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Aluminum Printer
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Aluminum Printer
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Aluminum Printer
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Product Introduction And Specification


How To Print on Aluminum materials (Metal materials)? Where have The Printing Machine Can Directly Printing Aluminum materials (Metal materials)? MeiTu Digital Industry CO., Ltd. manufactures this Kind Of UV Printing Machine For Aluminum materials Printing (metal materials printing). We named this machine Aluminum Printer or Aluminum UV flatbed Printer. 

The Multi-Function Aluminum UV Flatbed Printer Directly Output By Computer, Without Using A Film, No Need To Be Operated By Professional Operator. The Cost Of Colorful Printing Is Lower Than Traditional Printing Machine Nearly Half. Its Colorful Printing Effect Can Reach The Digital Photo Level! Please Study More About Our Aluminum Printer If You Are Specialized In Aluminum material Printing Business (Metal materials printing), Please Earlier Know Aluminum UV flatbed Printer, and Earlier Catch Opportunity.


Metal prints on aluminum are both an art and a science. We are obsessive about quality aluminum prints and our aluminum material printer R&D takes time, but the results are worth it. Therefore, Aluminum metal printers by MT are simply the finest metal prints you can buy. 


Here are some features why aluminum metal printing can be a great choice for your!

1. Aluminum is a modern and fashionable way to display photography. There are many professional photographers show their work in galleries using aluminum panels.

2.  Besides being one of option for displaying photographs, aluminum displayed photographs look great in any home decor.

3. These aluminum panels are recyclable and stainless although considering you’re getting quite a bit of raw aluminum, which carries some value. We’re guessing you won’t need to consider this option since your aluminum print will look awesome for many years to come.


1. Easy Printing Solution

Aluminum UV Flatbed Printer Own Simple Printing Steps, Don’t Need Plate Making, Plate Burning, Repeat Chromatography And Many Kinds Of Instruments And Materials For Thermal Transfer. Only One Operator Can Absolutely Operate Aluminum Printer Alone. It Is Convenient To Saving Cost And Human Resources. The Printing Output Results Can Be Got directly When The Printing Finish. There Is Low Working Experience Requirement For Operator But Just Need Some Simple Training. 


2. Suitable Color Transition Pictures

Traditional Aluminum Printing Method Almost Cannot Transition Colors Through Printing, Such As Silk-Screen Printing. So The Effect Of Silk-Screen Printing Is Obvious Limit For Among Different Vivid Colors And Hard To Show Color Transition Through Picture After Printing. However, Many Customers Require Color Transition print On Aluminum Materials For Printing Brand names and Logos, which request High Resolution And Complicated Designs!  Moreover, Aluminum Materials Have More Extensive Application For Pictures printing, Gifts printing And Crafts printing. Therefore, MT Aluminum UV Flatbed Printer Can Perfectly Meet These Requirements. It Own Strong Potential Market And Breakthrough The Obstacle Of Silk-Screen Printing And Thermal transfer Printing. Customers Will Find New Features For Making Higher Profit Through The MT Aluminum Printer.


3. Accurately Printing Positioning

Aluminum UV Flatbed Printer Avoids Position Offset During Manual Printing by The Traditional Printing Method. Aluminum materials UV Digital Printing don’t Like Previous Simple Manual Operating And Craft Printing, which Connects With Computer And Combined With Automation Control Technology. Aluminum UV Flatbed Printer Can Precisely Find The Right Position on the printing platform Where Need To Be Printed, And 4 Colors Or 5 Colors Can Be Printed One Time. Therefore, It Doesn’t Need Any Chromatography Para-Position. These digital printing Advantages can affect Aluminum materials Engraving, Etching And Other Crafts. There Are Pretty patterns Can Be Printed In The Engraving Region Or Precise Etching Position. Aluminum UV Flatbed Printer makes Breakthrough In The Aluminum Crafts Engraving and printing Industry.


4. Suit Various Industries

Aluminum UV flatbed Printer is Suitable for any common Industries. Because Digital UV Printer Can Change Printing Content And Printing Effect Any Time And Can Be One-On-One Digital UV Printing. For Example, Many Aluminum Nameplates Have Product Codes, Each Code Corresponds To One Product. Another Example Is Nametag And Work Permits For Different Staff is different. Therefore, The Aluminum material Printer can print For Any Unique Product and different Design by Simple Printing Process.


5. Perfect Printing Compatibility

Aluminum UV flatbed Printer is Perfect Compatible With Different Industries and Different Materials. Aluminum Printer Not Only Prints Aluminum Materials, But Also Prints On Other Rigid Materials and all metal materials. It Meets Diversified Market Requirements And Provides Comprehensive Production Service For Users.


Industries Application Of MT Aluminum UV Flatbed Printer

MT Aluminum UV Flatbed Printer Is A Kind Of Non-Contact Hi-Tech Digital Large Format Inkjet UV Printing Machine, So It Won’t Be Limited By Any Material, It Can Print On The Surface Of All Aluminum materials The Printing Effect Can Reach to Photograph Level.


The Aluminum Printer Can Print Any Simple Block Color Pattern, Colorful Design Or Excessive Design which Finishes Printing one Time. The Perfect UV Printing Results Are Bright Color, Realistic Effect, Waterproof, Sun Block and Strong Adhesion, Wear Resistance, Color Fastness! The Aluminum UV Flatbed Printer Is Easy Operation And Stable Performance printing Machine, It Can Create Higher Printing Quality Than Traditional Ways, It Surely Meets High Strength Mass Production Requirements Of Aluminum Printing Industry In Order To Improve The UV Printing Market Competition. Therefore, the user Will Get More Printing projects Through Using Aluminum UV Flatbed Printer.


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