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Wood Printer
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Wood Printer
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Product Introduction And Specification


Wood Printer Is Specialized UV Printing Machine For industries, Commercial Purpose and Gifts, Crafts Processing. It Adopts UV Curing Technology In Order That Users Directly Print Pictures On Wood Surface By Wood UV Flatbed Printer. It Can Keep Printing Effect Being Long Time brighter for Both Indoor And Outdoor. UV printing Wood Technology is UV Curing Ink And Digital UV Printing Technology Perfectly Combined. Therefore, Digitally printed wood has transformed the creative possibilities for designers working with decorative or structural glass panels.

Nowadays, This Is A Time That Focuses On Personality and customized, so wood Printer Has Prosperous Market. Personality wood Industry Has Extensive Market Prospect. If you catch this wood printing Business Opportunity, You Can get huge Treasure. Therefore, wood UV Flatbed Printer Is Becoming More And More Fashionable And Popular in the printing industry.

Speaking Of wood, it will remind Us Of Our home and office. Now More And More People Are Pursuing Kind Of Perfect Personalized Stuff. Naturally, It Is Obvious That A Piece Of Ordinary wood Is Definitely Not Noticeable. Usually, wood printing Manufacturers Will put A Layer Of Images By Screen Printing On The Surface of wood In Order To Make wood Itself More Colorful And Original. However, Even There Are Patterns On The Surface Of wood, But The Color Of Patterns And Complicated Processing Are Still Big Problems That We Are Stuck In. But Don’t Worry About It, wood UV Flatbed Printer has come Out On The Market To Give Solutions for wood products digital UV printing.


1. Print on wood through Digital wood printer.

Print on Wood is an eco-friendly, sustainable, print friendly paper alternative that will help you wow the world. Wood printer is fun, Wood printer is versatile, Wood printer is timeless and contemporary. Print on Wood brings luxury look on your unique designs. Please enjoy our wood printing samples or contact us for wood printer pricing.

2. What wood Printing you do?

2,000 years of printing on paper - and now you can print on wood. MT wood printer can print directly to Sliced from plantation trees with minimally processed. Our digital wood printout is naturally beautiful with a low carbon footprint. The MT wood printer can print on almost any shape of wood, printed in any color on gorgeous wood stock.


3. Try it out!

We love to see our wood printer with high performance, whether produced in house or by external distributors. Try it out, to order MT wood printer! Nothing cuts through like the unexpected joy of Print on Wood. The end user will huge profit from MT wood Printer!


1. Pre Purchase Questions


We use a full color (CMYKW+V) digital UV curing print process for all jobs. We print on a MT wood printing machine and choose to do so because of the integrity behind MT UV ink environmental policies. The Digital wood printer uses a technology known as “UV curing” ensuring that we use less ink, less chemicals and less electricity when we print compared to many other traditional wood product printers.


2. How thick is the wood for printing normally?

Wood printer generally print on wood that is 0.45mm thick which feels like 300-350gsm paper. Wood printer can also print onto a “premium” thickness of wood which is 0.60mm (it feels more like 400gsm paper). Wood printer also have options for print thicker kinds of wood which require different production processes and the maximum printing thickness is 15cm. If your customers interested in something thicker than paper, contact us to discuss of MT wood printer.


3. How should I decide what type of wood to print on?

Generally speaking, wood printer can print any colour on any kind of wood, so most of the time, wood choice is a personal decision and one that should be guided by which wood you like the most. The only time we recommend one wood type over another is if your colour pallets are very similar to one type of wood or if you’re printing photography pictures, the Birch tends to show the best results.


4. How do you make sure that wood printer print colors look great on wood?

We spend a lot of time performing colour calibrations on our wood printing equipment. We use a specialised process to ensure that colors come up as well as possible on all types of wood. The nature of digital wood printing is that the color is never fade and because you’re printing on wood you need to allow for some variance because of the different wood colors, Therefore we provide white color to help you solve this problem! Our color matching is always as close as possible to the intended design but if you have any concerns, we can run a test and see how it comes out!

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