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Product Introduction And Specification


MT Industrial is also a CNC Engraving Machiner manufacturer, our CNC Engraving Machiner is widely used in process for mass processing of solid material such as Marble, Jade, Jewelry and other Stones materials.


1. MT CNC Engraving Machiner adopts imported linear square rails, double four-ball slider, high loading capacity, smooth operation, high precision and long life span. It also adopts imported high precision ball screws, with high-precision cutting.

2. The engraving spindle is produced by the domestic Top brand, but imported Italian air-cooled spindle is optional which provides faster speed and higher efficiency.

3. MT CNC Engraving Machiner adopts imported linear square rails, which ensure accuracy of the machine and withstand large loads.

4. MT CNC Engraving Machiner adopted high-power spindle motor, ensure that the machine can be greatly cutting.

5. MT CNC Engraving Machiner adopted rack and pinion transmission, which is smooth and fast motion.

6. MT CNC Engraving Machiner use of breakpoint memory, guaranteed in the accident (cutting blade), power cut or the next day continuous engraving processing.

7. The 3 axles of MT CNC Engraving Machiner adopt anti-water and anti-dust design.

8. MT CNC Engraving Machiner is using high-speed stepper motor and drive, Y-axis adopts dual-motor drive, which are selected pairs to ensure gantry smooth movement, so that the max moving speed can up to 30m/min. The speed can be more improved with strong cutting engraving spindle.

9. MT CNC Engraving Machiner adopts moveable all steel structure gantry. Inblock steel cast machine body made the structure frame durable without any deformed after working long-term and more precise positioning accuracy.

10. MT CNC Engraving Machiner designed with good software compatibility that can work with Typ3, Artcam, Castmate, UCANCAM and others like CAD and CAM design software.

11. MT CNC Engraving Machiner can engrave signboard, nameplate without serrated curving, which owns smooth contour and clear bottom. It could easily cut and engrave 3cm acrylic and plexiglass.

12. MT CNC Engraving Machiner can process wood, double color sheet (PVC, EVA), crystal, aluminum, resin, organic glass etc. The CNC Engraving Machiner mainly realizes engraving pictures and cutting words of the stone materials. It also can process and produce of advertising, stone molds, gifts, woodworking building model and so on.

13. Intelligent protect working table system can protect CNC Engraving Machiner damages by human errors.

14. MT CNC Engraving Machiner equipped with advanced vacuum working table and vacuum pump and dust collector system with 6 sections separately control.

15. MT CNC Engraving Machiner configured with water tank and automatic cooling water supply system.

16. MT CNC Engraving Machiner provides optional engraving size: 600*900mm, 1200*2400mm, 1300*1800mm, 1300*2500mm, 1500*3000mm, 2000*3000mm (Other size can be customized according to specific requirements).

Optional engraving spindle: 3KW/4.5KW/6KW air-cooling system.

Optional power: 800W/ 1500 / 2200W.

Option parts: rotary axis, multi-spindles.

Applicable Materials

Marble, granite, China black, bluestone, jade, ceramic, crystal, glass, plastic, chemical synthesis of plate glass, PVC board, wood, aluminum panels, metal, plastic and other materials for line engraving, 2D sculpture, 3D sculpture, three-dimensional relief, cutting, drilling.

Application Field

Engraving: Stone, stele processing, advertisement, decoration and crafts industry, etc.

Usage: stone carving, stele processing, advertisement, decoration and craft industry, etc.

Product Specification


Mode TypeLaser Engraving Machine MT-Laser1325
Working Area1300*2500mm
Work Schedule1300*2500mm
Spindle Power


Working VoltageAC110V/220V+10%, 50HZ/60HZ
Engraving Speed12000mm/min
Spindle  Speed6000-24000rpm
Material Hight80mm
Shank DiameterΦ3.175  /  Φ6   /  Φ12.7
Engraving   InstructionG Code
Vacuum power3KW
Adsorption power


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