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Digital Direct to Fabric Roll to Roll Textile Printer
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Product Introduction And Specification


MT-TXI3200LPlus is a workhorse in the fashion world for creating unique vibrant designs in short order and can be printed on most stretch or sheer fabrics.

The heavy duty design of the MT-TXI3200LPlus with its sturdy construction makes the machine suitable for harsh industrial operating conditions, it is based on the 3E design philosophy - economical, efficient and ecological, the MT-TXI3200LPlus has powerful functions and applications for maximum business.



MT-TXI3200LPlus direct printing machines provide the perfect solution for your natural fabric printing needs. Offering versatility, flexibility and durability to help drive the transformation of fabric upholstery, the MT-TXI3200Plus is compatible with four types of inks: reactive, acid, sublimation and pigmented. MT-TXI3200Plus's solutions are ideal for apparel, homewares, flags and more. Choose your fabrics - and choose MT-TXI3200Plus fabric printing solutions - as you explore the exciting world of upholstery textile applications.

MT-TXI3200LPlus direct to fabric printers are also the machine of choice for most applications. It can be printed on many textiles, but is mainly used in the following categories:

Home, Curtains & Furnishings

Match with cushions, curtains, or even entire sofas, chairs, and more with MT-TXI3200LPlus solutions. Creativity in color and design propels the home interior market to new levels. Walls, floors, bedrooms, kitchens and outdoor living spaces all benefit from the choice of colour and premium fabrics.

Fashion clothing

MT-TXI3200LPlus's flexibility means the ability to meet demanding color and design requirements that traditional fashion printing methods cannot. With our new cartridges, MT-TXI3200LPlus can now paint stunning colors on a wider range of fabric types. Whether printing one piece or 1,000s, fashion imaging is fast and delivers exquisite quality and color unimaginable just a few years ago.

Street wear/clothing

Print for endless high-value applications like t-shirts, pillows, bags, socks, and really, anything you can imagine! Print to stunning textures on all-natural fabrics like linen, silk, cotton, and synthetics Or dyes or coloring inks.


With the most expansive pallet of 19 dye sub-colors including orange, green, purple, and neon colors, MT-TXI3200LPlus's images are never dull. The MT-TXI3200LPlus Media Handling System easily adapts to a wide range of stretchable fabrics for sports apparel. MT-TXI3200LPlus Systems is an end-to-end printing and fixing solution, perfect for in-house digital apparel producers.

Professional Photography, Fine Art, Decoration

Make professional photographic and fine art reproductions on fabric. Long life and fade resistance keep prints looking their best on a range of printed materials from canvas to tightly woven fabrics - tapestries, framed pictures and stretch fabric options unlock new markets for creativity.


Capture the accelerating growth of a huge new market.

Digital printing is changing the way people look at window coverings. Today, blinds, curtains, and other interior window treatments provide form and function. Pigmented inks offer superior fade resistance to dye inks and open new doors for business in outdoor applications.

Niche Market

There are too many to list!

There are also incredible opportunities in niche markets: soft toys, leather, bow ties, neckties, wedding veils, custom shoes, handbags, tablecloths, tablecloths, scarves, kimonos, headwear, leggings, shoe bags, book covers, lampshades, baby cushions , baby clothes, clothing, horse blankets, decorative boxes, dresses, shirts, pants, and more. We continue to see a lot of applications using MT-TXI3200LPlus printers.




MT's MT-TXI3200LPlus provides unparalleled yield and value for textile printers taking their first steps towards digital production. It also provides high-performance, high-production for printers looking to further develop their digital capabilities. The MT-TXI3200LPlus has four print heads with a maximum print resolution of 720*2400dpi and a long lifespan.


There are many benefits to direct printing. It enables customers to afford short-term, fast-turnaround jobs and is profitable for printers. It eliminates screen preparation time and provides more time for a complete production run on the screen printing line.


Open up creative possibilities with the wide variety of substrates that MT-TXI3200LPlus can print on: natural fibers, polyester, lycra, wool, silk and even polyester. Spots, fine lines, geometric patterns and intense colors can all be printed thanks to variable droplet technology.


MT-TXI3200LPlus has a unique feature to select any one of the three inks of sublimation, reaction and pigment at the same time. The excellence of our wide format fabric printer MT-TXI3200LPlus can be measured by its ability to double your profits and ROI. This is a texturing machine that easily meets the needs of designer home textiles. This versatile direct textile printer made in China gives you the freedom to choose from a wide range of fabrics and inks, opening up endless avenues for your business.


