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Product Introduction And Specification


MT1600 Banner Slitter is suitable for slitting flex banner, flex vinyl, knife coated substrate, mesh fabric, adhesive tape, transparent film and etc. The cutting length can be adjusted by its movable blade, cutting surface neat, burr free, simple operation, can greatly reduce the labor force, high cutting efficiency. Optional equipment cross cutter, it can cut the released material cross-section according to the data of meter counter.


1. Cutting

MT1600 Banner Slitter adopts utilizing initiative cutting method, which is available in single-blade cutting and double-blade cutting. Users can choose the either of the cutting method according to target cutting material and film roll diameter.

2. Film roll support

Double support rollers avoid the film roll bending; meanwhile two baffles and pressing platens lock the film roll in a position firmly during cutting. Together cutting precision is ensured.

3. Speed

Roller speed and blade speed is adjustable for MT1600 Banner Slitter. Through the frequency converter, cutting speed can be set according to different require.

Product Specification


Mode TypeBanner Slitter MT-1600S
Rated Voltage220V   ±10%   50/60HZ
Maximum Cutting Width3200mm
Rated Power1600W
Maximum Diameter


Cutting Speed0~300rpm
Horizontal Cutyes
Shape Size  5900 ×850 ×1000mm
Packing Size

Main Body 4130×670×670mm

Cutter Part 650×575×500mm





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Banner Slitter MT-1600S