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360 Rotary UV Printer
Printing Solution for Tumbler and Water Bottle
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Product Introduction And Specification

UV Printing Solution for Tumbler DrinkwareOur new arrival MT-Cylinder Elf is a custom high-speed 360 rotary UV printer that can print a wide range of drinkware items like tumblers, vacuum flask, glassware, and cups. It's designed specifically for direct printing on cylindrical surfaces as well as irregular tapered /conical objects. What makes it different from traditional UV bottle printer is fast speed capability, 5D relief printing effect, high droplet printing, suited for printing tapered & conical drinkware, and offers full 360º seamless wrap printing for various bottle objects.

Here are some key applications and capabilities of a 360 rotary UV printer:

Custom Drinkware:

Print on mugs, bottles, tumblers, and glasses. This is popular for personalized gifts, promotional items, and branded merchandise.
360 rotary uv printer - water bottle

Sports Equipment:

Personalize sports gear such as water bottles, golfs, baseballs, and bike parts with logos, names, and designs.
360 rotary uv printer - sports ball

Home Decor:

Print on candles, vases, and other cylindrical home decor items to add unique designs or patterns.

Cosmetic Packaging:

Print directly on cosmetic containers like lotion bottles, jars, and tubes, providing a professional and customizable finish.

Food Packaging:
Print directly on cans, beer bottles,food jars etc.

360 rotary uv printer - food packaging

Advantages of Using a 360 Rotary UV Printer:

High-Quality Output:

Produces detailed, vibrant, and durable prints with high resolution.


Capable of printing on a wide range of materials including plastic, metal, glass, wood, and ceramic.

Fast Turnaround:

UV printers cure the ink immediately using UV light, allowing for quick handling and processing.


UV-cured inks are resistant to scratches, chemicals, and fading, ensuring long-lasting prints.


Enables full-color, complex designs and can handle small batches economically, making it ideal for personalized items.

Overall, a 360 rotary UV printer opens up numerous possibilities for businesses and individuals looking to create customized, high-quality printed products on cylindrical objects.

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High Speed 360 Rotary UV Printer for Tumbler & Golf Balls

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