof Problem and Scratchproof Problem?

After Solving The Problems Of Acrylic UV Printing Images Adhesion, There Is Still A Problem That Most Of Customers Are Faced With The Images Cannot Be Waterproof. The Best Way To Solve This Problem Is That You Can Coat A Layer Of Varnish On The Completed Printing Materials. UV Varnish Cannot Only Increase The Adhesion Of Images, But It Can Be Also Waterproof, Which Won’t Make Beautiful Images Fade Away On The Condition Of Reaction With Water. In addition, The Varnish On The Surface Of Acrylic Materials After Printing To Directly Prevent Images From Reaction With The Environmental Touch. On Some Problems Of Increasing Scratch Resistant Of Images, There Are Still A Lot Of Technologies Such As Printing On Double Acrylic sheets, Which Keeps Images Between The Two Pieces Of Acrylic To Protect The Images From Peeling Off Forever.


3. How to Coating on Acrylic Materials?

The Acrylic Materials Need To Be Processed On The Surface And Ensure To Keep The Flat Surface Clean Before Acrylic Printer Printing. Because Our Working Environment Cannot Be Without Any Dust, So We Can Spray Some Water In The Environment To Reduce Dust In The Air Before Coating. Secondly, It Is Better To Use Professional Dust Cloth To Wipe The Surface Of Materials, Because Professional Dust Cloth Is Much Softer And Has Strong Capacity Of Adsorption As Well As Strong Ability Of Cleaning. We Believe That The Surface Acrylic Will Be So Clean Through These Above Processes. 

The Coating Is Suitable For Acrylic, Organic Glass, Stalinite Glass, Glass Craft, Ceramic, Ceramic Tile And Crystal, Which Need Special Treatment. There Are Two Kinds Of Coating Transparent And White. Both Of Them Can Be Made Glossy Effect And Matte Effect. The Coating Always Matches With Varnish. UV Ink Adhesive Force Is Very Important For Acrylic UV Printing.


4. How to Purchase Acrylic Printer?

Printed acrylic would make any environment stunning – a hotel lobby, real estate management office, corporate office, museum, or in the living room. If You Want To Purchase Or You Are Looking For This Kind Of Acrylic Printer, So We Strongly Recommend That You Can Purchase Directly From Acrylic Printer Manufacturer. MeiTu Digital Industry Co., Ltd Suggests You Come To Visit Us To Learn More About The Performance Of Acrylic Printer And The Most Important After-Sale Service. Acrylic Printer Manufactured By MeiTu Digital Industry Co., Ltd. Has Been Working On The Acrylic Printing Field For Many Years. So Our Technology In Acrylic UV Printing Industry Is Quite Mature. And We Are Trying Our Best To Improve And Update The Technology To Adapt The Fast Demand Of Market. MeiTu Digital Industry Co., Ltd. Sincerely Serves You And Establishes Business Relationship For Long-Term Cooperation With You. Please contact us for samples. They will help you understand how vibrant and crisp this really looks.

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