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Sign Advertising Printer
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Sign Advertising Printer
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Sign Advertising Printer
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Sign Advertising Printer
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Product Introduction And Specification


MT Hybrid (roll to roll and flatbed) UV Printer is a new LED UV printing machine, which combined flatbed printer with inkjet roll to roll printer in one machine, along with all features and advantages of flatbed UV printer and inkjet roll to roll UV printer.

MT Hybrid UV Printer adopts superior material and spare parts to continuing consistent style of exquisite workmanship and stable printing. MT Hybrid UV Printer is equipped with the feeding and takes up system for roll printing, and also comes with front and back independence conveyor extension platform for flatbed UV printing (rigid material UV printing). The belt conveyor feeding system can convey both rigid and flexible material accurately. It can print roll and flatbed material on same printer as hybrid. The vacuum system controls the whole printing platform to keep media smooth without wave, and make true of “edge to edge” flatbed UV printing.


1. The Hybrid UV Printer can print both flexible materials and flatbed materials, efficiently solve the problem of printing roll to roll and rigid materials in one machine, it's mainly used in advertising, photographic studio, decoration and other different industries, like, Glass Products, Metal, Ceramic, MDF, Wood, Acrylic printing etc.

2. 4 color, 5 color or double 4 color printing are optional for Hybrid UV Printer.(C, M, Y, K/C, M, Y, K, W /double C, M, Y, K).

3. Full range of air-suction function equipped on Hybrid UV Printer, it is convenient for the transmission both rolls and flatbed materials.

4. Intelligent infrared heating system, which can automatically shut down the heating system while the machine stop printing, very safe and reliable function to protect Hybrid UV printer.

5. Our Hybrid UV Printer adopts advanced servo control system, ensure the accuracy of the printing position and consistency; it can be also transmitted smoothly of over length material.

6. Efficient material instant drying system equipped on Hybrid UV Printer, which drying the materials faster.

7. Perfect design of ink system, ensure the continuity and quality UV ink supply when Hybrid UV machine printing.

8. Hybrid UV Printer provides high resolution and high speed to satisfy different customers with different industrials working, realizing the rapid production of a batch or varieties and more personalized UV printing task.

9. Hybrid UV Printer support a variety of image formats and software, such as JPG/ TIFF/ AI/ EPS/ PS.

10. Hybrid UV Printer also adopts professional RIP Photoprint, enhance production efficiency greatly, especially use for spot printing with white color.

11. Hybrid UV Printer adopts high speed data processing and transmission with USB 3.0 interface which is also anti-signal interference.

12. Hybrid UV Printer adopts advanced band belt conveyor device.

13. Advanced printhead adjustable device that can adjust the height of carriage and cleaning system at the same time. It could fit all kinds of flexible material thickness and most of the flatbed material for UV printing. The Max printing thickness is 80mm.

14. Tension rail take-up system is standard on our Hybrid UV Printer.

15. Intelligent vertical location is equipped both in front and back of Hybrid UV Printer.

16. Special anti-collision mechanism for carriage to lengthen the lifetime of Epson UV printheads.

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