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Crystal Printer
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Product Introduction And Specification


Digital Crystal Printer, from its name it can directly print on crystal. It adopts original Industry grade Ricoh printhead or Epson printhead, the printing color is much brighter and vivid, never fade away as well. The images will be waterproof, ultraviolet resistant, anti-wear, acid and alkali resistant by Crystal Printer printing. 

MT developed the structure of flatbed and flatbed system has own patent that adopts the management installation of modularization to guarantee the digital crystal Printer's quality, the stability is much higher, and after service is more convenient for oversea customers. 


1. Digital UV flatbed Crystal Printer is particularly suitable for art ornaments manufactory, toys manufactory, handicraft manufactory, glass manufactory and crystal products manufactory. Because of the digital Crystal Printer can produce both bulk production and print samples for customers. And the printing speed is faster with high resolution, which is becoming popular on the printing market.

2. Digital Crystal Printer operators can operate the printer without much experience. It can print multi-color at a time with better effect and without color difference. What’s more, the gradient color and gradation is more significant by its printing, which creates much higher quality products than the traditional printing method to significantly improve crystal printing products competition on the market. Low cost and high quality also can help customer enlarge profit of crystal printing business!

3. Coating dedicated for Crystal Printing

Ⅰ. Capability of crystal coating: Crystal coating is a kind of continuous coating film by spraying at a time to obtain 

a. It plays a role in protection, insulation, and decoration, etc.

b. Ultraviolet, flame retardant, anti-static, anti-microbial, mildew proof, anti-corrosion, etc.

II. Classification of coating

a. Hands spraying coating (Canned)

b. Barreled coating (For different materials)

ABS high-glossy (glossy) coating

ABS matte coating

PC, PU, PVC, PS, PE, PP, PET coating

Water based coating (mainly used for leather, PU leather and PVC leather)

Glass (Crystal) coating

Silicone coating

Metal coating

III. The function of crystal coating

a. To form images by UV ink absorption

b. To strengthen adhesion between UV ink and media


Digital UV Crystal Printer also can directly print on different rigid transparent materials such as crystal, plastic, glass, acrylic, ceramic, etc. Thus, digital UV flatbed Crystal Printer can print on above materials avoid some traditional and complicated printing processes such as screen printing, pad printing, transfer printing, and offset printing, etc. Therefore, digital Crystal Printer is suitable for different kinds of handicrafts printing production, logo printing on the crystal surface. Digital Crystal Printer can print no matter what you want on the transparent surface!

Digital Crystal Printer greatly reduces the cost on the bulk printing production, the operation is easy and convenient which is totally transcend the standard of traditional printing industry. Therefore, Digital Crystal Printer has been widely used for gift processing industry, signs industry, decoration industry, personalized printing industry, etc.

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