At MT, we provide complete solutions to help you meet challenges and provide new perspectives. Integrate MT-TXI3200LPlus into your production environment to provide advice and support for implementing this direct-to-fabric digital printer in your existing workflow, combined with target printheads.

Installation and training are part of the complete solution, as are local service and support for years to come.


MT is a total system supplier offering efficient hardware, state-of-the-art software and compatible inks with different chemical compositions. Our goal is to help you take advantage of digital printing technology with MT. From installation and application support to attractive ink deals, we are committed to supporting you every step of the way in direct to printing.


Industrial Grade Injection Assembly

Improves printhead durability, ensures longer life, and reduces maintenance costs, resulting in less waste. Consistent print quality over the entire lifetime, even with changes in viscosity, support for variable droplet printing and production。

Feeding and take-up system

The fabric is unrolled and adjusted to maintain constant tension from start to finish, and the rubberized conveyor belt flattens the fabric in place for easy and precise printing, preventing the fabric from wrinkling during printing, and uses torque motor winding for continuous unattended printing cloth roll.

Infrared drying device

Equipped with a compact built infrared dryer that quickly dries ink on fabrics and uses energy-efficient radiation to reduce ambient heat.

Uninterrupted ink supply system

The XXL large-capacity ink tank continuously supplies ink and is equipped with sensors to monitor the ink level in real time. When the ink level is lower than 15%, the alarm system will automatically sound and flash an alarm to remind the staff to add ink, which can avoid the loss caused by running out of ink in time.


This machine is pre-installed with MT version potoprint software and advanced color management engine and color processing tools.

Fabric-specific ICC profiles Smooth gradients and bright colors Superior print quality.



Advantages of Epson i3200-A1 printheads

PrecisionCore Technology

a. All MEMS manufacturing and thin film piezo element can realize high precision and high density(600 npi / 2 rows of nozzles). Contributes to compact, high speed, high quality, and high image quality.

b. Precision made of Epson unique MEMS nozzles and an ink flow path ensure the per fectly round ink droplets are placed accurately and consistently.

Support for grey-scale

Epson's unique Variable Sized Droplet Technology (VSDT) delivers smooth gradation by freely control to eject the droplet volume.

High resolution

Ink ejection of up to 4 colours realize with high resolution (600 dpi/colour). In addition to the I3200, I1600 has also been added to the lineup in order to meet the various customer needs.

High durability

PrecisionCore print head has proven high durability and extended service life by Epson's industrial printers.


It’s a question we’re asked a lot, but it’s not a case of one method simply being better than the other.

Technology is continues to develop for both print methods. Improvements to artwork preparation, inks and print equipment have increased screen printing quality. However, the basics of the screen printing process have largely remained unchanged. At the same time, there has been a more noticeable progression in digital printing. These include developments in several areas such as material, inks and the printers themselves.

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of digital fabric printing and screen fabric printing.


Less impact on the environment as there’s less dye wastage and the fabric is printed on demand (so there are no minimums)

You can print small amounts of fabric

There is usually a quick turnaround

There is a minimal setup time

You can use unlimited colours

You can print fine detail and detailed, complex work

Minimal upfront investment


More expensive process (although costs are coming down)

As yet, you can’t create all printing methods e.g. devore, (burnout technique), discharge (bleach technique) and flocking

Some machines cannot print large volumes of material


You can use many more printing processes e.g. devore, flocking, discharge and relief printing

You are able to print large meterage of fabric easily

Cost effective for bulk orders

You have versatility with design placement

Inks are very durable

Can be printed onto many different types of surfaces


More impact on the environment with wastage of dyes and pigments and also the cleaning of screens with chemicals

The number of colours you can use will be limited by cost

Large upfront investment as you need to pay for each screen to be prepared with your artwork

Longer turnaround times

There are definitely advantages and disadvantages of both digital and screen printing methods.  Before you decide which is best for you ask yourself:

What outcome am I after?

What product am I creating?

What type of surface/fabric do I want to print on?

How much am I willing to invest?

What quantities do I require?

The good news is that digital fabric printers are becoming a more affordable option, so if you're just starting out, we can easily serve you samples with MT fabric printers without spending a fortune.

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