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MDF Printer
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MDF Printer
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Product Introduction And Specification


Digital MDF printing can be used for Home Decoration printing, Family Photo Printing, Scenery photographs Printing, MDF Shutter Printing, MDF Furniture Printing, etc. With our immense digital MDF printer production process knowledge, we offer optimum quality UV Flatbed MDF Printer. Our offered MDF printer is able to print beautiful designs, attractive color combinations and alluring patterns to suit the variegated requirements of clients.  

Wood Pattern printing is a perfect example of MDF printer. Mahogany is an amazing wood and we’d all love to be able to use its pattern, right? Well what if we use a cheap alternative like MDF and print it so that it looks like Mahogany? Job done for nothing of like the price through the digital MDF printer. Take a look at some of our latest adventures of MDF printer into the world of wood prints. The MDF printing just looks so classy and retro modern.


-Added Value 

-Highest efficiency

-Best chemical resistance

-Excellent scratch and abrasion resistance

-Extremely matte to extremely high gloss surfaces

-Environmental friendliness due to low VOC or even VOC-free finishes


Application of the UV flatbed MDF printer prints on the personalized market.

The application of UV flatbed MDF printer become more and more popular in the market of digital inkjet Furniture printing, and the supplier become more and more as well, but the UV MDF printer just start on the road of the MDF products personalized market, just like the morning sun and contain huge business opportunities and market demand!

1. MDF printer application on the personalized Furniture printing market. You must know, there are many Furniture manufacture and market demand on your country, it will become more and more popular that people want to purchase the personalized MDF Furniture when MDF printer print your favor patterns or text on your Furniture.

2. MDF printer can Print directly, no need any typesetting, model, modified, the printer is easy to operate, which can help you reduce much investment cost.

3. MDF printer application on the house decoration and furniture market. Customers can print any style patterns on ceramic, modern adornment art, floorboard and all MDF furnitures.

4. MDF printer provides Professional high quality printing, the max printing resolution up to 1440 dpi, printing precision is very high. They need print with colorful and vivid results that UV MDF printer can do that! It will also achieve excellent printing results in terms of clarity, deepness and brilliance.

5. UV MDF printer applies on the personalized MDF production market. Until now, most of young people like to show their own style, they would print some different logo on the MDF product. For example, they want to print some different pictures/logo on any surface of MDF Furniture.

6. UV flatbed MDF printer application on the decoration building materials market. More and more people use the MDF printer print on MDF furniture etc.

As those opportunity are very suitable for the person who want to open a MDF Furniture printing manufactory, opportunity always keep for a short time and if you can catch it, it can help you bring big improvement!

Maybe you just want to get more market in your old field, you can try to some new way to art your products and get more customers, UV MDF printer still will be your best business partner!

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