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Product Introduction And Specification


MF1325-B4 series Flatbed Laminators are special designed for signage and graphic industries. Especially for flexible sign making, boards, irregular shaped panels, banners etc. MF1325-B4 Flatbed Laminator will not restricts by any width and length compares to traditional laminators. This laminator becomes the most cost effective and accurate laminating application method, such as self-adhesive materials, digital prints and virtually any commonly used substrate in sign and graphics, promotional display and digital printing industries. 

MT1325-B4 Flatbed Laminator provides 12 different sizes which can satisfy any material demand such as, 1.3*2.5M, 1.3*3.2M, 1.3*3.6M, 1.3*4M, 1.7*2.5M, 1.7*3.2M, 1.7*3.6M, 1.7*4M, 2.2*2.5M, 2.2*3.2M, 2.2*3.6M and 2.2*4M (size for working tables).


  • Fully Automatic Flatbed Laminator MT-1325B4

1. Traditional laminators cannot fulfill heavy-duty lamination demands, as a matter of roller wear process and specific pressure, this matter determines that traditional laminators cannot laminating on sheet materials, boards and panels.

2. For those kind of soft and hard flat materials, we got MT B2 and MT B4 laminators to meet laminating demands.

3. MT1325-B2 Flatbed Laminator series are the laminators for "hard" panels, sheets, such as glass, HDF, aluminum, PVC. Those kinds of materials require a higher performance laminating machine compare to traditional laminators.

4. Pressure and gap are so sensitive for rollers, MT1325-B2 Flatbed Laminator do provide different nip gap between rollers for different thickness materials, flatbed can be lengthen or shorten for piece-to-piece laminating application. High Performance MT Flatbed laminators can absolutely meet your demanding request while delivery excellent value and long-term durability

5. The MF1325-B4 series Flatbed Laminators are specially designed for applying foils, all types self-adhesive vinyl and a wide variety of materials including sheet, plastic, Kapa board and banners. 

  • Fully Automatic Flatbed Laminator MT-1325B4

6. MF1325-B4 series Flatbed Laminators are designed for drying application of foils and transfer film completely bubbles free and without creases. The flatbed laminating machine composes with a working table, high-strength aluminum alloy lathe and a movable gantry with a pneumatically activated roller, which is moved manually over the flatbed.

7. MF1325-B4 series Flatbed Laminators equipped with movable gantry that can move forward and backward for large format flexible and standard size materials lamination. The greatly improves yield of regular shaped and irregular shaped panels laminating, helpful jointing large format printing image together, also anti tilt to reduce cost.

8. MF1325-B4 series Flatbed Laminators adopt adjustable roller height that was controlled by cylinder pressure, which saves your labor and improves lamination productivity.

9. MF1325-B4 series Flatbed Laminators equipped with side storage pocket that makes store easier for large format lamination and avoid damage printing image.

  • Fully Automatic Flatbed Laminator MT-1325B4

10. MF1325-B4 series Flatbed Laminators equipped with infrared temperature control device adjust the temperature accurately. It can laminate different material bubbles free.

11. MF1325-B4 series Flatbed Laminators adopt 1.3*2.5m working table that can suit for any width and length lamination and the height can be adjust to 50mm. It can application for jointing large format printing image.

12. MF1325-B4 series Flatbed Laminators adopt imported silicone roll heating can absolutely avoid air bubbles and snowflake spots for cold weather.

Product Specifications


Mode TypeFully Automatic Flatbed Laminator MT-1325B4
Max. Lamination Width1.3m
Max. Lamination length2.5m
Max. Lamination Thickness50mm
String poleyes
Up And DownAir cylinder
Warm up time5-10min
Working typeManual
Heated methodInfrared
Power Input2200W
Side traysYes

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Fully Automatic Flatbed Laminator MT-1325B4