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Product Introduction And Specification


Full-automatic single-side Hot and Cold laminator MT1700A1 represent the highest industrial product, which is manufactured by MT Industry for high-end market. It has always been the most stable and highest efficiency laminating machine in the world, which is a laminating and mounting width up to 1620mm(64''), ensures most application possibilities. MT1700A1 is the ideal machine for all inkjet-printing materials. It is also available in MT2030, MT2400A1 and some other wider laminator models.

All of MT single-side Hot and Cold Laminators equipped with imported high quality top-heated silicon rubber roller that ensures heavy-duty work, and the laminating machine can be adjust settings to increase capacity and versatility. Fast Lamination processing with the speed up to 7m/min, but unique anti-tilt and anti-fold system ensures clear output. Otherwise, the fully adjustable nip-gap and pressure is for precise lamination.


  • Hot Laminator

1. MT Industry Laminator MT1700A1 equipped with Anti oblique feeding system, which can laminate whole roll material within one time, avoids skewed picture, greatly improve coating efficiency and reduce labor costs! Front work platform equipped with anti-pinch cover and printing material rail guider, which is humane design. 90w adjustable deceleration torque system controls both 130mm diameter of imported anti-high-temperature silicone upper roller and 130mm diameter of anti-sticking silicone under roller.

2. Adjustable pressure cylinders on each side of laminator, silicone rubber automatic lift by cylinder control. Laminator MT1700A1 also equipped with unilateral linkage manual liftable silicon rubber roller, upper roller lifts up and down by a hand wheel operate, which is simple operation for synchronous lifting and automatic pressure equalization.

3. MT Industry Laminator MT1700A1 adopts automatic material collection system for laminated film. The advantages are convenient, save labor, less working space, and improve the yield.

4. The laminating tension system is adjustable setting, which can be adjusted through the feeding system and auto-backing paper takes off device. It can improve the film ductility and effectively prevent wrinkles.

5. MT Industry Laminator MT1700A1 adopts front and back aluminum alloy work platform, scratch resistance, long life, reduce the cost and improve quality. Otherwise, foldable front work platform to facilitate machine maintenance and repair also can save working space.

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6. MT Industry Laminator MT1700A1 provides high efficiency laminating and high yield that directly reduces the cost of 30 cents per square meter.

7. MT Industry Laminator MT1700A1 can be used for low heating cold laminating. 50℃ cold laminating makes better color reproduction, high brightly and completely avoid bubbles and snowflake spots.

8. MT Industry Laminator MT1700A1 achieves the 50 meters whole roll material laminating or longer without oblique.

9. Hot laminating can achieve 240m/h by single staff or unmanned operation.

10. Low heating cold laminating can achieve 420m/h by single staff or unmanned operation.

11. MT Industry Laminator MT1700A1 equipped with patented film roller feeding system brings you a new experience of lamination. The thin adhesive material will not wrinkle and dark picture also laminating fastness.

  • Hot Laminator

12. MT Industry Laminator MT1700A1 adopts auto backing paper takes off device and laminated film collecting system.

13. MT Industry Laminator MT1700A1 has wide range of applications such as indoor printing, outdoor printing, car stickers, graphic, poster and so on.

14. MT Industry Laminator MT1700A1 adopts fully adjustable nip-gap and pressure function, simple film tension adjustment function, light weight drop-in shafts with auto grip easy loading function, roll-to-roll operation function and foot switch for pieces accurate lamination.

15. There is a spare film releasing roller under the Laminating machine, easy disassembly, easy to replace and save time to reset film roller.

16. MT Industry Laminator MT1700A1 equipped with a foot switch for hands free operation, two emergency stops, optical eyes and non-contact infrared temperature control system. Otherwise, CE certificate is available.

Product Specification


Mode TypeHot Laminator MT-1700A1
Max. Lamination Width1630mm/64''
Max. Lamination lengthunlimit
Max. Lamination Thickness28mm/1.1''
Max Temperature150℃/302。F
String poleyes
Up And DownAir Cylinder
Warm up time15-20mins
Power Consumption0.9-1.8kw/h
Heated methodInfrared
Power Input2200W
Net Weight220kg

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