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Product Introduction And Specification


MT Industry Laser engraving machine is a mass-market machine. MT laser engraving serial models adopt DSP system and laser power source, which with self-owned property right. As well as integrated frame-structure ensure the working stability and reliability! The latest software can support AutoCAD, CorelDraw, CAM and other graphical software; it also can directly output pictures. The USB data interface support hot swappable, so that, quick data transiting without taking up computer resource. The LCD Display is easy for user to operate too.


1. MT CO2 laser engraving machine can be open front and back machine cover, which is suitable for super-length material engraving.

2. MT Laser engraving machine adopts optimization of mechanical and electrical design, processing speed can be up to 2000mm/s.

3. MT Laser engraving machine configured with high power laser tube, which can cut acrylic of 20mm thickness in one step.

4. MT Laser engraving machine adopts exclusive water run out warning device and automatic protection system, to protect the working life of laser tube effectively. The power control system has exclusive automatic protection equipment to ensure the stability and safety of laser engraving machine to the best condition.

5. MT Laser engraving machine adopts LCD control panel in English, convenience of operation control.

6. MT Laser engraving machine adopts imported liner bearing with high engraving precision

7. MT Laser engraving machine adopts imported configured laser lens from America, which can ensure the cutting effect perfect.

8. MT Laser engraving machine adopts imported metal mirrors, with good ability of reflection, focusing and long working life.

9. MT Laser engraving machine adopts offline control system, which can work without computer, and also connect to U disk with USB communication port that can use only one computer to control many laser engraving machines.

10. MT Laser engraving machine can transmit files directly from CorelDraw, AutoCAD etc.

11. MT Laser engraving machine adopts red dot position system realizes the exact position without laser.

12. MT Laser engraving machine adopts automatic focus technology, realize "easy focus & high efficiency " in real, not only a word.

13. MT Laser engraving machine adopts multi-function 64-bit DSP high speed-controlling system, which can effectively engrave gradient by 360, cutting and drilling holes, which highly improved the data processing speed and stability.

14. MT Laser engraving machine can restoring from power-off, continuing on break point.

15. MT Laser engraving machine adopts real time regulation function: users can regulate the laser power to improve engraving effect according to the demand.

16. MT Laser engraving machine adopts large storage function, which can store hundreds of files for offline operation.

Applicable Industry 

1. Craft Industry: MT Laser engraving machine can carve nice pictures and words on wood, bamboo, ivory, bone, leather, marble, shell, etc.

2. Main application of MT Laser engraving machine: large plastic character cutting, color plate engraving, plexiglass engraving and cutting, sign engraving, crystal engraving, trophy engraving, authorization engraving, etc.

3. Leather Clothing Processing Industry: MT Laser engraving machine can engraving and cutting complex patterns on genuine leather, synthetic leather, leather, woolens, clothing, glove, handbag, shoes, hats, toys, etc.

4. Model making Industry: MT Laser engraving machine produce of construction sand table model making and aircraft model making and so on. Moreover, ABC plate cutting, MLB cutting.

5. Packing Industry: MT Laser engraving machine can engraving printed rubber plate, plastic plate, double board, die cut plate and so on.

6. Other Industry: MT Laser engraving machine can engraving on marble, granite, glass, crystal and other decorative materials, cut paper cutting, card, advertisement signs and marks making, handicraft industry, wooden product, printing industry and so on.

7. Product Identification Industry: security marking products, etc.

Product Specification


Mode TypeLaser Engraving Machine MT-Laser6090
Engraving and Cutting Area600*900mm
Laser Power30-60w
Laser tube typeHermetic and detached CO2 laser tube
Cooling Type

Water cooling

Engraving Speed0-1200mm/s
Cutting Speed0-30000mm/min
Working TableElectric lift
Minimum Character SizeChinese: 1.5mm*1.5mm, English:  0.8mm*0.8mm
Reposition Accuracy≤+0.01mm
Control SoftwareDSP control system
Support Image Format


Working VoltageAC110V/220V+10%, 50HZ/60HZ
Working Environment

Temperature: 0-45℃, Humidity: 5-95%

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