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Ceramic Printer
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Product Introduction And Specification


MT digital UV flatbed ceramic printer system uses specialized ceramic UV curing ink to printing high-resolution patterns imaging on ceramics and ceramic tile.

Using ceramic printer system it is now possible to create printing one ceramic decal or even hundreds easily and for the same low cost as per print. The ceramic printer is perfect for printing photos used in memorials, outdoor signage, tile murals, ceramic awards, ceramic decals, and much more. But your imagination is the only limit.


With the development of people’s living standard, our aesthetic pursuits have been heightened, and our requirements regarding basic life have changed from simple to diversification. With this trend, the former simple decoration style is far from meeting our needs. Now the custom ceramic tiles wall which combines new technology and artist with modern style have earned consumers’ favor. UV flatbed Ceramic printer delivers directly UV ink jet printing onto these large format media with multi-color, meeting most of our needs in home decoration.


The ceramic UV inks used in digital printing on ceramic have CMYK and white color model. The development of ceramic UV inks is a highly controlled production process to remove any variability in the final product. The inks can therefore be digitally mixed when ceramic printer printing by the software. The designers will know the precise outcome of the color every time. Because the ceramic UV inks are fully integrated with the ceramic printer and the image RIP software meaning the development and the application of the ceramic UV inks required innovations both in science and technology.


Ceramic printer Printing difficult pattern designs on ceramic tile without any problems which is not possible before! Thanks to new level of print width, smooth color transitions, high sharpness, contrast and color strength.


Ceramic printer has Full High Definition Technology (Advanced Grayscale) with at least 1200dpi resolution with innovative and intelligent “Electronic Printhead Alignment System for ultimate print uniformity without banding.


The latest technology can turn artwork into a quality bespoke ceramic reproduction. The service allows flexibility, fast turnaround, affordable prototypes and low volume orders.

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